August 12

Thank You Cards for Gifts: Rant or Rave

One of the Wedding Paper Divas staffers recently ran into a situation that we thought we would share and get your thoughts on. A few months after attending a bridal shower (and bringing a gift) she realized that she never received a thank you card. She asked some of us in the office whether they thought she should be offended or whether she should just let it go.

Is sending a thank you note necessary? Or just a tradition and a decision that should be up to the bride? Rant or rave!


6 thoughts on “Thank You Cards for Gifts: Rant or Rave

  1. Sarah Thompson

    It’s a nice gesture, especially if you receive a gift you should thank them. I traveled a long way (7 hour flight) and bought them a very nice gift and I never received a thank you card. I was a little annoyed since I’d put in so much time, money and effort. Even if it’s just a thank you email…note to acknowledge receipt I think it’s common courtesy.

  2. Shannon

    I was raised that if you get a gift from someone, birthday, anniversary,wedding, graduation… whatever it is, you are not allowed to use that gift (spend the money, watch the movie, eat from the new plates…) until you send a thank you note. It doesn’t have to be on expensive stationary with a 2 page letter enclosed, but there’s something to be said for a hand written thank you note.

  3. Kara Buntin

    A thank you note for a wedding gift is always expected, and if you don’t write them people will notice. If you think they’re just optional then you shouldn’t expect people to get you a wedding gift in the first place! I wrote a blog article about a rude thank you note I got once…The groom was a friend of myself and two other women. We went in together on a nice shower gift for the bride, who we didn’t really know but who invited us to the shower anyway. She took about four months to write us thank you notes, and she sent the exact same note to all three of us! It was bizarre. She hand wrote the same message three times and sent it to each of us. We didn’t know whether to be offended or amused by the weirdness of the whole thing. We were offended by how long it took, and then the obvious thoughtlessness of a copied note just added to it. It was weird but we still talk about it fifteen years later, so don’t think people don’t notice!

  4. Emily Easton

    Let’s see … should a bride be expected to spend a full five minutes composing a thank you note for a guest who shopped, selected a gift, paid for it, wrapped it and spent an afternoon or evening going to the shower? I would say Yes Yes Yes!

    The hardest part of writing notes is coming up with the wording. (Wedding Paper Divas makes it fun to select the paper!) That’s why I offer wording for over 60 notes for shower and wedding gifts, at

  5. Jessica@WeddingPaperDivas

    Thanks for all your feedback, everyone!

    @Shannon- We especially love that idea. What a great way to remember to show gratitude!

  6. Karen

    Hardley think of myself as little Miss Manners, but it is just flat out rude and inconsiderate to not send a short handwritten thank you acknowledging another person’s investment of time, money,effort and thougtfulness to make your day special. Just no excuse.


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