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November 23

Colorful Ideas for a Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic doesn’t mean brown neutral tones. Soft creams and weathered wood can be a perfect backdrop to pops of color, like turquoise, fuchsia, orange or a buttercream yellow. These vibrant colors add a wake-up call to any wedding. This rustic revival is sprinkled with colors that accent tables, adorn cakes and spruce up invites. Show your guests a colorful setting that awakens their senses and adds a unique spin to a rustic wedding theme.

color-your-rustic-wedding-ideasPhoto Source: Tablescape | Bridesmaids | Cake | Turquoise Barn | Favors


colorful-ideas-for-your-rustic-weddingFeatured Wedding Invitation: Brilliantly Wreathed. See our full Wedding Invitation Collection here.

A wedding invitation is a perfect way to show your guests your color theme and your style. See how the invitation’s design and colors are used for the wedding day decor? Brilliantly done.

Here’s how you can add vibrant colors to accent your wedding theme:

Turquoise Barn:
We all love the way a red barn door acts as a dramatic backdrop to wedding photos. Take your wedding theme a step further and step out of the box. You don’t even need a barn to create this backdrop. Find old wooden boards or doors, paint them and prop them up behind your photo booth, dessert table or use as a backdrop to your wedding photos.

Bare wooden tables and neutral colors offer the right base to colorful table decor. Use napkins as your color accent. It’s the perfect way to use a bold colors like turquoise without overdoing it. Don’t forget the little details like favors decorated with pretty gift tags. Fill bottles with honey, a cocktail mixture or candy—whatever fits your personality.

Say a special “thank you” to your guests with DIY favors. Have an aunt who’s famous for her homemade jam, or how about a friend who makes salted caramel? Utilize your friends and family—most are more than happy to contribute. Then add your finishing touch with stylish gift tags or stickers with a personalized note. Tie it with twine and decorate the favor with fabric for more color.

Bright and bold colors can look beautiful next to your wedding dress and your partner’s outfit. Make a colorful statement with your bridesmaid dresses. If you want to tone down the pop of color a little, add neutral cardigans or denim jackets. They also add more of a relaxed and casual look to your rustic wedding theme.

Let’s talk about the icing on the cake—the dessert. After dinner, guests await a treat that satisfies their sweet tooth. We love how this cake looks handmade and natural with the cake showing through the frosting. This type of cake is called a naked cake and it’s really trending for rustic weddings right now. Not even the cake is left behind without color. Here, flowers provide pops of color for a colorful wedding theme.

When planning a rustic wedding, don’t be shy about including your favorite vibrant colors to your backdrops, and accenting your tables and cake with turquoise, fuchsia, orange and yellow. Show off your style and how unique the two of you are. Happy planning.



September 29

5 Wedding Tips for Making Your Big Day True to the Two of You

We are so excited to share these expert wedding tips from Kristin of Bridentity Crisis!

wedding shoes tied to carSource: Michael Comte for Vogue

As wedding inspiration seems to be around every corner of the Internet, it can be difficult to plan a celebration that is reflective of you and your fiancé, and not filled with trends that are as likely to stay as relevant as Taylor’s #SwiftSquad (amiright?). So today I’m sharing 5 tips on how to make sure your wedding is true to the two of you.

mason-jar-chandelier-wedding-reception-decorSource: Pinterest

1. Only include things you LOVE

When I was getting married, the decor detail of the moment was a Mason jar. Mason jars as vases, Mason jars as glasses, even Mason jars as chandeliers. So I thought to myself, “I guess we have to have Mason jars, even though they totally won’t fit in with the black tie art museum wedding we’re planning.” That’s when it hit me: I don’t like Mason jars and they have nothing to do with our vision. So why would I include them? It can be easy to be swayed by details you see on Pinterest boards and in Instagram photos, but you’ll end up being so much happier and less stressed if you cut the extras and keep only what you really love.

