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April 11

Industry Influencer – Allison from Engaged & Inspired

For our first Industry Influencer series we are excited to announce our interview with Allison from Engaged & Inspired today.


1. How did you get your start in the industry?

There were so many moments that lead me here, each of which built on top of each other and put me right where I am. But the short answer is that I became a part of this industry over 4 years ago when I started up a little blog called Engaged & Inspired. That blog gained some traction and, well, here we are!

2. Favorite perk of the job?

Experiencing wedding days. So much goes into planning a wedding and it isn’t always easy for the couple, but when the ceremony starts and the festivities begin, well, nothing beats that moment.

3. What are your favorite wedding trends right now?

I try not to look too far into trends. I try to create awesome weddings that are free of trends as I wouldn’t want a couple to look at their wedding photos 5 years later and have it outdated. That said, I’m totally loving the flowing organic trends that are happening with flowers right now, and the crazy amount of foliage. It was time for bouquets to loosen up and centerpieces to have a little bit of a raw edge to them.

4. Go-to color palette?

I am lucky enough to work with so many couples who pull me out of my comfort zone and inspire me to create great designs in many color palettes. But my go to color palette always involves gold, bright colors (who doesn’t love fuchsia?!) or a little hint of blush pink or mint green.

5. Describe your own personal wedding style.

Humm. I think about this a lot seeing as I do a lot of weddings at the venue I was married at. I would love to say that my personal wedding style was something bold and daring, but I tend to heavily gravitate toward soft colors, romantic lines and whimsical details. I just love the timeless look of simple and beautiful wedding that isn’t overdone with details.

6. What’s your favorite Wedding Paper Divas design?

There are so many good ones! I can’t just pick one.
Air of Affection – Wedding Invitation
Until Ever After – Foil Stamped Wedding Invitation
Floral Dreams – Wedding Invitations

7. What is one thing you tell all your brides-to-be?

Enjoy it. I’ve worked with a few brides (and honestly, I was one myself) that obsessed over the details and had a very specific look in mind when it came to designing and setting up the details. I have always found that being that type of bride are really hard to make happy. You have to plan everything down to the detail and then literally let it all go on the day of. The more you micro-manage and care about every single inch of your wedding, you won’t be able to enjoy it like you should. Letting it all go and just being in that moment with the people you love, that is what a wedding is all about. Sometimes that gets a bit lost in all the details! So really, enjoy it!


March 25

Ask Etta: Wedding Day Details to Include for Guests

Angie asks…

I am ready to order my wedding invitations, but I am not sure what details to include for my guests. Other than the date, time, and place, what other information should be on the invitation? Our wedding venue is a little tricky to find so I would like to give detailed directions to my guests, but I don’t want the invitation to look cluttered.

Etta says…

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will help to keep your wedding invitation chic and stylish, and still get all of the information to your guests: Enclosure cards! Enclosure cards are the perfect way to share wedding day details like directions, special requests, and your wedding website with guests. While much of this information should be listed on your wedding website, it should be remembered that not all guests will be internet-savvy. Here are a few ways you can use this handy stationery trick.

Wedding Paper Divas Map Enclosure Card


Including directions with your wedding invitation is absolutely necessary if you have a difficult-to-find location. After all, you invited your guests – you want to make sure they can find the venue! However, your wedding invitation is not the place to include these directions. Simply list the directions on an enclosure card that accompanies the wedding invitation. Enclosure cards can even be customized to include a map of your location.

Wedding Paper Divas Information Enclosure Card

Special Instructions and Details

Listing nearby accommodation options is also helpful for out-of-town guests. Be sure to note if you have reserved a block of rooms for your wedding. Sometimes a bride will want to share useful information with her guests, like “The reception will be outdoors, so please bring something warm”, or “Shuttles will provided to and from the reception venue.” An enclosure card is the perfect place to convey these messages, and will save you multiple calls or emails to your guests.

Wedding Paper Divas Mini Enclosure Cards Effervescent Sparkle

Wedding Website and Social Media

Include your wedding website information on an enclosure card, so that guests know where to find these details, and more. For couples who are encouraging guests to use Instagram or Twitter to share photos during their wedding, including a personalized hashtag on your enclosure card is a fun touch. Alternately, you could include a request for no sharing of photos on social media sites. Our new Mini Enclosure Cards are the perfect size for any extra-special details!

