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July 27

Join Wedding Paper Divas & Wedding Wire for a Twitter Party!

When do I send my save the dates? What are some stylish wedding color trends for 2012?

Join us next Tuesday, July 31st at 12:30pm PT/3:30 pm ET for a Twitter wedding planning happy hour (#wedplanhh) with Wedding Wire! We’ll provide our best wedding planning tips, answer your questions (like the ones above!) and of course give away some great prizes.

So, how do you win?

  • Follow @WeddingPaprDiva and @WeddingWire on Twitter.
  • Participate! Answer questions, ask questions, provide your best tips, retweet—whatever you want. Be sure to include the hashtag #wedplanhh in all your tweets.
  • We’ll randomly choose 14 winners who used the #wedplanhh hashtag at the end of the party.


Will we see you there?


January 14

Sweet Tweets: How You and Your Fiance Met in 124 Characters or Less

We asked our Twitter followers to tweet us their stories of how they met their fiance. All of a sudden, when confined to 124 characters, every story sounds so much more creative and sweet!

Here are five of our favorites:

@MarissaHaynes tweeted: At a Halloween party… I was dressed as a teacher and so was he! Instant friends and now a perfect match :)

@blartzy tweeted: I lived in OH, he lived in NY. Our childhood friends got married. Best Man meets Bridesmaid – the rest was history.

@AshleyYax tweeted: we met at my company’s restaurant of the year party. He tried to pick me up, I tried to sell him ad space! ;)

@heytrace tweeted: Met on Twitter through mutual friend. Started dating soon after. Love at first tweet!

@CbakerPhoto tweeted: I met my husband at an Ihop. We were both talking about Jeff Dunham! Lol funny how lil things bring ppl together.


December 13

Sweet Tweets: Proposal Stories in 140 Characters or Less

We asked our Twitter followers to tweet us their proposal story. All of a sudden, when confined to 140 characters, every proposal sounds so much more creative and sweet!


Here are five of our favorites:

@Tribefanne tweeted: Chalked message on driveway & a scavenger hunt thru house led me to my fiance in a candlelit room down on one knee!

@Sheenzee tweeted: after dropping the ring in a London ENG subway stn, thinking he ruined the surprised he pulled it off perfectly that night!

@LaLaFountain tweeted: photobook w/a love letter, at home on a night in June, a very surprised me, lots of tears, I said yes.

@JessJos tweeted: Random Tuesday night dinner cooked by him, and a Scrabble game with one sparkly non-tile in the bag! Married 80 days now!

@Plansweddings tweeted: Pushed into a grandfather clock, bruises, tears, snot; will you marry me darling {w.}champagne & diamond ring = shocked yes

How would you tell your proposal story in 140 characters or less? Let’s hear it!


November 15

Sweet Tweets: Proposal Stories in 140 Characters or Less

We asked our Twitter followers to tweet us their proposal story. All of a sudden, when confined to 140 characters, every proposal sounds so much more creative and sweet! 

Here are five of our favorites:

@LindseyLoSlam tweeted: we planted in the backyard, I hit something w/shovel… Treasure box with diamond ring…I looked over & he was on 1 knee:)

@caseyfphoto tweeted: Times Square. Her birthday. Gospel choir singing “Hallelujah” in the background. So excited she couldn’t get her glove off.

@_whatsarahsaid_ tweeted: Driving to NH & car dies, call tow truck, get rental car, hike to waterfall, popped the question… determined fiance!

@kelsgurl tweeted: Paris at dusk. Wine & chocolate. Told him to be a good bf & throw our trash away. He said he didnt want to be my bf anymore

@Karen9119 tweeted: I was making eggs on 2/11/11 when he got on 1 knee with ring & asked me. I said yes & ate breakfast with my future husband!

How would you tell your proposal story in 140 characters or less? Let’s hear it!


November 28

What Are Your Plans for Thanksgiving Weekend?

We asked—you answered! Here’s what some of you have planned for this bustling Thanksgiving weekend, as reported on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Looks like a lot of you will be shopping till you drop!

“I’ll be shopping in stores on Friday and hit the sales on Cyber Monday too. I try to do it all!” —Meghan W.

“My baby is due soon, so I might be in the hospital waiting for someone to bring me a plate.” —B.W.

“I’m traveling to my hometown. I want to relax, spend time with my family and read by the fire.” —Erika B.

“I’ll be taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales—heck yes!” —Michael M.

“My family will be in town, so I’ll be busy showing them around San Francisco. Can’t wait!” —Jessica L.

“I hope to do absolutely nothing! I just want to relax with my family, eat good food and soak in all the fun before the busy holiday season catches up with us again.” —Kate M.

“I’m determined to shop this weekend, but not for holiday gifts—I need to revamp my wardrobe!” —Harriet S.

What are you busy doing this Thanksgiving weekend?


November 21

Advice for Cooking Your First Thanksgiving Meal

We asked, you answered! Here’s some of your best advice for cooking your first Thanksgiving meal from our Twitter stream and Facebook page:

“Breathe!” -Karyn J.

“Get up early and take your time. If people offer help, TAKE IT. If someone suggests to bring a dish, SAY YES. The first turkey meal is always very stressful so keep a glass of wine handy too.” -Vanessa G.

“Order it!!” -Nicole D.

“Don’t take on too much! Ask all of your guests to bring something and stick to the recipes you know and love…this keeps stress levels down and helps prevent kitchen catastrophes.” -Amy G.

“Start early, drink wine, have fun!” -Lisa L.

“Hire a chef?” -Sarah N.

