August 19

Wedding Thank You and Marriage Announcements

Okay, I know I’ve committed a big faux pas by not sending out my wedding thank yous yet. The worst thing is that I’ve already had more than one person call to make sure I got their gifts. I thought I’d never be one of those laggers, but I didn’t expect our pictures to come back so late. And, now that our thank you cards will be getting out there about the same time as our belated honeymoon, I can only wonder if we should have sent our honeymoon pictures with our thank yous.

Then I came up with another idea–sending out a wedding picture with our thank you cards and a honeymoon picture with our marriage announcements.

I picked the Monogram Stripe photo thank you cards in Meadow to match our wedding color theme.

This Bold Bloom Marriage Announcement may be perfect for our honeymoon picture in Greece.


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