May 27

Unconventional Bouquets: Rant or Rave

Have you ever imagined yourself carrying anything but flowers down the aisle? From butterflies to candy-inspired creations, we’ve come across some pretty interesting bouquet ideas this week and want to know… what do you think about non-traditional bouquets?

Are you planning on something other than flowers for your bridal or bridesmaids’ bouquet? What are your thoughts on unconventional bouquets? Rant or rave!


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10 thoughts on “Unconventional Bouquets: Rant or Rave

  1. Heart-Shaped-Heather

    I love unconventional bouquets! I think that it is a neat way to convey your personal flare if you want to. I am making a brooch bouquet for mine, and I will be using peacock eye feathers and sword feathers for my bridesmaids πŸ™‚

  2. Gina

    When I was planning for my wedding I thought for sure I’d want something different. But after looking at a myriad of choices I decided they all just didn’t look right for me. I ended up with a simple, beautiful bouquet of flowers that fit my personality just right!

  3. Sharyn

    I adore the look of brooch bouquets, especially when they have lots of colorful ones that are vintage/antique looking. Great keepsake and no sneezing involved. The candy bouquet above? With my sugar tooth, it probably would never have lasted down the aisle!

  4. Charlii

    I absolutely LOVE the marshmallow bouquet in the pic above. Any idea where I can order one for my September wedding in Toronto?

  5. Kim

    I enjoy seeing unconventional bouquets in magazine photoshoots as I appreciate them for their creativity and artistic value. However, while I think they could be fun for super casual weddings like an elopement or a backyard ceremony, they are too informal for most weddings — especially weddings where the bride is wearing a traditional wedding gown and the groom is wearing a tuxedo or dark suit. I think a full length bridal gown, especially a formal or traditional silhouette, looks best with a beautiful bouquet of flowers (fresh or very realistic-looking silk/faux for those with allergies or who want their bouquet as a lasting keepsake). A floral bouquet can be unique and contemporary, you just have to tell your florist you want something unique that’s anything but ordinary.

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  7. Debra

    I LOVE unconventional bouquets! I’m making a brooch bouquet for mine also. I got carried away buying brooches, though, before I asked all of my friends to raid their jewelry boxes. I wouldn’t have had to buy nearly as many because many of my friends are happy to donate to the project. And I love that it’s a way to incorporate something “borrowed” into my bouquet. It will mean as much to them when they see me carrying it down the aisle as it does to me.

  8. Reese

    I’m all for anything unconventional, but I have yet to decide on what my bridal bouquet would look like. This marshmallow one’s pretty tempting, though! β™₯


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