November 22

Versatile DIY Centerpieces: Two Vases Four Ways

Whether you’re busy planning for Thanksgiving, the holidays, a bridal shower or the big day itself, there’s one thing all of these occasions have in common—centerpieces.

That’s good news if you’ve got a little imagination, since one set of glass vases can ultimately serve as the ideal centerpieces for any occasion. To show you what we mean, we’re highlighting four of our favorite ways to use them, but there are countless other options from candles to floating flowers, cranberries, winter branches, nuts, pine cones and even holiday ornaments.


  • Glass vases or jars of varying heights, shapes and sizes
  • Whatever you can dream up to fill them with! We chose fruit, flowers, candies and polished stones

Idea One: A Citrus Twist

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to add a burst of color to your spring or summer wedding? Fruit is an ideal choice since it’s pretty and colorful, and can be purchased in bulk at minimal cost.

For the holidays, you could fill the same jars up with cranberries, pine cones, assorted nuts or even winter branches for a rustic effect.

Idea Two: Fashionable Flowers

When you select a flower like hydrangeas, you don’t necessarily need to use the stems (which can bisect your tables and keep guests from talking to one another) in order to create a gorgeous centerpiece. Take the blooms only to create low arrangements without sacrificing that luxurious look.

Poinsettias and white blooms or rustic golden leaves would create an equally elegant look for your holiday celebrations as well.

Idea Three: The Candy Shoppe

M&Ms are always a natural choice for showers and weddings since you can easily customize the color, but you can also feature an assortment of your favorite childhood candies for a fun twist. We tried them both layered and mixed in.

Imagine how easy it would be to recreate a similar look with red, green and white M&Ms or candy canes and peppermints!

Idea Four: Stones and Pebbles

We used polished stones from the craft store to create this look, but it works just as well with seashells, marbles and other little trinkets. Wouldn’t this look be perfectly gorgeous surrounded by softly flickering candlelight?

What’s your favorite look? Have you tried this craft at home? Send photos to and we’ll be happy to feature your handiwork!


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4 thoughts on “Versatile DIY Centerpieces: Two Vases Four Ways

  1. Sharyn

    Anything with M&Ms works for me! One beautiful one I saw recently consisted of a taller glass vase with little clear blue glass beads in it. They put silvery branches sticking out of the vase with crystals hanging off the branches. Then they put little votive candle around and the whole centerpiece glowed.

  2. Dana

    I bought a bunch of glass vases (different sizes and shapes)from Ikea and 1 lb bags of glass stones from the dollar store and plan to float candles or flowers in them as centerpieces. The cost is minimal, they look great and for a DIY bride with no budget for flowers, I think it’s a pretty awesome alternative!

  3. Jade

    I am having a reception on the beach, where there is no glass or fire allowed… What are some good ideas for center pieces that don’t include glass? I know I can use flameless candles, but I’m having a hard time finding some sort of clear container besides glass…

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