November 12

Wrong Name on Personalized Gifts? Today’s Diva Dish

What would you do if your wedding gifts had the wrong name on them? Here’s our best advice:

Dear Divas,

My new husband and I were thrilled to receive a few personalized gifts for our wedding, but there’s one problem. Most of them are personalized with his last name, which I’m not taking. I know this is still a bit nontraditional, so we don’t know what to do. Help!


New Bride

Dear New Bride,

Over the years we’ve heard from plenty of brides who aren’t taking their husbands’ last names, husbands who take the brides’ last name and any other combination you could imagine. In these cases, we think it’s best to ask yourself two important questions.

1. Will you use it anyway? Some things like personalized stationery you most certainly won’t be using, but other household items might not be so bad. If you’re likely to use it anyway, why not keep it?

2. What would you prefer if you were the gift giver? If Great Aunt Ruth is going to be mortally offended by your not taking her precious grand nephew’s name, it might be best to just thank her for the gift and then tuck it away in a cabinet. But in most cases, the gift giver would rather know about the mistake than see a thoughtful gift end up in your next garage sale.

What advice would you give to New Bride? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Wrong Name on Personalized Gifts? Today’s Diva Dish

  1. Colleen

    I had this problem too, but instead of not taking his name the giver spelled my husband’s first name wrong. Help! I don’t know if it was her mistake or the engravers, should I say something?

  2. Katie Post author

    Hi Colleen,

    Our sources say you should try to check with the engravers first if at all possible (maybe do a little detective work?), but if you can’t ask the shop first you could always phrase it as, “Oh, it looks like the engravers spelled his name wrong…” That might be a good way to alert the gift giver to the mistake without placing blame.

    Good luck!


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