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What to Do with Your Wedding Dress?

As the summer wedding season draws to a close, we expect to hear a lot more of this one question—what do I do with my wedding dress now? Read on to find out our top tips for the post-wedding wedding dress dilemma.

Dear Divas,

My wedding is right around the corner, and everyone is telling me I should talk to someone about preserving my dress after the celebration is over. What are my options?


Dress Dilemma

Thanks for writing in, Dilemma, and bravo! It sounds like you’re seriously on top of things if you’re already planning what to do with your dress after the big day. This is a common question among recent brides, so we’re happy to have this chance to lay out your options for you.

1. Preserve your wedding dress. This straightforward article from The Knot fully explains all of the details that go into cleaning, preserving and storing your wedding dress if you’re interested in keeping it.

2. Sell it. Trust us—there are plenty of brides out there searching for a gently used dress like yours. Check sites like Recycled Bride for all the details. You can recoup some of the money you spent on it, help another bride-to-be attain her dream wedding look and make an eco-friendly choice all in one fell swoop.

3. Donate your wedding dress. Charities like Brides Against Breast Cancer will take your donated wedding dress and resell it to donate the profits toward a good cause. We love the idea of starting your marriage off with an act of kindness!

4. Transform it. Take a look at your dress and try to envision transforming it into something else. If you are planning on having kids, it could make lovely little baptism outfits, booties or baby blankets. We’ve also heard of brides turning their gowns into everything from ring bearer pillows to place mats.

5. Trash the dress. Some brides decide that since they’re never planning to wear their dresses again, they might as well “trash” them and get a cool photo out of it (like the one above from Luster Studios). Some say they can still clean and donate their dresses after a trash the dress photo shoot, too.

Readers, is there anything you would add to the list? What’s your favorite option? Leave a comment and let us know!

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One thought on “What to Do with Your Wedding Dress?

  1. Michelle

    “Trash the dress” makes for the most awesome and creative photo opportunity, however, I am thinking resale, reuse or donation are probably the most practical options.

    Here’s a surprising side note that I’d like to share: my husband is more attached to my wedding dress than I am and has stopped me from giving it away twice now! It had never occurred to me that he might feel attached to the special clothes I wore to wed him, but now I think, why not? It was his big day, too.

    Cheers & congrats to all the brides out there!



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