September 4

Wedding Flowers for a Fall Wedding

Labor Day has passed and that means fall is just around the corner. It is a beautiful time to have a wedding with the seasons changing and beautiful warm leaves falling from the trees. The frequently chosen colors for fall weddings are orange, red, yellow, and brown but there are plenty of other options to choose from. If you are trying to decide on your fall wedding decor and flowers we have some of our favorites listed below to help you narrow it down! Don’t be scared to add in some gray or pinks to add to the warmth of the fall season. If you have decided to have your fall wedding at barn or rustic location hay and wheat are great to touches. The wheat can be used as a centerpiece and you can also include hay balls for decor and seating.

For fall weddings lambs ears have the perfect natural hue to match your fall wedding theme. The soft velvety texture looks great amongst the other flowers in this bouquet. There is a combination of scabiosa pods, sahara roses, candy bianca roses, seeded eucalyptus, pee gee hydrangea, and green amaranthus tips.

Orange dahlias are also a great flower to incorporate into your fall wedding. The bright orange color is perfect for a fall wedding and would look great on your tablescape with candles and small vases.

If you love dahlias as much as we do you can also include them in your bouquet. This lovely fall wedding bouquet below has orchids, orange dahlias, and orange calla lilies. This is a perfect colorful bouquet for your fall wedding. Who says orange and coral are only used for summer weddings?

Succulents are also wonderful for your fall wedding bouquet. Below the succulents are paired white ivory roses and billy balls to add a nice fresh pop of yellow to the bouquet.

Another beautiful idea for your fall wedding flowers are roses paired with orchids, calla lilies, and cranberries. The deep reds add a nice bright touch of color to your wedding.

Which flowers will be at your fall wedding?


8 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers for a Fall Wedding

  1. dacey jones

    In every wedding, flowers are always present. A wedding celebration is not complete without flowers. It adds beauty to the occasion. It also makes weddings different from one another. And the idea of orange dahlias for fall wedding is really great. Its vibrant color makes the environment more positive.

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