bride_wars_movieSource: 20th Century Fox

2. Stop comparing your wedding to others. Theirs has nothing to do with yours.
I’ve heard versions of this quote by everyone from Jenna Lyons to Teddy Roosevelt, and while the language may be slightly different, the sentiment is the same. No two couples are alike, nor are their celebrations. So why would you compare your very personal and intimate wedding to someone else’s over-the-top affair? It’s like apples vs. oranges: each is great in its own way.

bride_groom_ceremonySource: LL Style Photo

3. Listen to your Significant Other’s opinions

I was lucky if my groom so much as looked in my direction when I asked his thoughts on save-the-dates or flowers. However when it came to picking the reception menu, he was the chief planner in charge. Even though he didn’t care about some of the details I felt were incredibly important, he cared a lot about the food, and thus I heeded his opinion. Remember: you don’t need to make every decision together but when your partner does speak up, it’s best to pay attention.

wedding_decor_outdoor_rusticSource: Weddingomania

4. Think to yourself: What will I remember in 10 years?
Spoiler alert: not much. You probably won’t remember what font you used on the invitations or if your cake had one flavor or two (as I type this, I’m currently trying to remember what flavor ours was and have literally no idea, and our wedding was less than three years ago). But you will remember the laughs you shared about clumsy foxtrot steps you took during your couple’s dance lessons. So don’t agonize over the minutiae of every detail and instead enjoy the wedding planning journey. Simple, right?!

beach_wedding_receptionSource: Studio B Photography

5. Remember: There ARE no rules

And this might be the easiest way to plan a wedding that is authentic, not trendy: You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Don’t like lengthy sit down dinners? Then serve your favorite food at stations instead. Hate awkward receptions where no one is dancing? Skip it and do something fun like karaoke! What makes a great wedding is when it feels like the couple. And if that means tacos and a dance party on the beach at sunset? Even better.

Kristin Joy is the founder of Bridentity Crisis, a humorous and helpful blog about how to navigate wedding stress while staying true to yourself. She lives with her husband, son, and two cats in Chicago and is dreaming of planning her second wedding to her same husband (that’s a thing, right?)

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November 19

Trend Spotlight: Books, Books, Books

Books are just one of those things that are so versatile. They can work for a vintage-themed wedding, a whimsical wedding or just as a little added touch. We pulled together some of our favorite ways that people have incoporated books into their wedding. From simple props to deconstructed pages, check out the links below to find DIY directions and more ideas.

L to R: book centerpiece, book photo props, book heart garland, book bouquet, book decor, book guestbook


October 8

Trend Spotlight: Pinecones

We’re getting in the winter wedding mindset… and we can’t help but love all these creative uses for pinecones. Take a look at this trend board of some of our favorite and most unique ways to incorporate pinecones into your wedding. Then check out the links below to find DIY directions and more ideas.

L to R: pinecone cakes, pinecone pomander, pinecone place cards, pinecone cake, pinecone boutonniere, pinecone monogram

And why not set the tone for what’s to come on the big day, with this elegant pinecone wedding invitation?


August 20

Trend Spotlight: Crochet, Lace and Doilies

We keep seeing crochet, lace and doilies pop up in the cutest ways for weddings. So we decided to put together this trend board to share with you. From rustic to vintage and precious to modern, here are some of our favorite ideas to incorporate this delicate trend into your wedding. Enjoy!

L to R: doily envelopes, doily lamp, doily mason jars, lace votive candle holders, doily cupcake wrapper, crochet earrings, TOMS crochet shoes, Petal Panes Bolero

P.S. We couldn’t help but share the Lacy Elegance invitation. Isn’t it just perfect with this theme?


October 23

Aisle Style and Pew Decor

A beautiful path to the altar will make your wedding ceremony even more special. We’ve pulled together some great ideas to decorate church pews, chair ends, and your aisle. Customize these ideas to fit your colors and theme and add your own spin.

Rustic Flower Boxes

Pails and Baskets


Paper Lanterns