June 22

Wedding Day Disaster: Swine Flu!

We’ve all heard about the Swine Flu–for a while, it was the top story on every TV network, radio station and newspaper.  Although fears about Swine Flu have waned since the initial onslaught, it is in no way over.  While considered less harmful than originally thought, the Swine Flu is still effecting thousands of people across the world.

Two such people are Illinois residents Ilana Jackson and Jerermy Fierstien.  A mere 48 hours before their wedding, the couple tested positive for Swine Flu.  In spite of their unfortunate condition, they decided to move forward with their wedding, donning face masks and latex gloves throughout the ceremony and reception.  Determined to make the most of a bad situation, they even gave out hand sanitizer as wedding favors!


I’m so impressed by the positive attitude of these two people.  Knowing me, I’d have a complete breakdown and halt the wedding if both my husband and I contracted an illness that required me to wear something over my face on my wedding day.  This is true evidence to support the saying, ‘Love conquers all!”.
What do you think?  Would you move forward with your wedding if you had Swine Flu or a similar illness?


3 thoughts on “Wedding Day Disaster: Swine Flu!

  1. Mary Kidwell

    Oh, how horrible that would be! That’s so fantastic that they went ahead with their wedding, though! Props to the bride. Giving hand sanitizer as favors is just too cute, given the situation. Thanks for sharing!

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