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April 13

Centerpieces: Beyond Flowers

Your table centerpieces are a perfect way to display your unique sense of style in a place where every guest will get to enjoy it. And while flowers are beautiful, lovely smelling and capable of creating any mood you desire, they aren’t the only way to make a statement with your table décor.

If you’re thinking about a non-floral route for your centerpieces, feast your eyes on these stunning sensations for a little inspiration!


April 12

Top Color Trends from Our My Style Sweepstakes

Congratulations to Brandy and Marc, the winners of the March My Style Sweepstakes! Their elegant pink inspiration board featured our Lovely Blooms wedding invitations, sweet tea roses and an enchanted garden theme.

It turns out they weren’t the only couple to love pink hues for spring weddings either—15% of our entries used a similar pink inspiration board. Here’s a few of the other top color trends to come out of the March contest:

Blue and Turquoise

Taking first place with 28% of our entries, blue and turquoise wedding inspiration is still a hot trend for 2010.

Purple and Lavender

Perfect as an elegant accent or bold style statement, purple wedding invitations came in second with 17% of our entries.


Whether they’re planning an earthy moss-hued ceremony or a regal emerald affair, 16% of our contestants showed that they loved green tones.

For more information about how you can WIN a WEDDING package that includes stationery, favors and bridesmaids dresses, check out our My Style Sweepstakes. There’s a new winner each month!


March 16

Top Wedding Color Trends from the My Style Sweepstakes

If you haven’t heard about our My Style Sweepstakes, you have to check it out! Not only will you be entered to win a wedding package complete with invitations, favors and bridesmaids dresses, you’ll also get a custom wedding inspiration board just for signing up.

Curious to see what colors are most popular with our brides? Blue and turquoise are leading the pack, with purple and lavender close behind. Check below for all the details, and don’t forget to enter the My Style Sweepstakes for your chance to win!

What’s your favorite color trend for 2010?

Blue & Turquoise: 28%

Striped Leaves Wedding Invitations

Purple & Lavender: 18%

Single Magnolia Wedding Invitations

Green: 15%

Wedding Band Wedding Invitations

Pink: 14%

Brushstroke Bloom Wedding Invitations

Brown & Neutral: 13%

Wedding Sign Wedding Invitations

Red & Orange: 11%

Charming Elegance Wedding Invitations


November 18

Birdcage Veils for the Glamorous Bride

If you’re a non-traditional bride looking to follow the most fashion-forward wedding trends of 2010, a birdcage veil might be just what you’re looking for. These vintage-inspired headpieces combine a soft net veil that covers part of the face, and is embellished with flowers, feathers and jewels. This trend is truly dramatic and glamorous and will make a bold statement on your wedding day. What’s your take on birdcage veils, are you a fan of old-hollywood-esque glamour, or would you stay with something more traditional?



L to R: Angle style French tulle birdcage, Jamie vintage couture veil, Karen Birdcage Veil, Ivory Blusher Birdcage Veil, Vintage birdcage veil, Emma Russian Net with Rhinestones


November 17

Top Wedding Cake Trends (and Invitations to Match!)

The Knot recently released a slideshow of seven top wedding cake trends to look for in the coming wedding season, and we were happy to see that many of the trends perfectly matched up with our favorite wedding stationery trends as well. Here’s a glimpse at the the luxurious looks you’re sure to see throughout 2010:

Trend: Sophisticated Monograms


Edged Monogram Wedding InvitationsTrend: Global Patterns


Color Burst Wedding Invitations

Trend: Dramatic Color


Filigree Pattern Wedding Invitations

What’s your favorite 2010 wedding trend?


November 10

Flashback to Film: The Perks of Film Photography

Digital cameras might be all the rage, but that doesn’t mean film is dead just yet. There are a ton of artistic photographers who are dedicated to giving film a comeback, and the results of their work are truly dazzling.

Many of you may have noticed how Dan & Julie’s Real Wedding was full of unique photos, bright colors and interesting shots—that’s right! It was all shot on high quality film, printed and then scanned in to create digital prints.

You Look Nice Today Photography is a big proponent of film photos. I know it might be scary not to have the benefit of instant digital feedback, but it might be worth a try if you want truly unique photos with a fresh, artistic flair. Just look at how gorgeous some of these shots from You Look Nice Today came out:




Will you be giving film photography a try? Why or why not? Let us know!


November 9

Rent the Runway Makes High Fashion Super Easy

One of the hottest new trends in online shopping has made it easier than ever to get gorgeous without spending a fortune. Rent the Runway lets you rent dresses from top designers, wear them and return them in a pre-paid package via the Netflix model. They’ll even send you the dresses you order in two sizes to ensure they will fit!

It’s a fun new way to find the perfect dress for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, holiday parties and more. Here’s what would be on my wish list for holiday party season, from Versace to Dolce & Gabbana, Narciso Rodriguez and Diane von Furstenberg (oh my!):



September 8

Fall Wedding Trends to Look Forward To

As we get ready to say a fond farewell to summer, we can’t help but to get excited about the fall weddings headed our way. Although most fall couples have already planned every detail to a tee, the rest of us simply can’t wait to see how you blended the best of 2009′s wedding trends into your autumn ceremony.

We’re antsy to see earthy, moss-covered centerpieces, slate gray bridesmaids dresses and vibrant jewel-toned color palettes. In fact, the luxe colors that make fall weddings so deliciously elegant are some of the things we look forward to most.

As we anticipate a new season full of style and glamour, we give you some of our favorite fall wedding invitations and other trends to inspire your own thoughts of fiery autumn sunsets and the fluttering leaves to match.

Vibrant Color

Style Snippets Wedding Invitation

Vibrant Tree Wedding Invitation

Rustic Charm


Charming Elegance Wedding Invitation

Simple Elegance



August 11

Chalkboard China Obsession

I am obsessed with chalkboards. I want to hang them up everywhere—in my house, around the office and everywhere else I go so I can write and doodle all day long. Then I remember how dusty they get and come to my senses, but I’m still downright obsessed with these adorable chalkboard china pieces I found on Earth Friendly Weddings.


What a charming centerpiece idea! And I love the idea of guests writing their names on their wine glasses at your rehearsal dinner or engagement party. Check out Chalkboard China for more ideas!


July 14

Planning a Posh Winery Wedding

A friend of the family contacted me this morning asking what I thought made a stylish winery wedding. After doing a little research, I’ve decided that the best winery weddings have a few things in common:

  1. They embrace the rustic appeal of the environment in a charming way.
  2. A soft glow gives the entire celebration a subtle, golden look.
  3. They never take the theme too literally.

Rustic weddings are often the most romantic. From cobblestones to earthy moss, bare branches and rich, dark wood, everything about a rustic wedding can invigorate the senses and make your guests feel like they are on a weekend getaway—even if they are only a few miles from home.



Part of creating this magical ambiance involves choosing the perfect lighting. Since a lot of wineries are dark and stacked high with old oak barrels, tea lights are a natural choice for brightening up the space and taking advantage of the rows and barrels. Hundreds of tea lights artfully arranged can make your guests feel like they are in a truly enchanted space. You can even opt for electric tea lights if you are concerned about fire hazards!




Finally, don’t feel tethered to a wine theme. Hosting the event at a winery makes certain design elements a natural choice, but this elegant Provincial Poetry wedding invitation is just as stylish, sophisticated and elegantly suited  for a winery wedding as this Wine Country wedding invitation. Allow yourself to be creative!

provincial-poetry-wedding-invitation wine-country-wedding-invitations