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April 16

Tropical Spring Beach Wedding Photos

Today, we are enjoying this marvelously sunny Floridian wedding. If you have your sights set on some nautical nuptials, you’ll love these fun beach wedding photos. Hosted alongside the gulf of Mexico, this tropical wedding is making us weak in the knees!

From the soft pink and mint green flowers, rustic table decor, delicate lace wedding dress, and romantic twinkly lights, we are smitten with every single one of these wedding details. If you are going to host your wedding on the beach, take some notes from Max and Sarah’s amazing day. This private estate made the perfect outdoor venue for their celebration. For seamless wedding decor, create your own personalized wedding invitations to match your unique beach theme.


Photography Credit: Mady Snaps Photography

lake with a small dock

tropical wedding venue for a spring wedding

spring roses

beach wedding photos, bride with her mom

spring wedding bouquet ideas with peach and mint green

flower boy and girl

blonde bride smiling in floral lace wedding dress

bride and groom kissing as they exchange I DOs

bride and groom kissing on a dock, beach wedding photos

wedding photography on a beach

outdoor wedding decorations for reception

tropical outdoor wedding decor for reception table

tropical wedding ceremony

tropical outdoor wedding reception by the lake

wedding cake behind the sunset


Estate Venue: Bailey’s Bluff, Florida

Florist: The Bride’s Bouquet

Cake: Chantilly Cakes

Rentals: Rent All City

Bridal Makeup: MakeupPro

Ring Designer:Diamonds Direct

Bridesmaid Dresses:Ann Taylor

Dress Store: Jon’s Bridal


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February 24

New Wedding Trends

We’re so excited to have celebrity wedding planner and Wedding Paper Divas style partner Mindy Weiss back on the blog talking about new wedding trends for 2016. Mindy is the leading wedding planner to the stars with over 20 years of experience planning weddings and events for Hollywood personalities like Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, and more.

mindy weiss poses in black dress with white polka dots

As we all know, weddings tend to evolve year after year. Of course certain elements, styles and looks are timeless but adding in a few of-the-moment trends to your soiree is always a fun idea! So what do I think will be big in 2016? Read on…

The Dress: Sexy and Daring. Brides these days are willing to go a little more risqué with their bridal look. They want to feel their best, which means sexier silhouettes and open backs are becoming more popular. In general, many brides are striving to make a fashion statement with their gowns. But don’t fret if you’re not as comfortable with a more daring look. Your comfort level is always key and, remember, nothing is sexier than confidence!

Colors: Bold Hues will Brighten up Neutrals. The soft green and cream palette is here to stay but is getting a bit of an update in 2016. Pops of bold colors like sunny yellows, burnt oranges and vibrant fuchsias will now make an appearance. These will look especially gorgeous in florals or wedding party attire.

Food: Homey and Satisfying. Really fancy sit-down meals are not as prominent these days. Instead, we’re seeing couples opt for comfort food as they aim for a more homespun vibe to their wedding. Things like sliders, mini grilled cheese, hearty soups and Southern cuisine are now the star of the show. Yum!

Music: ‘90s is the New Throwback. Sorry guys, looks like the ‘80s are on their way out when it comes to staple “throwback” music for wedding receptions. Now it’s the ‘90s time to shine! From Backstreet Boys and ‘Nsync to Salt ‘N’ Peppa and Spice Girls, these are the tunes that are ruling the dance floor these days.

Destination Weddings: Out with the Beach, In with the Mountains. When you think of destination weddings you immediately think of a tropical island, right? These days, couples are looking for unique locations and are turning to the mountains. Locales like Aspen and Montana are becoming big for destination weddings. And the woodsy vibe is sure to give your guests a one-of-a-kind experience!

Most importantly, whether you choose to incorporate a trend or two or go completely classic, your wedding should be a reflection of your personalities and your love story. Have fun with it!


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January 20

Winter Sale – 30% off Everything

If you got engaged over the holidays, you’re going to love this deal! Get 30% off everything and anything during the Wedding Paper Divas Winter Sale.

wedding paper divas winter sale

Announce your engagement and wedding date with these beautiful heart-shaped save the dates!

heart shaped multi photo save the date
Featured Card: Confetti Date

Have you been eyeing thermography, letter-press, foil or laser-cut wedding invitations? Now is the perfect time to save big on these premium choices!
white thermography wedding invitation with black polka dots
Featured Wedding Invitation: Exquisite Dots

white rsvp card for wedding with black polka dots
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January 20

How To Brand Your Wedding

We are so excited to have Whitney Blake share these incredible tips for branding your wedding. Read on as she shares the special details that help her plan the perfect wedding true to her and husband-to-be!

