November 27

Using Wedding Invitations for your Wedding Inspiration

When you first get engaged and start planning your wedding it can be very overwhelming with all of the choices you need to make. Trying to decide on a theme, your colors, flowers, and style can be a big task and sometimes you have no idea where to start. Today we are sharing some of our newest wedding invitations from our 2013 collection and using them as the inspiration for your wedding flowers. If you happen to order your wedding invitations a little earlier (maybe 4-5 months before the wedding) you can have some inspiration and creativity emerge from the designs and it can help you nail down your flowers, colors, and maybe even a dress!


This delicate and whimsical invitation has gorgeous typography and light and romantic peonies which would be beautiful for a summer wedding. Using the peonies for your bouquet and centerpieces would fit nicely with this design.

Our next invitation is a playful and romantic design featuring watercolor and pastel poppies. The invitation can inspire pastel poppies (pink like in the design and even delicate white poppies) or you could even pick brighter poppies such as orange and yellow.

This invitation is probably my favorite so far. The beautiful pastel dandelions mixed with the different fonts is so playful and would be great for a spring or summer wedding. You can play off the dandelions and do a lot of fun stuff at your wedding such as give every guest a small vase with a dandelion in it and have everyone make a wish. It would be such a beautiful picture as well and a great memory.

Our last design is painted with light watercolors and features beautiful wisteria and calligraphy which gives a sweet and romantic touch. The durable vines of the wisteria can represent strength and the long living wisteria for lasting love. If you can find a venue that already has wisteria this would be a perfect touch or you could hire a florist to bring in this gorgeous flowing flower.

The options are endless and with a little creativity and inspiration from our wedding invitations you should have no problem planning your dream wedding.



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