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November 11

Rustic Backyard Wedding during Autumn

Today, we are overjoyed to be sharing this beautiful Autumn wedding. Blake and Melissa were recently married in her parent’s stunning backyard, in Minneapolis MN. This majestic multi-colored field only enhances the beauty of this wonderful season. This wedding is chic and elegant, yet incorporates some subtle rustic flare as well. Their nuptials encompassed the true heart of any great, rustic backyard wedding!

From the Bride:
We were married at noon, on a perfect Saturday. I was lucky enough to walk down the aisle to a song that my husband had composed and recorded all by himself! We had a brunch reception, and then rented out lanes at a Bowling Alley for our wedding party and family to party/play at after the reception was over.

Photography Credit: Kate Becker Photography

golden striped wedding invitation from wedding paper divas

ariel view of a wedding ceremony in the fall season

wedding party in a golden field during autumn

bride holding a red and white flower bouquet with her husband

wedding flower crown on bride's head

fall wedding under a clear open tent that's pinterest worthy

white and gold wedding invitation with elegant typography

white and green rustic outdoor wedding decor during autumn

wedding tent inspiration and ideas for fall

ultimate exit ideas for the bride and groom

wedding decorations for a rustic wooden wedding in the fall

black and white wedding photography by kate becker

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August 14

Wedding Invitation Etiquette: What NOT to Include

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Today we have Wedding Paper Divas style & trend expert, Amber Harrison on our blog sharing some helpful and vital tips for what NOT to include on your beautiful wedding invitations. Amber is our resident authority on the latest wedding trends and etiquette guidelines. She combines tradition, personal style and the hottest trends to help each couple celebrate their unique love story on their big day.

Amber really has us covered this week with some great wedding invitation etiquette that all couples should remember when creating their invitation suite. From registry information to rules regarding children, Amber has tons of information that she is sharing today! If you’re getting ready to order your wedding invitations or if you can hear the bells ringing from a distance away, remember these wedding invitation etiquette tips and tricks! Amber is going to make sure we’re clear on what to avoid printing on that pretty paper!

Hi Friends! That’s right, today on Small Talk Big Day I’m going to make sure you’re clear on what to avoid printing on that pretty paper!

  1. Registry Information: You want your invitation to be about the celebration, not the gifts. Instead of on your invites, include registry information on your wedding website with your shower invitation or use good ole’ fashion word-of-mouth. Your family and wedding party will help spread the word and this will save space on your beautiful invites for specifics regarding venue and wedding date.
  2. Rules Regarding Children:  Leave off any language that encourages guests to leave the kids at home. If you prefer an adults only event, just be very specific when addressing the invitation and only list the names of the guests invited. This is not an uncommon request for almost newlyweds, a lot of couples prefer that children don’t attend the big day. Just remember to be precise and only address the invitation with the names of the guests that are invited.
  3. Food & Beverage Detail: Leave the entree selections to the response card. If you’re having a dry reception or a limited alcohol selection, there’s no need to mention that, your guests will figure it out when they get there. If this feels too limiting, don’t worry, your wedding website or enclosure cards are a great way to share any fun and extra information!

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September 12

Pure Romance Wedding Inspiration Board

We’re so happy to have one of our designers Stacey Day on the blog today. Stacey is sharing her inspiration behind her Pure Romance wedding invitation.

Pure Romance Wedding Invitations

Images: dress | nail polish | cake | tablescape | floral

Visit Stacey’s site: Stacey Day Paper


August 20

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Watercolor Wedding Invitations

This week’s inspiration board has sparked our imagination in a watercolor way. From floral themes to dreamy destinations, watercolor designs know how to paint on romance and charm. Take a peek at some of our favorite watercolor wedding invitations and find your own inspiration in a painterly palette…Watercolor_Invitation_1 Watercolor_Invitation_2 Watercolor_Invitation_3 Watercolor_Invitation_4 Watercolor_Invitation_5 Watercolor_Invitation_6 Watercolor_Invitation_7


May 14

How-To: Layer on Style with Ribbon & Envelopments®

It’s all about the package, really. Wedding stationery gets an extra dose of refinement when it’s “packaged” with ribbon and envelopments. It’s an easy DIY way to add design elegance to your day. We promise. Here are two ways to do it, in a few easy steps.

