August 13

Take Me to the Candy Bar…

I love this trend. And why wouldn’t I? Candy bars are both sweet and chic, fun and functional! They offer an easy, affordable opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors into the reception in a delightful way, and with M&M’s new campaign that allows you to customize your candies with photos and messages, you can add even more sugary fun to the mix! Plus, candy bars are a more family friendly option for the ceremony than wine bars, letting everyone from the flower girl to Grandma enjoy the treats you’ve laid out.

But, when I brought the idea up to my family, they argued that it seemed a little childish. I think their exact words were, “Who are you marrying? Willy Wonka?”

What do you think? Are candy bars playful and posh, or do they leave a bad taste in your mouth?


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5 thoughts on “Take Me to the Candy Bar…

  1. Erika Barnes

    The customization of M&Ms is awesome and would be a neat touch to have at the reception tables or at any event. I would want to put a picture of the couple on them for the reception. I would have to agree that the entire candy bar seems a bit childish. It’s not for me, but I am sure that someone else could pull it off tastefully.

  2. Kim

    I was at a wedding with the full candy bar.

    It was pretty to look at before 50 screaming children spent the entire reception going back and forth to the candy bar, filling their little chubby hands and faces with candy.

    I’m just not so sure about it myself!

  3. Ramona

    great idea, though a lot of people are doing it so it’s not as unique. it looks great when you do one shade of color throughout all the candies. it starts looking like a creative piece of artwork rather than just a snack bar. its all about the presentation.

    ive also seen someone do a cookie bar, because they loved cookies so much =) i think any form of sugar at a wedding will always please the guests.


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