Wedding Paper Divas Mini Enclosure Cards Donation

Gift Preferences

Your wedding registry should never be listed on your invitation. Instead, an enclosure card can be a simple way to announce your registry, or to direct guests to your wedding website for more information. You may prefer that guests do not send or bring gifts, but instead send a donation to a chosen charity. Use an enclosure card to be specific about your preferences.

Wedding Paper Divas Enclosure Card

I hope this helps, Angie! There are so many fun ways to customize enclosure cards, and to share the details of your wedding day.


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and she’ll post an answer for you.


August 16

Post Wedding Checklist

angelina jason

Photo Credit: Jihan Cerda Photography

The post-wedding to-do list can seem almost as long as your wedding planning list! Today we’re highlighting the top duties a newlywed must check off her list. And don’t worry; we’ve included a longer list below.

Photo Credit: Foot Candles Photography

1. Organize Your Photos

You will likely have more photos from this one day than any other day in your life. Take the time now to organize, compile, store, and share these photographs – you’ll be thankful later.

The first step is to gather together these images. Find out from your photographer when and how you will receive your photos. Most often it will be digitally, which is the best way to save your special shots. A photo Share Site is a fantastic way to gather any candid shots friends and family may have snapped during your wedding. Post a call out to friends on your social profiles to see what they can share. Often, you’ll laugh at the silly moments your guests were able to capture that the professional photographer may have missed.

6 17 am

Next, decide how you will share and display these photos. From hanging prints in your home to creating personalized stationery, the possibilities are endless. Our favorite way to gather together wedding day memories is with a gorgeous wedding photo book. Pull together images, add in quotes or memories, and you have a keepsake you’ll treasure forever. A photo book is a fantastic anniversary gift, if you can’t find the time to make one just after your wedding.

2. Send Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a must for any bride, and should be one of the first items tackled after the big day. If you have a wedding registry, you can often get a head start on this by writing thank you notes as gifts are delivered in advance of the wedding.

3 6 wedding planning

Etiquette asks that brides wait no more than 6-8 weeks after the wedding ceremony to send thank you cards. If you are planning to send a photo thank you card with a special shot from your reception, ask your photographer to give you one or two options the day after your wedding. That way, you can order your thank you stationery as soon as possible.

Every person who attends your wedding should receive a thank you note – even if they did not bring a gift. Their presence at your wedding took time and cost, and should be recognized. It’s also a great idea to send thank you notes to your vendors.


Photo Credit: Renee Brock

3. Change Your Name and/or Update Marital Status

If you are changing your name after your wedding, be sure to think through all of the possible accounts you’ll need to update. Start first with your Social Security card, your driver’s license, and your major bank accounts. Then move on to your employer, insurance companies, and other major accounts. You’ll also need to update your marital status in many of the same places, as well as beneficiary for life insurance.

4. Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

Beyond photos and videos, there are other mementos from your big day that you will want to save. Start with your bridal bouquet the day after your wedding, whether you plan to preserve the entire bouquet or just dry out a handful of petals (a great keepsake to tuck into your wedding album). Hint: many brides have a special “toss” bouquet to throw to guests, and keep their bridal bouquet for themselves.


Photo Credit: Foot Candles Photography

Take proper care to clean your wedding dress and veil. Find a trusted dry cleaners (with experience in cleaning wedding dresses) to take on this task for you. Then, carefully store your dress. You likely won’t be taking it out of storage too often, so limit exposure to sunlight, heat, and other damaging factors.


Need a few more ideas of what might be left to check off? See below.

The Days After

  • Return all rented clothing
  • Return all borrowed accessories
  • Return all rented equipment
  • Contact your gift registry to have gifts delivered
  • Send your picture to the newspaper

For the Honeymoon

  • Put your mail on hold, or resume your mail service if you have already returned from your honeymoon
  • Turn on/ off your out of office / away message on your email

Upon Your Return

  • Contact your videographer for a viewing
  • Put any wedding photos taken personally on the internet for friends and family to see
  • Get an official registered copy of your marriage certificate
  • Change your address (if applicable)
  • Create a wedding memento box
  • Update your Will
  • Get (or change) a life insurance policy
  • Update your beneficiary for life insurance / superannuation


August 13

Ask Etta: Do I Really Need to Change My Last Name?