As a graphic designer, planning out and designing my own wedding has been the most fun and challenging project I’ve ever had! With my specialty in branding, creating a cohesive and meaningful look for our big day is top priority. Before designing, purchasing, or renting anything, I highly suggest establishing your wedding brand. It’s extremely helpful for your vendors to see what you’re envisioning in terms of specific colors, fonts, and the overall aesthetic of your big day.

custom save the date from wedding paper divas with photo and green leaves

I created a wedding branding checklist to guide you as you start your wedding planning journey! Download it here, and then follow along with my tips to create a meaningful brand for your wedding and translate that in to your paper goods.

wedding brand checklist

When and where? Before deciding on anything else, you’ve gotta figure out when and where you’ll be saying ‘I Do’! This is critical in determining your other vendor’s availability and seasonal themes, plus it will set the tone for all of your design choices. We decided on late May at a very southern historic venue in North Carolina.

reasons i want to marry you note on pink letter with leaves and flowers

Start with colors. Figuring out your wedding colors can seem really overwhelming at first with pretty much infinite possibilities. I suggest picking one or two colors that y’all adore, then accenting those colors. We decided on a palette of four colors:

  • Blush pink – I fell in love with an antique chaise lounge in our venue and decided to pull inspiration straight from our venue! This shade of pink is muted with gray tones and will be easy to mimic in flowers that are in season (check out this chart for seasonal blooms).
  • Dusty navy – I love how the color adds depth to our color palette (not all pastels) but mimics the color of my finance’s suit and gorgeous vintage velvet.
  • Sage green – While my style is distinctly feminine (and minimalistic), I wanted to pull in my fiancé’s aesthetic and incorporate more lush color. I found myself drawn to weddings with lots of greenery, so we set the tone for the decor by adding sage as a main color in our palette.
  • Soft gray – the walls in our venue are a gorgeous shade of light gray and I wanted to pull this in to our palette as a neutral.

custom phto save the date with info at the bottom

Define your aesthetic. Are you rustic? Modern? Nautical? Preppy? Pick three or four words that pinpoint the vibe you’re looking to achieve. We chose: organic, modern, and romantic.

From those words, build your visuals! What shapes, patterns and textures fit the words you just chose? When designing your paper goods, it’s important to keep everything cohesive and use three or four elements that really convey to your guests the type of event it will be. For instance, you wouldn’t create a black tie wedding invitation with a bubbly and young fuchsia font. We are using clean lines, watercolor organic patterns, and modern fonts. I addressed each envelope with watercolor block lettering to pull together the return address stamp (best time saver of all time!) and watercolor design on the back of our save the date cards.

save the date invitation suite with envelopes and stamps

Design with purpose. When designing your paper goods, make sure that every detail has a purpose. Keep things simple so as not to overwhelm your guests, and include relevant information. For our save the dates, we included the essentials on the front: our names, wedding date, call to “save the date!”, location, and a note that the formal invitation will follow. On the back we added a link to our wedding website where we have linked all of the extras that guests need: registry link, hotel blocks, timeline, venue info, a silly story about our relationship and engagement.

I had so much fun designing my stationery, and I am so grateful for the Wedding Paper Divas custom printing service. The print and paper quality is exceptional and gives us brides-to-be the freedom to design our hearts out!

Now I’m off to start designing our invitation suite! Cheers y’all!

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November 20

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

small talk big day video wedding series logo

Today we have Wedding Paper Divas style & trend expert, Amber Harrison on our wedding blog interviewing two amazing, expert wedding professionals. Celebrity stylist Mindy Weiss, and the President of Tracy Taylor Ward Design talk with Amber about common wedding planning mistakes to avoid. Amber is our resident authority on the latest wedding trends and etiquette guidelines. She combines tradition, personal style and the hottest trends to help each couple celebrate their unique love story on their big day.

Hey, it’s Amber!

Weddings are an emotional, action-packed and fun-filled day that can also be filled with some unexpected moments. We have some of the best wedding planners in the world with us today to talk about some of those unexpected moments and what to do when they happen.

Mindy says…

A big mistake that a lot of couples make is actually signing a contract with a hotel which includes food and beverage before they’ve even talked about the budget. A lot of times they come in and their entire budget has been used just for the hotel. You know what that means, no flowers!

