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May 21

How-To: A Sparkling DIY for Day-of Stationery

As you can tell, ribbons are on the top of our DIY mind. Such a small detail makes such a striking difference. Today, we’re adding ribbons to wedding programs, and (bonus points) including a sparkler—it’s the best way, after all, to show sparks flying.


DIY: The Sparkler Send Off

For this DIY, you will need thin ribbon, a folded program (you can also use a flat program), a mini enclosure card, a hole puncher and an X-acto knife. Quick tip: personalize our mini cards. Make them fun, quirky or classic—whatever speaks to you!


Get the Look:

1.  Lay the program open (or flat for a flat program). Measure the center and make two slits with the X-acto knife. Each slit should be about 1/4 inch long and should be perpendicular to the crease.  2.  Thread the ribbon through the slits and pull it from the inside out.

DIY-Ribbon-Program-23.  Punch a hole through the corner of the mini card and thread the ribbon through.
4.  Tie a knot with the mini card looped through the ribbon.
5.  Now tie the knot (pun intended) with the sparkler in place.
6.  Snip away excess ribbon with a clean angled cut.

There you have it! A simple and chic way to kick up your aisle style. For another day-of DIY idea, check out last week’s post on how to serve up your menu.

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May 14

Ask Etta: Are Wedding Programs Really Necessary?

Tasha asks…

Hello! I was wondering if it is necessary to have programs for the wedding ceremony? Thanks!

Etta says…

Wedding programs are an oft-forgotten piece of a complete wedding stationery suite. While programs aren’t absolutely vital to wedding success (you wouldn’t get very far without a wedding invitation!), including a program at the start of your wedding ceremony offers the bride and groom a special way to include their guests in the ceremony.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Ceremony Programs (1)

I particularly recommend creating a wedding program if you will be holding a religious ceremony, or one incorporating cultural rites. Explaining to guests why certain passages are read or certain rituals are performed will create a richer experience for all involved.

A wedding program is also the ideal place to list the wedding party, and to thank friends and family for coming to celebrate the happy bride and groom. It is also commonly a space for the couple to acknowledge any deceased loved ones, such as grandparents.


Tip: Passing out ceremony programs is a great kid-friendly job! If you are searching for a way to include a younger niece, nephew, or cousin, I suggest giving them a sweet basket filled with programs to hand out to seated guests. Alternately, ushers traditionally will hand out programs as they direct guests to their seats.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Ceremony Programs Pure Adoration

An added bonus to a wedding program? If your wedding location gets hot, it makes the perfect fan! I have seen great DIY projects that turn programs into fans.

I hope this helps, Tasha!


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and she’ll post an answer for you.


April 22

DIY Wedding Reception Stationery

We are thrilled to share with you once again the beautiful DIY project by Jennifer and Jessica from Linen, Lace & Love. See how they’ve added that special personal touch to our reception stationery.

This beautiful Watercolor Garden wedding program on pearl white shimmer paper is just stunning. With all of Wedding Paper Divas stationery, it’s so well designed that you don’t want to add too much, or it takes away from what is already there. So we decided to do some watercolor of our own.

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Programs

Using a drugstore watercolor set I painted a sheet of watercolor paper in the color palette of the program. After it was dry, I used a heart shaped hole punch to make homemade confetti.

Then, I put my homemade heart confetti into a mini glassine envelope, typed Love in Bloom onto watercolor paper, painted over it, punched it out, and glued it onto the front of the envelope.

I took a small hole punch and punched the top of the envelope, and then punched holes equal distance from each side, on the spine of the program. Next, I threaded a purple ribbon through the bottom of the program, through the confetti envelope, and then back out through the top hole and tied it in a bow.

Now all of the guest will have a fun surprise when they open their program, as well as confetti to throw when the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Programs

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Programs

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Programs

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Programs - Watercolor Garden

This modern, tribal themed invitation suite was so much fun to work with. Your first impulse will be to over arrow. Arrows are so much fun to use, but I found this amazing gold leather cording in the jewelry making section of Michael’s and thought it would be the perfect addition.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

I made arrows by painting cake pop sticks gold, and cutting the arrow head and tail out of black glitter paper. I also used the black glitter paper to create the program and table number.

For the table display we found the most amazing linens at Concepts Event Design; the table cloth is a black raw silk called onyx shantung, and the napkin is a shimmery gold raw silk called miss metallic dupionu shantung. It’s a rustic, but formal feel that ties the look together.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

The table number is a stamp from Paper Source, that I embossed using gold embossing powder. (DIY: embossing here) The table number is made to hang on a wine bottle, and then it can be cleared when everyone has been seated, and the wine is poured.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Reception Menus - Archer’s Affection

This bright and joyful Petal Cluster collection made me think of a dandelion, because the menu card looks like a dandelion’s petals blowing off as someone makes a wish…so that became the theme of choice.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

We went back to water coloring and made confetti out of tangerine, fuchsia, and lime. Then punched either side of the program, for a different look, and over the glassine envelope typed out My heart made a wish (for all of you Disney fans out there, this phrase was inspired by a dream is a wish your heart makes), and then wrapped it up in some pink bakers twine.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

For the menu we took the same idea with the side punches and the pink bakers twine, but we used the phrase Wishes do come true.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

The linens we chose were: coral conch shantung, and fuchsialishous shantung.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

The coloring of the table number and name cards reminded me of the Watercolor Garden program, so I kept with the floral theme and added fake flower blooms to both the table number and name card.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

I again used embossing to create the actual number, this time with a purple embossing powder.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Reception Table Cards - At Last

What is cuter than a bicycle built for two? A wedding stationery line using a bicycle built for two. These were so darling that all I could do was wrap them up like a present!