Cora asks…

I always planned to change my name whenever I married – I wanted to have the same last name as my children, be a unified couple, and follow tradition. But after all of the work I put into my wedding day, I’m ready to relax! I don’t want to spend a lot of time and stress going through the legal process of taking on my spouse’s name. And to add to that, it will be tough to let everyone at work know.  Is changing my last name really necessary in this day and age?


Photo Credit: Jim McGinley

Etta says…

Changing your name is a choice every bride faces, and it’s not an easy choice to make.  I can’t offer a definitive yes or no for this question, because it truly is a personal decision. I recommend you have a frank discussion with your spouse about this choice, and think about how you identify yourself in regards to your last name.

From what you wrote in, it seems as though you want to change your name – you just don’t want to do the work! Well, it’s a fairly easy process if you handle it correctly. Most of the work comes after you’ve filed the appropriate paperwork, and start the process of updating your accounts and records.


Photo Credit: Carla Shierman

If you have decided to go forward with changing your name, take the stress out of the legal process by reminding yourself of the fun that comes along.

  • Update your stationery! Treat yourself to notecards, address labels, and a notepad with your new moniker. It’s a fun way to get used to referring to yourself as the new Mrs., and it will help others adjust to your name as well.
  • Set up a new email address (and be sure to forward emails sent to your old address).
  • Share the news. Letting coworkers and friends know you’ve changed your last name should be a happy moment, allowing you a brief chance to share a detail or two about your wedding day.

And, just so you don’t forget the important changes that go along with a name change, here’s a quick list:

  • Change your Social Security card
  • Change your driver’s license at the DMV
  • Update your bank accounts, credit cards, and checks
  • Change other accounts (this includes your employer’s records, doctors’ records, insurance companies, and your passport, to name just a few!)


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and she’ll post an answer for you.


March 26

Eye Candy: Earthy Greens

Continuing with this week’s Pantone Deep Lichen Green inspiration board, we’re falling in love with earthy greens in wedding decor. Complement your deep green wedding invitations with natural, botanical touches to complete a rustic wedding reception. We especially love the pops of green that come in the vintage wedding getaway vehicles!

Deep green wedding getaway car

Green bridal bouquet

Green wedding cake

Mr. and Mrs. Chair signs

Trolley wedding transportation


March 19

Eye Candy: Wedding Reception Photo Ideas

Starting with a Save the Date that incorporates photography in a fun and unique style, we’re loving these wedding day details. From table settings incorporating photos of each guest to a ceremony aisle runner that acts as a physical walk down memory lane, these five photo ideas will spark decor inspiration for your own wedding day.


escort cards


picture place setting

photo ceremony runner




February 22

2013 Spring & Summer Wedding Guide

We’re thrilled to introduce our 2013 Spring & Summer Wedding Guide!

To download a digital copy please click here. If you’d like to receive a physical copy in your mailbox please sign up for the Wedding Paper Diva’s newsletter here. Not only will you be on our mailing list for catalogs and emails, but you will also receive exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else on our site.



February 19

Beyond the Invitation: Reception Stationery

You’ve set your venue, sent your Save the Date cards, and already have your wedding invitations picked out and ordered. Now that the big decisions are finalized, it’s time for you to choose all the special details that will make your wedding day reflect you.

A great place to start is with the stationery you will need for your wedding weekend.

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent as early as possible, to allow out of town guests to plan accordingly. Flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars will all need to be sorted, so make sure you give your guests plenty of time.

rehearsal 2

Rehearsal dinner guest list etiquette calls for the bride and the groom, their immediate families, the wedding party (along with their spouses or partners), and the officiant and their spouse. Aside from those guests, it is up to the bride and groom – or the host – to decide how large of an event the rehearsal dinner will be. Some brides choose to have an intimate affair, while others use this night as an informal get-together or cocktail party for out-of-town guests.

rehearsal 1

No matter the size of your rehearsal dinner, this is an opportunity for the bride to relax before her big day. Invitations for the rehearsal dinner don’t need to follow your wedding theme – though, of course, they can.

