July 29

Preserving Your Wedding Flowers

I love my dog a lot.  However, I must admit that I was very upset with him last  night when he greeted me at the door looking cute and innocent, hoping that I would ignore the mess he made all over my living room floor!

At first I was mad at the mess, but then I realized the mess was created by hundreds of torn pieces from what was once my wedding bouquet–the very bouquet that I had taken the time to carefully dry and preserve, which was on display for over three years.

bad joey star

In retrospect, I know that I should never have left it in a place where the dog could have easy access.  So, this got me thinking of some better ways to preserve your wedding flowers.  For all of you who are wondering what to do with your flowers after you big day, here are some fun ideas:

Press It – Some companies, such as Pressed In Time Flowers,  will take your wedding bouquet and turn it into a work of art by pressing it beautifully into a flat frame that can be set alone or paired with a photo or wedding invitation.

press flowers

Freeze Dry It – Other companies, such as Timeless Flowers, will freeze dry your bouquet.  I find this method especially appealing because your flowers will retain the shape and color they had on your wedding day.

freeze dried

Dry It – This is the method that I used, and I still think its a good option. But please learn from me and be careful! When you dry your bouquet, the petals often loose their color and they can easily be damaged.  However, if you store your bouquet in the secure place this could be be the cheapest option.  Click here for a handy how to guide for drying flowers.



4 thoughts on “Preserving Your Wedding Flowers

  1. cyncin

    so sorry to hear about the demise of your wedding bouquet but you just gave me some great ideas on how to preserve my bridesmaid bouquet. it’s still alive after two weeks, believe it or not.

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