August 17

Wedding Reception Entertainment for Kids

If you’re planning to include kids in your wedding celebration, our guest blogger, Carey, from Dessy Group’s Bridesmaid Blog has some fun ideas for ways to keep the little ones busy.

Planning on having children at your wedding reception? Be sure to add some kiddie entertainment to that to-do list of yours to avoid boredom and fussiness from your youngest guests. Instead of the screaming children scenario, bypass it all by including them in your event with some of these kid friendly and fun ideas.

Be sure to choose the best option depending on the age of the children present. Providing any of these selections will ensure a good time is had by all!

Have a Kids Table: Include all of the goodies you can possible think of—notebooks, coloring books, crayons, stickers, cards, Legos, board games, activity books, finger puppets and so on. With parent’s permission, have the table stocked with snacks or candy. Cover the table with paper so they can color everywhere to their hearts’ content. Depending on the ages of the children, it might be a good idea to have parents take turns supervising the table.

Big Entertainment: If you’re having an outdoor wedding with lots of space, consider renting a jumping castle. With parental supervision, this could entertain (and tire out) the youngsters for hours.

Professional Entertainment: Consider hiring a magician or a balloon sculptor. Professionals like these are experienced in entertaining children of all ages and should keep them busy and happy for at least a few hours.

Outdoor Sports: If your reception is outdoors, consider having a kite flying area, setting up a croquet set or having a huge basket of beach balls on hand. You could even rent ping pong tables or provide hula hoops and jump ropes.

End of Night Video Entertainment: Will your reception be going strong into the night? Set up a DVD player and TV off to the side where you can arrange for a children’s movie to be seen by all of your young guests.  Supply lots of fluffy blankets, pillows and popcorn. With a little luck, you’ll have them snoozing by the end.

Sandbox Fun: Is your reception on the beach? Provide buckets and shovels and hold a sand castle contest with a friend who could volunteer to judge and supervise. Everyone would win a prize, of course! If you’re not on the beach but you are outside, you could still have a small sandbox built for the day with some wood and sand.

Run Them Tired: Hire a professional babysitter and set up some fun-filled games. Potato sack races, a three legged race or, if it’s a hot summer day, bobbing for apples—all great times and could be made even more exciting by giving some great prizes or trophies for everyone!

Meet Carey

Carey Gordon, MBA, is a blogger for The Dessy Group. Originally from the Midwest, her work in Marketing and Communications has taken her to positions abroad in both the UK and Cyprus. She is currently based in Berkeley, CA.


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