DIY #1: The Layered Pocket

Fold in some sophisticated magic with this menu pocket fold and ribbon. Using a thick ribbon in a contrasting color will convey style and confidence.

ribbon DIY for wedding invitations

How to Get the Look:

1. Cut one long piece of ribbon.

ribbon DIY for wedding invitations

2. Center the ribbon evenly on the front of the envelopment, and apply with double-sided tape.
3. Apply double-sided tape to each corner of the menu and place evenly on the front of the envelopment and the ribbon.
4. Tuck the additional pieces in the pocket (we used a song request card and an advice card) and tie the ribbon in a bow to complete the look.

ribbon DIY for wedding invitations

DIY #2: The Pocket Fold

ribbon DIY for wedding invitations

How to Get the Look:

1. For your invite, use the “Around the Corners” ribbon method explained in this post.
2. Apply double-sided tape to each corner of your invite and place evenly on the center page of the envelopment. Place your response and enclosure cares into the pocket.
3. Using a long piece of thick ribbon in the same color, center the ribbon on the outside of the envelopment’s center page, and secure with a small piece of double-sided tape.
4. Fold, or close, the envelopment and tie the ribbon in a smart and sassy bow. Ta-da.

See more ribbon DIY here: How-To: 4 Fabulous Ribbon DIYs for Wedding Invitations

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May 7

How-To: 4 Fabulous Ribbon & Bow DIYs for Wedding Invitations

Ready to get your invitations ribbon-fabulous? We have four ways to do it. Grab your girls and get a DIY evening on the calendar. (Your guests will never know how easy these touches were to add.)


DIY #1: Around the Corners

This DIY packs a stylish punch and is easy as can be. Make sure to choose a thin ribbon that complements your invitation’s color palette. Quick tip: a ribbon that matches the color of the invitation’s text always looks polished.


How to Get the Look:

1.  Cut one long piece of thin ribbon.
2.  Start with one end of the ribbon at the back of the invitation and use double-sided tape to secure it.
3.  Wrap the ribbon around the front corner, loop it to the back and then around the opposite corner.
4.  Now loop it back to where the two ends meet. Snip away excess and use double-sided tape to adhere ends.


5.  Take a small piece of ribbon and tie it around the front left corner. This creates a fake bow effect. (We won’t tell if you won’t…)

DIY #2: Bow on Top

This DIY is a simple, yet stunning, pop of style perfection. You’ll need thin ribbon in a gorgeous color and an X-acto knife for this project.


How to Get the Look:

1.  With the X-acto knife, make two small slits at the top of the invitation. Make sure they’re just wide enough to thread your ribbon through.


2.  Thread your ribbon through the two slits until there’s equal ribbon on both sides.


3.  Tie a double knot and cut the end of the ribbons into small, elegant “v” shapes.


DIY #3: Ribbon Band

Looking to use the thick ribbon as well? We can’t blame you. It’s a luxurious statement. For this DIY, choose two colors that match back to your invitation.


How to Get the Look:

1.  Cut two strands of ribbon, one thick and one thin.
2.  Start with the thick ribbon at the front of the invitation. You can choose where to put the ribbon band—in the center, lower, higher, wherever works best for your design.
3.  Wrap the thick ribbon around to the back. Snip away excess and match up the two ends. Use double-sided tape to adhere.


4.  Gather the middle of the thick ribbon and tie with the thin ribbon.
5.  Snip away excess thin ribbon with a clean angled cut.


DIY #4: Tied Together

Give layered invitations an added air of elegance with this DIY. You can have ribbons of two different colors or just one. For our example, we’ve chosen one color that highlights the back layer and one that complements the invitation’s shade of blue.


How to Get the Look:

1.  Cut two strands of thin ribbon.
2.  Tie one strand around the other and create a knot. If you’re using two different colors and have a preference on the color of the knot, use the preferred color as the ribbon you tie around the other.


3.  Pull the ribbons to the back of the invitation, creating a chic “x” design on the front. Like the Ribbon Band DIY, you can choose the best placement for the knot.
4.  Tape the ribbons securely to the back. (Remember, since this is a layered card, no one will see the tape!)


5.  Now you just need to attach the layers together. Apply double-sided tape to each corner of your invitation and place it evenly on the back layer. You now have a beautiful representation of tying the knot.

Ta-da! That’s it: four chic and easy ways to DIY your wedding invitations. Now the question is… Which DIY do you choose? Be on the lookout for more DIY posts in the upcoming weeks!