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July 1

Gifts Meant to be Used at the Wedding: Rant or Rave

We recently heard a story of a bride-to-be receiving a personalized wedding cake topper at her shower. It wasn’t on her registry. It wasn’t something she wanted. It wasn’t even something she liked. Yes, it was a sweet gesture (and cost a pretty penny). Should she feel obligated to use it at the wedding? Or should she stand her ground and make sure the wedding day reflects her and her fiancée’s tastes down to every last detail?

What would you do if you received a gift that was expected to be used at the wedding? Rant or rave!


March 19

Alternative Wedding Cakes

Instead of the traditional tiered fondant covered or butter cream wedding cake, many couples opt to cut an alternative dessert “cake” that captures their individuality and taste. From macaroon towers to a giant rice krispie treat cake, there are many creative options and variations. Are you a fan of these unique dessert ideas or would you rather have a true wedding cake?

Macaroon Tower


Wedding Pie



Rice Krispie Treat Cake

Truffle Cake


October 5

Whimsical Cake Decor: Eye Candy

Looking for a deliciously unique way to style your wedding cake? I stumbled across this gorgeous photograph via Once Wed and instantly fell in love with the tiny, darling cake flags. Aren’t they wonderful?

Another sweet idea for your cake that’s oh-so-cute is cake bunting. These charming pennants will add an element of delight to any dessert table. Check out these lovely displays from Kiki La Rue.


March 26

Beach Wedding Food

When planning your beach wedding, think creatively about the food, drinks and desserts that will fit nicely with the warm weather and sunny ambiance. A sushi station or fresh seafood items are a great choice for an elegant menu, and colorful drinks and appetizers can add that tropical twist. Take advantage of the fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that are abundant in your specific destination and incorporate that in the menu to allow your guests to experience the local flavors. Wedding cakes decorated with sand and seashells are pretty and perfectly theme-appropriate! Take a look at a few beachy options we found for signature cocktails, appetizers, and wedding cakes.

Signature Cocktails


Wedding Cakes


February 23

Chocolate Wedding Cakes

After seeing an all chocolate set on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday, I was inspired to pull images of beautiful chocolate cakes. If you’re a chocolate lover, here are some wedding cake ideas that are simply divine:


January 28

DIY Wedding Cake Decorating

If you don’t have your heart set on a very extravagent or elaborately decorated wedding cake, you might consider decorating your own cake to save some money. You can create a truly unique and personalized cake that matches your wedding theme with just a little bit of effort. Find a picture of a cake that you like for inspiration, and start with a plain white iced or fondant covered tiered cake from your local bakery. From there you have many creative options to decorate your cake.

Colorful, satin ribbon is an easy and neat way to create a very simple and elegant looking wedding cake. Wrap the ribbon at the base of each tier for a classic look. You can even layer ribbons of different sizes and colors, or add a few fresh flowers for a romantic effect.

ribbon   ribbon2   ribbon3

Have your florist bring extra flowers for you to use that will coordinate with the rest of your wedding flowers. Simply cut the stems short and tuck the flowers in a neat row in between the tiers and have your florist make a small arrangement for the cake topper.

flowers   flowers3   flowers2 

Cake Stencils
For the artsy bride, these damask cake stencils are a great idea. You can mix and match and be creative with the patterns to create a very designer effect.



March 3

Bird Themed Wedding Cakes

In day two of our bird themed wedding series, we are sharing images of some beautiful wedding cakes that we found.bird-themed-wedding-cakes

From L to R: Birds of Paradise Wedding Cake; Yellow Birds Wedding Cake; Bird Cage Wedding Cake; Robin Wedding Cake; Painted Birds Cake; Birds Silhouette Cake

To see yesterday’s post on bird themed stationery, click here.


September 17

Wacky Wedding Cakes

What’s your favorite snack of all time? For me it’s the twinkie. I love twinkies so much that I treat myself to one on special days like my birthday.  However, while I love twinkies a lot, I didn’t love them enough to have them at my wedding.  Some couples, however, get really creative and turn their favorite all-time snack (or meal) into a very unique wedding cake.

Check out some of our recent finds:

Hostess Cakes

Ice Cream Cone Cake

Donut Cakes

M&M Cake

Sushi Cake ?