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December 7

Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

Sending out your first holiday card as a couple this year? There’s still plenty of time to find a design you love—and with so many chic options from our sister company, Tiny Prints, you’re sure to find just the right one! Here are a few of our favorites… leave us a comment below and let us know which one you love most.


November 5

We’re Searching for the Cutest Couple!

Our sister company, Tiny Prints, is searching for the cutest couple… are you it? Enter the Tiny Prints Talent Search for a chance to star in a 2012 marketing campaign! The search is also on for cutest baby, cutest kid, cutest family, cutest couple and cutest pet, so make sure to spread the word to friends and family. See below for all the details (including awesome prizes) and how to submit your photos.


November 2

Wedding Stationery Wedensday: Thanksgiving Cards

Anxious about sending out engagement photos? Don’t wait for holiday cards! We have a wealth of Thanksgiving cards and they’re a cute way to share love with friends and family a little earlier in the year. Here are a few of our favorites from both the Wedding Paper Divas collection and our sister company, Tiny Prints!


November 1

Help Our Sister Company, Tiny Prints, Send Holiday Cards to the Troops

What will be your good deed this Christmas? Welcome the troops home for the holidays with a FREE greeting card from our sister company, Tiny Prints! We’ll even mail it for you—easy enough, right?

Tiny Prints has partnered with AMillionThanks.org to identify military bases and hospitals around the world to send your cards. If you have a special troop or veteran in mind, you can also send it straight to them (just note: you will be charged 44¢ for a stamp if you choose the “send directly to the recipient” option).

Find out how to make a personalized card on the Tiny Prints Facebook page. And please share this with your friends. We want to send as many military cards as possible this holiday season.

Will you personalize one? Leave us a comment below.


October 19

Photo Tips for Your Holiday Cards

Fall’s arrival means the holiday season is quickly approaching—making now the ideal time to snap the perfect photos for your holiday cards. We know how hard it can be to get just the right image, so to help you capture the perfect moment for your holiday cards this year, we’ve put together our top photo-taking tips from our professional photographers.

After you get the tips, head over to our sister company, Tiny Prints, to find the perfect design for you and yours!

Try these five tips to get on your way to taking better photographs…

  1. The best photos have a high resolution, or pixel count. Set your camera to the highest resolution possible to get the sharpest images.
  2. For better balanced photos, use the Rule of Thirds. Imagine a nine-square grid in your viewfinder and position your subject at any intersection of the lines—just not in the middle. This will make your photos more interesting and your holiday cards more unique!
  3. Love the light. No matter how cute you and your +1 look in a grainy or dark photo, low quality images will take away from the magic of your holiday cards. If indoors, shoot in front of a window or other well-lit place, or use your flash. If outdoors, try to avoid shooting directly into the sun or under it. If the sun is unavoidable, use your flash to lighten any shadows.
  4. Focus, focus, focus. Use your camera’s automatic focus to get crisp images. Using your flash, even when you’re outdoors, will also help deter the blur.
  5. Get close and be creative. Zooming in to avoid background distractions will create impactful images. Also, mixing up your angles (vertical shots!), shooting from different distances and playing with color coordination can make all the difference in your finished product.


June 25

Tokketok on Martha Stewart Weddings

Talented designer Joke Vande Gaer of Tokketok was recently featured on Martha Stewart Weddings! A special series on Powder Blue and Nude Save-the-Dates showcases Joke’s lovely save-the-date postcards created exclusively for Wedding Paper Divas!

Martha Stewart Weddings


March 17

Wedding Paper Divas on “The Martha Stewart Show”

Did you happen to catch Martha on Tuesday? If so, you’re sure to have seen her and Darcy Miller from Martha Stewart Weddings gushing over some of the lovely new save the date cards and other stationery designs from Wedding Paper Divas.

They also mentioned baby stationery from our parent company, Tiny Prints, since Martha is a new grandma! Watch this short clip to see the highlights for yourself:


February 4

Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes from Tiny Prints

This Valentine’s Day, Wedding Paper Divas and our parent company, Tiny Prints, want to know—what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

When you like Tiny Prints on Facebook and answer this question (you can even include photos!), you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 grand prize, plus daily random drawings for $50 each!

You can enter once each day, so check out the Tiny Prints Facebook page now for your first chance to win!


January 27

A Fashion-Forward Valentine’s Day Card from Diann Valentine

With a name like hers, celebrity wedding planner and Wedding Paper Divas designer Diann Valentine just knew that we’d ask her to take part in the new collection of Valentine’s Day cards available at our parent company, Tiny Prints. After all, who could be a better Valentine’s Day card designer than a woman who has dedicated her life to celebrating love?

Today we’re excited to showcase her fun and flirty design, which features Diann’s own signature blend of heartfelt love and superior style:

Isn’t it cute? And the best part is you can personalize and send just one of these cards at a time to someone special. Check out our brand new Valentine’s Day collection to see the rest of the designs, and as Diann herself would say, keep spreading the love!


January 26

Valentine’s Day Cards from Our Parent Site, Tiny Prints: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

If wedding planning priorities made you miss out on holiday card season, our parent company, Tiny Prints, has the perfect way for you to send love to all your favorite people. It’s never too late to let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them, and Valentine’s Day photo cards are the perfect way to do just that. Here are just a few of our favorite designs that are sure to send a smile to everyone on your love list.

And, if you’re looking for something extra special for your Valentine, make sure to check out the amazing collection of Valentine’s Day cards that you can personalize with names, fun photos and text. From fun and flirty to sweet, sentimental and even suggestive, we’ve got the perfect cards for every couple’s style. The best part is that all of our Valentine’s Day greeting cards are only $1.99 when you use the code HEARTGC at checkout. That’s sweet and savvy! Here is a handful of designs we’re head over heels for—aren’t they fun?