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are an important way to share each special moment of your ceremony with your guests, particularly if you are having a ceremony that may be unique to your guests. If you are having a religious ceremony, or one that incorporates cultural rites, a wedding program will give your guests a step-by-step timeline to better understand the events.

front and inside

This is the perfect place to list your music selections, an explanation of any ceremonial elements, or attribute a reading.

program 2 inside

Aside from the logistics of your ceremony, the wedding program can provide a space to give more information to your guests.  Including a list of your bridal party and groomsmen will help relatives sort out who’s who. And the wedding program is a lovely place to mention your thanks for friends and family who have traveled far distances to celebrate.

Reception Menus

You took the time to taste each morsel of food served at your reception – now let your guests know what they are eating with custom wedding menu cards.  To start, ask your caterer for a description of each dish. They will be able to help you craft the most mouth-watering way to tempt your guests.

Menu 2

Identifying unique qualities of each dish will make the menu even more special. For instance, listing the farm your vegetables come from, or the type of sauce that accompanies a chicken dish will personalize the plates, and have your guests licking their lips in anticipation.


Menu 1


For a fun twist, include a personal note on your menus. Serving macaroni and cheese as a side dish? Let your guests know that this dish is the groom’s favorite – and the only “meal” he can cook up at home. Including a traditional dish from your family? Share the history with your guests, and they’ll love the dish even more.

After Wedding Brunch

A popular trend allowing brides to extend their wedding weekends is to send out after wedding brunch invitations. Hosting a brunch the following morning gives the newlyweds one more chance to thank their guests in person, as well as spend a bit more quality time with each guest.

brunch 2

Make sure to send out invitations in advance, to give friends and family time to plan accordingly. Out-of-town guests will want to book flights later in the day, and make appropriate arrangements.








December 4

Ask Etta: Engagement Ring Etiquette

While we dish about the hottest trends and latest designs, we also know how stressful prepping for the big day can be. Meet Etta, our expert in all things etiquette. She’s ready to delve into your every dilemma.

Jana Asks…

Should my boyfriend pick out my engagement ring on his own or is it acceptable for me to join in on the shopping?

Etta Says…

Traditionally the man picks out and purchases the ring but more recently women have been a part of the shopping experience. If your partner chooses the ring on his own it definitely adds to the element of surprise and is a bit more sentimental when he picks out what he thinks you will love. They often also have to find a secretive way to find your ring size so it fits perfectly once he gives it to you. Engagement season has started (Thanksgiving commenced it) and we want to help you feel comfortable and at ease with all of your engagement ring questions.

It is not uncommon for couples these days to go pick out a ring together and some couples even share the cost of the ring. In other cases there can be a family heirloom ring passed down to the bride and it is usually discussed beforehand with the man.

Although a bright sparkler on your left hand signifies you will be getting married sometime in the future, it is not required for an engagement. Some couples choose to put the money aside for the wedding or a possible down payment and purchase a ring later on and maybe even as a one year engagement gift to celebrate.

If you are selecting a diamond or other precious gem make sure to do your research and shop around to do some comparisons if possible. You also want to make sure you are working with a reputable and knowledgeable jeweler and obtain an appraisal if you have any concerns on the quality.

It is also important to mention that most American women wear their engagement ring on the third finger (next to the pinky) on their left hand. According to the ancient Greeks this finger had the only vein that ran directly to the heart and represented a symbol of love. Since all cultures and religious practices are different there is not one single way to wear an engagement ring.

Typically the bride’s parents are the first to find out about the engagement (if they have not already been notified by the groom beforehand when asking for her hand in marriage). After the bride’s parents are notified, it is then time to tell the groom’s family and then friends and the general public.

Lastly – the cost. The “two month rule” is a myth. This myth was started in 1947 when De Beers launched the campaign for “A Diamond is Forever” and stated a man should spend two months’ worth of their salary on an engagement ring and it later increased to three months. This campaign did exceptionally well but in this day and age is not required and is by no means a “rule.” Today there are different averages for the cost of the ring but typically it can be anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000.


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at etta@weddingpaperdivas.com and she’ll post an answer for you.