August 21

Great Honeymoon Reads

Relaxing and lounging on your honeymoon at a luxurious resort, or on an exotic beach, is the perfect time to enjoy a good book! We’ve come up with a few staff picks for great honeymoon reads that you can leisurely enjoy on your trip.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – A cute love story and sure to be a favorite among animal lovers!

The Help by Kathryn Stockett – A wonderful blend of heart and history, you won’t want to put it down.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… by Richard Carlson – Cheerful, insightful, and a fantastic way to de-stress pool-side.

The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger – Imaginative and romantic with a science fiction element. It’s a wonderful beach read.

Also consider anything by David Sedaris if you’re in the mood for something hilarious, or by Barbara Kingsolver for something more touching.

What are your favorite vacation books? Be sure to share with the rest of us!


October 6

Honeymoon Review

Well I’m back and I have to say it was a wonderful honeymoon! Lots of beautiful things to see and experience and so worth all of the headache it took to get there. I did learn a few valuable lessons along the way. One thing I wish I did was pack lightly. Since we were in Europe and traveled to several cities in a short amount of time, I had to lug my suitcase with me, plus a backpack everywhere! Did I really need to pack 4 dresses and 4 pairs of shoes? 

One thing that I’m glad I did was pack one light jacket and one heavy jacket and an umbrella. Though we checked the weather a few days before we left, even the weather report couldn’t predict the sudden cold shift that affected a lot of Europe. While we were expecting sunny skies with 60-70 degrees weather, we got rain and temperatures up to 51 degrees. Without my one warm sweater and an umbrella, I would have been so cold. 

Another thing that I would advise is to put together a little toiletry see through kit and keep it in one place. I had my toothbrush in one bag and my soap in another and it drove me crazy! Keep everything together and remember to pack things like toilet paper and seat covers just in case.  

And if you get motion sickness and are crazy enough to ride boats, plane and trains like me, either pack motion sickness medicine or one of those special wristbands. Try sea band or the psi band which prevents sickness and nausea by pushing down on an acupressure point on your wrists.

I had a memorable trip and I’m sure you will too! Just remember it’s easy to get lost in the romance of your honeymoon but coming prepared will make everything all the more better. 


October 1

Link Love: Honeymoon Registries

A journey in itself, wedding planning can be both exciting and exhausting.  Luckily, it leads not only to an amazing celebration but also to an incredible vacation!  Your honeymoon will be your biggest reward (next to your new husband or wife, of course) for all the hard work you’ve invested.  A great way to slash the cost and involve family and friends in your trip-planning is to use a Honeymoon Registry.  My husband and I used one of these amazing websites, and not only did they help us plan the trip of a lifetime by assisting with hotels, transfers, activities and more, it also helped us to afford an even more extravagant vacation than we had originally planned.

The Big Day has a detailed honeymoon registry with the option to personalize each gift that you list with your own images and copy.  Visit some of the sample registries available on their site to get a better idea of all that you can do.

Honeymoon Wishes is a similar site with the same great options, including the ability to cash out on your gifts at any time and planning assistance.

-If you want to be your own travel agent and already have the destination, hotels and activities in mind, Honeyfund will be your perfect online destination.  No setup fees, transaction fees or travel booking is required to take advantage of this detailed honeymoon registry.

The Honeymoon offers a network of professional travel agents local to your zip code so that you can actually meet with someone in person to plan your trip instead of relying on phone and email.

-Say thank you for your honeymoon gifts with style.  Check out Wedding Paper Divas for some chic thank you notes, like this Palm Leaf Thank You to reflect a tropical honeymoon.  With your note, include a photo of you doing whatever activity was purchased for you through your honeymoon registry.  Your guests will love that you were thoughtful enough to not only use their gift, but to think of them while you were doing it!  Such a personal touch will truly show your appreciation.


September 8

Getting Honeymoon Ready

I admit that the last few weeks there’s only been one thing on my mind…my honeymoon! I’ve searched the web for some great ways to get all of you recently wed brides geared for a romantic vacation.

1) If you’re heading for somewhere cold, this gorgeous Fair Isle Sweater dress will keep you warm and in style. The flirty little rosette dress is perfect for a night out with your new husband. The cure for the end of the summer blues? Warm sand, ocean breezes in a tropical dream. This halter maxi dress will help you get there. All from Victoria’s Secret.

2) These chic weekender bags are a stylish and useful accessory, carrying everything you need for short and long vacations. From left, Billabong Road trip bag, $74 from Swell, Victoria’s Secret Pink travel duffel $59.50, and Fossil Weekender Duffle $138.

3) Bring your wedding thank you cards with you and be inspired by the beautiful scenery to send out your words of appreciation!


August 29

Girlfriend Getaway

Why not extend the bachelorette party with your girlfriends to a whole weekend instead of just one night? It’ll be a chance to relax with the girls, reminisce about your single days and celebrate the upcoming wedding. Check out HolidayGoLightly for planned destinations that include all types of trips, from adventurous tours like going surfing on Oahu to taking a relaxing sunset sailing tour at Martha’s Vineyard. Budget Travel also has its own magazine on traveling specifically with your girlfriends, and their website has great articles, including how to be sensitive to your bridesmaids worries about cost, an article titled, “How to Plan a Bachelorette Party” and a ton of featured deals for you and your girlfriends.

After you’ve figured out what you’ll do, send out these fun, chic cards to invite them all over for a memorable time!

This Spa Days Bachelorette Party Invitation would be great for–what else?–a spa themed weekend getaway! Or, if you’re having an elegant gathering involving museums, parks and maybe some shopping, send out these Lovely Butterfly Bachelorette Party Invitations.


And, for an adventurous weekend including a few wild nights out, check out this Party Girl Bachelorette Party Invitations.