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July 1

Whitney Port: Getting the Groom Involved

We are so excited to introduce a new guest blogger, Wedding Paper Divas designer and bride-to-be, Whitney Port. Most recognizable as one of the cast members on The Hills and The City, Whitney Port is also the creative force behind her fashion label Whitney Eve.

Whitney Port is collaborating with Wedding Paper Divas on a vibrant, bold and eclectic stationery collection that reflects her bohemian and creative style and will be available to Wedding Paper Divas customers exclusively later this summer. Whitney is also busy working with the team here to create her own personal stationery suite for her upcoming wedding!

Whitney will be guest blogging here for the next few months, sharing both her design process and her experiences as she plans her own wedding! See her last post DIY with Whitney Port.

If you know me, you know that I have very strong convictions when it comes to design, styling an event and the look and feel of a space. But planning our wedding is (by definition) a joint affair, so Tim and I have made sure that it’s a combined effort, where both of are styles are incorporated and reflected throughout!

We’ve been working closely with Wedding Paper Divas on meshing our design preferences, finding elements that are meaningful to both of us and defining our style as a couple. This means a mix of me doing the legwork on certain tasks and getting Tim’s support before making the final decision, as well as helping Tim find projects that he’s excited about and can take the reins on.

Wedding planning with the groomPhoto Source: Bridal Guide

For example, the location and venue is very important to us, and as with any wedding, will dictate a lot of the style choices that we make. Tim has said he’ll be happy with whatever makes me happy, but to make sure his preferences are considered in such a big decision, we made a joint list of “must haves” for the venue. I did a lot of research with these in mind and made sure he visited all of the contenders. For us, the venue will play such a huge role in setting the tone of our wedding that you will see elements of it factored into our save-the-dates wedding stationery and decor.

On the flip side, one area of planning that’s a no-brainer for Tim to have a heavy hand in is developing our music playlist. Practically since we got engaged, Tim and I have been picking out music that will make our reception a blast – it’s very important that our wedding is a ton of fun not just for us, but also for our guests.

dancing at wedding receptionPhoto Source: Real Simple

Here’s a sneak peek from Tim of some of the songs you’ll find on our playlist!

Tim: If the music is just “ehh,” people won’t dance and less fun will be had. Whit and I have a number of songs we consider “ours,” but we will save those for the night. To give you a taste of what we’ll be playing, here are some slower songs and a few fast ones to get the party started!

 “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” – Otis Redding

“Pursuit of Happiness” – Kid Cudi

“To Be Loved” – Jackie Wilson

“Party in the USA” – Miley Cyrus

“Weak” – SWV

“The Heat Is On” – Kenny Loggins 

This is just one of the areas where Tim is getting involved (and having a blast, I might add!). Even if your significant other is more of an “I’ll just show up on the big day” type of groom, here are some other areas where you can encourage him to pitch in.

  • Featured drinks: Especially if your significant other is a budding mixologist, ask them to work with your caterer to select, and even name, a pair of featured cocktails (one named after each of you, reflecting your tastes!)

wedding cocktail ideas

Photo Source: Bridal Guide

  • Get creative: Write some unique personal copy for the RSVP cards. The standard wording (I will/will not attend) is a bit too formal for us. This is a great place to break tradition to infuse our personalities, and surprise and delight our guests.
  • Honor his family: Ask him to find a way to incorporate his parents, grandparents or other loved ones in the ceremony. For example, we can incorporate a family token in the bridal bouquet or print our grandparents’ wedding dates in the wedding program.

photos displayed at a weddingPhoto Source: Society Bride

These are just a few of my tips that I have found helpful as I help Tim unleash his inner wedding planner. Leave a comment and tell us a creative way that you found to involve your significant other in wedding planning!

Check Wedding Paper Divas’ blog often for more of my wedding planning posts, tips, and stay tuned as we unveil the Whitney Port custom collection, designed exclusively for Wedding Paper Divas, later this summer!

- Whitney


May 9

Industry Influencer – Jubilee from Jubilee Lau Events

Today we have the talented Jubliee from Jubilee Lau Events for our Industry Influencer series. Jubilee is a wedding and event planner in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in creating beautiful experiences for her clients, from beginning to end.

Jubilee Lau Events
Photo by Jennifer Skog Photography

1. How did you get your start in the industry?

I went from Logistics Manager to HR Manager (focused on Conflict Resolution) to Corporate Event Planner before I started my own event planning business 12 years ago. Needless to say, all those previous positions gave me tremendous skills and knowledge to handle everything that I do now, as a Wedding Planner.

2. Favorite perk of the job?

The people! I get to meet and work with the most interesting people from all over the world, and I love getting to know my clients on a deeper, more personal level as we plan their wedding. I have come to believe that every person has interesting stories to tell about their lives when you give them an opportunity to do so. It’s also such a privilege to be the one to take the reins on one of the most important days of people’s lives. I love seeing how happy everyone is on a wedding day, and getting to lead them through an incredible, unforgettable experience.

3. What are your favorite wedding trends right now?

I’m not a big trend person, as I feel that trends come and go so quickly. I stay on top of them to be aware of what’s out there, and to be inspired, but when it comes to my events, I try to create an experience that really represents the clients. If I must pick a favorite trend though, I’m liking the come back of the blush pink and am just eager to get a bride who will wear one of Vera Wang’s 2014 collection of pink gowns!

4. Go-to color palette?

We’ve done so many amazing color palettes inspired by our clients’ style but I feel that you can’t ever go wrong with neutrals—the ivories, grays, whites. They can be classy and beautiful as a monochromatic palette, or paired with pops of brighter colors.

5. Describe your own personal wedding style.

My own personal wedding style is definitely more on the simple, clean, minimalistic side. I like clean lines, symmetry, and personal details in the right places. I also like elements of surprise as it really enhances the overall experience for guests.

6. What’s your favorite Wedding Paper Divas design?

Shattering Chevrons wedding invitation

gold wedding invitation

7. What is one thing you tell all your brides-to-be?

Savor the journey!! It’s really easy to get caught up with the little things, both during the planning and on the wedding day. As cliche as it sounds, it goes by very quickly, so it’s important to savor the moments. Keep things in a broader perspective because while the wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most special days in your lives, the marriage is the important, long term commitment. Wedding planning is a really good opportunity for couples to learn to make big, important decisions together. It can be hard, and there can be some pretty tense moments, but it’s a really great chance to understand each other on a deeper level.

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