“Shop for the food early, not on the weekend before or the day before. Preferably Monday when everyone is at work or late at night. Any other time just adds stress! Cook as much as you can or at least prep stuff on Wednesday, so Thursday will be a throw-it-together-early-in-the-morning day and you can enjoy the time with your family.” -Debbie R.

“Let someone else do it!” -Martie G.

What’s your best advice for newlyweds hosting their first Thanksgiving? Leave us a comment below!


November 14

Advice for Couples Planning Their Honeymoons

We asked, you answered! Here’s some of your best advice for couples planning their honeymoons from our Twitter stream and Facebook page:

“Don’t book it through an agency! We booked our trip online and we got seven days in Venice, Florence and Rome for only $3,100 total! It even includes three 4-star hotels with breakfast buffets and our flight. So save money and book it on your own!” —Lily

“Print out all reservation confirmations and keep them in a folder in your carry-on or purse. Reservations like plane tickets, hotel room, rental car, additional attraction tickets, dinner reservations, etc. It saves time and proves you have reservations in case their computer systems go down.” —Alison

“Let everyone you come in contact with know that you’re on your honeymoon. We went to Napa and received free desserts with dinners, free wine tastings, etc. People are very accommodating when they find out you’re on your honeymoon!” —Johanna

What’s your best advice for couples heading on their honeymoons? Leave us a comment and let us know!


November 7

What You’re Wearing to Bridal Showers

We asked—you answered! What do you wear to a bridal shower? These are your answers gathered from our Facebook page and Twitter feed:

“I am the bride and I just wore a cute summer dress. I wanted to be a LITTLE dressy (more so than I usually am) but not so much that I didn’t look like me. It worked out nice, especially since it was sooo hot!” -Elisa T.

“I gave a bridal shower and the theme was pink. I asked everyone to wear pink—clothes, nail polish, etc. It was well received and much fun! But in general, simple dresses, capris, nice jeans are what I have seen at other bridal showers.” -Lissa J.

“Ann Taylor Leopard Sheath dress.” -Joy D.

“A navy blue shift dress from Nine West with a yellow patent leather belt!” -Jessica B.

Have something to add? Leave us a comment and let us know!


October 24

Your Proposal Stories

We asked—you answered! How did your fiancee propose? Did you know it was going to happen or was it a total surprise? Here are your proposal stories gathered from our Facebook page and Twitter feed:

“I was about to propose to my husband and before I did, he got down on one knee and proposed first. I was totally surprised, but he knew I was going to propose (thanks to his mother) so he made sure to ask me first.” —Wand-erful Life-Bouquets

“We were on a vacation cruise, getting ready for the captain’s dinner. I was fussing about which necklace would look best with my dress and Steve said “I know what would look good on you.” He pulled the ring box out of his jacket pocket and asked me to marry him. I was totally surprised. I got butterflies and started shaking. I still get butterflies just thinking about it! —Robbie

” I was totally surprised! We went out for St. Patty’s Day with all of our friends (of course they knew) and he gave out a bag to everyone, filled with fun St. Patty’s stuff in it. But when I opened mine, there was a precious moment in it with a little boy down on one knee, holding a sign that said “Please check one: yes or no,” and when I looked around for him, he was already down on knee! Freakin’ amazing!” —Shealyn

“It was our one-year anniversary of dating. Mr. Daniel had talked to my boss one month prior so that I would be able to get off super early that day. Once I was off work, my best friend called and asked me to meet for coffee. It was spur of the moment, but I did! She is a makeup artist and was putting her portfolio together, so she asked me at coffee if she could do my makeup and take some pictures for her portfolio and I said yes! We headed back to my place and when I opened the door to my bedroom, there was a beautiful silk Ralph Lauren dress and a pair of Michael Kors shoes with a note that read ‘Be ready by 7 pm. There will be a car waiting for you.’ My best friend pretended like she had NO idea what was going on, so she continued to do my hair and makeup. Then, at 7 pm, the chauffeur picked me up and started driving toward Dallas…I had no idea where he was taking me UNTIL the area started looking familiar. We parked by this lake that Mr. Daniel and I would usually run at and the chauffeur opened my door and told me to start walking down toward the bridge in front of me. I saw this man in the bushes taking pictures of me, and then I saw the bridge—it was completely covered with roses and candles! Then, as I was walking down the bridge, there were notes he had written me. When I got to the end of the bridge, Mr. Daniel came around the corner and handed me MORE flowers and then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said ‘YES!’ The rest of our evening included dinner in Dallas and the man taking pictures was a photographer, who was there to capture the entire proposal.” —Lauren

“Complete surprise! Palm Springs trip for b-day weekend, and then under the stars.” —@rooneycj

Do you want to tell your proposal story? Leave us a comment below!


October 3

Your Best Advice for Newlyweds

We asked—you answered! Here are your top tips for newlyweds gathered from our Facebook page and Twitter feed:

“Don’t invite any drama queens!” —Cara

“Remember that true friendship is the basis for any lasting relationship. The person you choose to marry is deserving of the courtesies and kindness you bestow on your friends.” —Sylver Weddings

“Hold hands when you are having an argument. Seriously, I’ve been married for eight years and it works!” —Stephanie

“Don’t let others on the outside come between you and your spouse. Always take their side first.” —Sarah

“Spend 10 times more energy planning your marriage as you do planning the wedding.” —Heather

“Enjoy your time as newlyweds. Travel and enjoy each other before you have kids.” —Jessie

“Separate bathrooms!” —Tom

“Remember that what comes AFTER the wedding is what matters—not the wedding itself!” —Leann

“Keep dating! My husband and I have a date night during the week to make sure we keep the romance alive.” —Kelly

Do you have any advice to add? Leave us a comment and let us know!