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January 23

The Perfect Proposal: Things to Know

We’ve heard that 80% of engaged or married women say their marriage proposal wasn’t exactly romantic, and we think that’s just plain sad! Sure, not everyone wants to plan out an elaborate scavenger hunt across the city or arrange for a flash mob to take over the street to help pop the question, but there are some simple things you can do to ensure that your proposal is as memorable and wonderful as it deserves to be.

Here are our top tips for the perfect marriage proposal:

1. Know What You Want.

Planning a wedding is one thing, but planning to spend the rest of your life with someone is an entirely different story. Make sure you really know what you want. Can your relationship survive the best of times and the worst of times? Will this person be your partner through thick and thin? Can you stand his or her mother at every family holiday? A happy proposal starts with true commitment.

2. Get Family and Friends Involved.

My personal favorite proposal stories are private, but then include friends and family for a celebration after. Have them make a surprise appearance or play a part in the big event and it’ll make it that much more special for your future spouse.

3. Find the Right Ring.

Don’t get cynical on me just yet! I don’t mean that the ring you choose has to be gigantic or pricey, but it does have to reflect the person you’re giving it to. From vintage styles to chic and modern ones, offbeat colored engagement rings to heirlooms handed down through the family, all you have to do is make sure it’s the right style. After all, this is one of the only accessories that will be worn every day for the rest of your lives together!

4. Pick the Perfect Place.

Get creative and make it personal. There are probably places in your city where everyone seems to propose (here in San Francisco, it’s Coit Tower), but if that spot isn’t personally relevant to you it won’t have the same impact. Trust me—you could propose at the diner you two love to go to for Sunday morning breakfast and it’ll mean more than a fancy restaurant you’ve never been to before.

5. Make a Speech.

I know you’re probably nervous and hoping to just blurt out, “Marry me!” to get it over with, but this is a special moment and the person you’re asking to spend the rest of his or her life with you is going to be hanging on every word. Now is the time to dig deep and come up with a few short things you want to say to lay a foundation of love, respect and trust to build a marriage upon. Just don’t get cliched—no one wants to hear that they had you at hello!

What’s your best advice for someone getting ready to pop the question? Leave us a comment and let us know!


December 27

Summer Save the Date Ideas: Things to Know

Summer always brings to mind thoughts of warm weather and bright, bold colors, so hosting a summer wedding celebration nearly requires that your save the date cards conjure up the same images. Even if you aren’t hosting a beach wedding, you can easily create chic, customized save the date cards that will epitomize your guests’ favorite parts of summer if you follow these easy steps to creating the perfect summer save the date cards for your celebration.

Plus, don’t forget—save the date cards should be sent at least six months in advance of your wedding date.

  1. Pair a crisp, cool color with a bold, vibrant one. Select colors that are complimentary, but not too similar—think mellow gray with sunshiny yellow, or deep navy blue with crisp, classic white. These contrasts will give your summer save the date cards an extra sense of depth and charm.
  2. Sending them in winter? Scale back the summer motifs. Instead of covering your save the date cards with palm trees and seashells, simply use a single anchor or the image of a sailboat to indicate to your guests that your sweet summer wedding is looming on the horizon.
  3. Leave something to the imagination. Don’t be afraid to add a little mystery to your summer save the dates. Hint at the theme of your event, but don’t show your whole hand too soon.

Follow these simple guidelines as an easy way to incorporate summer style into your save the date cards, and you and your guests will be looking forward to your chic celebration in no time!


October 4

Save the Date Magnets: Things to Know

Before we launched our collection of save the date magnets, they were hands-down the most popular request we got from customers. It seems like all of you have already figured out that this format offers the perfect marriage of style and function, so here’s everything else you need to know about them:

  • Dimensions: At 3.38″ x 4.88″ with rounded corners, the magnets are a bit smaller than our traditional save the date sizes, but they are the right shape and size to make an impact on your friends’ refrigerators (without taking over the entire space!).
  • Personalization: You can add photos and customize your colors, fonts and text all from just like you would any of our other products.
  • Envelopes: Save the date magnets come with high quality white envelopes to match the design in size and shape completely free of charge.
  • Timeline: Just like standard save the date cards, you should send save the date magnets at least six months before your wedding date.

For more information about stationery timelines, check out our wedding stationery checklist.

Happy shopping!


July 12

Things to Know: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Invitations

Longing for a unique way to add your own personal style to your wedding invitations? Here are some great tips for selecting wedding invitations that will re-energize your stationery shopping in fun and fashionable new ways:

  1. Use unexpected colors. By customizing your wedding invitations with bold and unexpected color combinations, you can add a fresh modern twist to all the stationery in your wedding invitation suite. Try pairing bright colors like yellow or pink with gray or navy.
  2. Choose a sleek, modern wedding invitation. A design with plenty of clean, blank space will always look much more contemporary than overly ornate wedding invitations, which can look dated at times.
  3. Incorporate a photo into your wedding invitation suite. From save the date cards to thank you notes and more, photo wedding stationery is a hot trend that will instantly update your wedding stationery style.
  4. Don’t be afraid to break text traditions. The best part about shopping for your wedding invitations online is that you never have to settle for generic scripts! Break the mold by personalizing every line of your invitations with your own unique flair in both verse and form.
  5. Find a preferred printing method. Although digital printing always looks nice, there are several other options available for printing your wedding invitations. Order samples of a letterpress design or items from our thermography collection. By educating yourself on the sleekest and most modern printing styles, you will be able to select the best type of printing to suit your wedding invitation style.

How are you planning to add your unique style to your wedding invitations? Leave us a comment and let us know!


January 25

Save the Date Card Etiquette

Not sure when to send your save the date card? Wondering if you really need one? Don’t fret! Here are some helpful tips about save the date card etiquette.

  • Save the date cards are announcements viewed as a preliminary invitation to your wedding.
  • Save the date cards should be sent at least four to six months before your wedding day, and at least two months before your wedding invitations.
  • Save the date cards aren’t formal or even a necessity, so feel free to personalize them creatively!
  • They’re important primarily if many of your friends and family need to travel to your wedding, if your wedding date falls on or near a holiday or if your wedding location is seasonally busy or a popular vacation destination. Ideally, sending your save the date cards 9-12 months in advance is recommended if your wedding falls into any of these categories.
  • Save the date cards provide your guests with ample time to request days off from work, make travel arrangements and organize babysitters or house-sitters. With proper notice, your guests will be able to make your special day an extended special vacation. A thoughtful gesture is to provide guests with additional information to help facilitate their travel, like tips on local special events or points of interest and any group discounts available.

Your guests will appreciate the advance notice of a save the date card as well as cherish it as a unique keepsake of your unforgettable event. For more helpful tips on save the date cards, visit our Things to Know page.