Tracy says…

A common blunder that brides make is forgetting about the littlest details. If you don’t have a wedding planner to help you with this, right before you walk down the aisle, make sure you double check that the best man actually has the wedding rings.

Mindy says…

Another big mistake that a lot of couples make is when they make their guest list they assume that a lot of the guests won’t come, they’re going to come and you may run out of room in the ball room.

Tracy says…

No matter how much planning you do something unexpected is always bound to happen and it’s how you recover from that situation that says the most about you. So here’s some advice, if anyone says something to you that rubs you the wrong way or if you see anything that happens that doesn’t make you feel good, don’t react to it. Just smile and keep on keeping on. Because it’s how much fun you’re having that your guests will remember and that will result in them having the time of their lives.

Just remember that things happen. What’s important is to move passed them and soak in every moment of this magical day.

  • Watch out when signing contracts 
  • Don’t forget about the littlest details 
  • Don’t assume that guests won’t come 
  • Your reaction says it all 

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October 20

Best Wedding Advice for Real Couples with Mindy Weiss

Celebrity wedding planner and Wedding Paper Divas style partner Mindy Weiss is back on the blog with some advice for real couples planning their big day. Mindy is the leading wedding planner to the stars with over 20 years of experience planning weddings and events for Hollywood personalities like Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, and more.

A few weeks ago, Wedding Paper Divas and I hosted a really fun Instagram sweepstakes where I was able to help real couples solve a wedding planning conundrum. It was so difficult to pick the winners since everyone had such great questions. Wedding planning can be tricky, after all!

Below are my video answers to the winners’ dilemmas plus a few extra tips for you. I know many of you are facing similar issues in your wedding planning process, so I hope some of this advice will keep things running smoothly.

Going DIY

Cassidy asked: “I’m a crafty lady and would love to make all of my wedding decorations! But is that very smart? Should I make some and not others or just buy everything?”

Incorporating DIY projects into your wedding is a great idea. Guests always love personal touches, but there are certainly some considerations involved. Going all DIY can be pretty stressful and is often not realistic, so I recommend DIY-ing some meaningful items but not all. Don’t overwhelm yourself!  Any fresh flowers, for example, should be outsourced if possible since arrangements and bouquets can’t be prepared too far in advance. The last thing you want to worry about the night before your big day is arranging centerpieces! Food is also a perishable that should be left to the pros.

Things like favors, signage and accents for your tablescapes are all great DIY options and are a fun, budget-friendly way to add a little personality into your decor. Just be sure to start well in advance—timing is everything! Set aside small chunks of time every day or every week to work on these project rather than tackling everything at once. And don’t forget to ask your friends, family and wedding party to help. They’ll likely be more than happy to get their craft on!

Keeping Guests Engaged

Teresa asked: We are interested in having alternatives to dancing during our wedding reception. What are your favorite fun alternatives?

If dancing just isn’t your thing, there are lots of fun options for you! The important thing is to keep your guests engaged. Play a quirky video about how you met, relationship stories or even the planning process leading up to the big day. Have a few friends from your wedding party prepare a great, engaging speech. Invite some sort of entertainer or comedian to keep the energy up. You can also prepare other small activities to keep guests entertained and encourage mingling throughout the rest of the night. Think a cigar bar, themed photo booth, or a DIY dessert bar. Think you have some brave guests? Set up a karaoke station! And these are activities you can offer even if you are planning on dancing that will keep the party going for those guests that don’t particularly enjoy boogying down.

No matter what activity you choose, the goal of the event is to celebrate your love story. As long as you keep your guests involved and entertained, they’ll remember all the most important parts of the day.

Handling All Those Opinions

Meg asked: What is the best way to stay true to your wedding vision while receiving lots of opinions from family and friends?

The fact is, everyone has opinions. Your best friend thinks big, grand weddings are overwhelming while your mother is already planning on inviting the entire town. Listen to everyone’s thoughts, keep an open mind, appear receptive, but do what’s in your heart…and in your budget. Your friends and family are trying to help and are just as excited for your big day—but it’s still your wedding day! Only you and your fiancé know exactly what’s right for you and what is most realistic for your situation.

The most important thing is to stay true to your personalities and your vision so you can look back on everything with few regrets. But do keep listening to all those ideas! You just never know when something brilliant will pop up.

And my biggest tip of all for all of you in the throes of planning? Enjoy the process, despite some of those bumps in the road. This is an exciting time in your life that you’ll look back on for years to come. Have fun!



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