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

The back of the bike has a ribbon that says we do so I carried that phrase over into the decor. I printed out we do on water color paper, and painted it red. Then when it was dry I punched it out with a large, heart-hole punch and added little punches above it to string the twine through…cause everything is more fun when it’s wrapped like a present!

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

I took the same idea for the menu, except the menu said celebrate so I used that phrase, and wrapped it around with bakers twine.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

For the table linen we used Natural Burlap and the red napkin is cranberry kiss shantung.

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Reception Stationery

Wedding Paper Divas Wedding Reception Programs- At Last

All linens and chiavari chairs provided by Concepts Event Design in San Diego. Design and photography by Linen, Lace, & Love.


August 1

Multiple Parents, Multiple Worries: Today’s Diva Dish

If you have parents who have remarried and aren’t sure how to word your wedding programs, our etiquette expert’s may have the answers you’re seeking. Take this reader’s dilemma, for instance…

Hi Divas,

My parents divorced years ago and my dad has since remarried, but my mom has not remarried. I want to list “Parents of the Bride” on my wedding programs, but I’m not sure where (if at all?) to include my stepmother. What’s the best way to go about this without hurting anyone’s feelings?


Thanks so much for writing in, Marci. Rest assured, you’re certainly not the first stressed out bride-to-be with this worry. Here’s what our etiquette experts suggest:

The easiest way to avoid any hard feelings is to include everyone. Like so…

Parents of the Bride

Mrs. Biological Mother

Mr. & Mrs. Biological Father (which includes your stepmom)

This way, no one will get left out—allowing everyone to focus on being a part of your special day.

Do you agree with our advice for Marci? What would you recommend? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Do you have a question for our wedding experts? Send your etiquette, wedding planning or style dilemma to blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and we’ll post an answer for you.


July 13

Our Top 5 Wedding Programs: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

We love seeing how different couples incorporate their themes and colors into their ceremonies… and often, this is done with well-designed wedding programs. To give you a glimpse of what other brides and grooms are choosing for their programs, we thought we’d share our top five selling designs! Leave a comment below and let us know which one is your favorite.


July 9

DIY Wedding Program Fans

In our last DIY project, we showed you how to create easy and elegant-as-ever succulent party favors. Today, we’re going to show you how to turn your wedding programs into fans for the perfect way to keep guests cool… and they can be created in two simple steps!

Program Fan Supplies

  • Popsicle sticks
  • A stylish wedding program… we used our Tropical Tryst and Matching Initials designs
  • Cute scrapbook paper or plain cardstock to complement your programs
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook tape or rubber cement

Step 1: Cut and Glue

If your program is simply designed, we recommend a colorful backing. If it features a graphic or bold design, we recommend simple cardstock for the backing… but in the end it’s up to you! If using scrapbook paper, cut it down to size. Then, secure your wooden stick to the back of your program.

Step 2: Tape

With your tape, secure your program to its backing counterpart (be it scrapbook paper or cardstock). Be sure to secure all four sides with your adhesive. Tip: To keep your fan from being flimsy, make sure to use a strong cardstock backing. If you’re using a thinner cardstock or scrapbook paper, use a longer stick as your base.

Step 3: Enjoy!


March 30

Striking New Programs: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

If you’re looking for a smart and stylish way to tie your wedding colors or theme into your ceremony, look no further than our gorgeous selection of programs. We offer over 100 exclusive ways to share the day’s events with your guests—and we’re adding new designs all the time! These striking new styles are full of fresh watercolors, fun photo features and sweet nature-inspired accents. Which one do you like best?


September 20

Wedding Programs: Things to Know

Wedding programs are a great way to introduce your guests to the events of the day while also publicly thanking the people who helped make your celebration a resounding success.

Here’s what engaged couples traditionally include in their wedding programs:

  • Sequence of events
  • Music played at each step of the event
  • Musicians’ names
  • Members of the wedding party
  • Anyone else you’d like to thank for participating or assisting you on your big day

When selecting wedding programs, you have a variety of options from programs designed to match your wedding invitations to a completely unique or photo-centric design.

Whatever type of design you choose, make sure it reflects your unique style as a couple. After all, the day is all about you!

Happy program shopping!


September 15

Winter Programs: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

The weather is shifting and cooler temperatures are putting me in the mindset for glamorous, romantic winter weddings. Wedding programs are a chic and easy way to play up the seasonal style of your special day. From ornate motifs and damask prints to elegant natural elements, these winter wedding programs will capture the splendor of the season. Which is your favorite?


July 8

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Wedding Programs

When I was getting married, Wedding Programs were an afterthought in my planning.  As a result, I frantically purchased some okay looking programs online a few days before my big day to ensure that I had something ready to go.

Now, looking back, I realize that programs can be a great addition to your ceremony as they provide your guests with important information about what to expect during your ceremony.  Also, I find that programs are especially important when your ceremony features a religious or cultural tradition that many guests may not understand.

If you are looking for the perfect programs for your big day, you can find all of our wedding programs on Wedding Paper Divas.

Below are just a few of my favorite designs:

wedding program - cherry theme

pink and brown wedding program

traditional wedding program

wedding program - black swirls

damask wedding program