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October 15

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Etiquette

In an era when abbreviated text messages and casual emails are becoming more popular than formal hand-written notes, it can be surprisingly difficult to structure a well-worded thank you card. As awkward as it may be at first, don’t skip over this important step or you are likely to offend most of your well-meaning wedding guests.

Most wedding thank you cards are fairly small, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time writing in each one. The idea is to make each card seem heartfelt and personal to the recipient while keeping your message brief. Here are a few simple and easy suggestions for wedding thank you card wording that will help you create masterfully-written wedding thank you cards.

love and thanks wedding thank you card with pictures from the big day including the bride and groom and all the little details

Featured Wedding Thank You Card: Love and Thanks 

Wording for Cash Gifts

Whether someone gives you $10 or $1,000 for your wedding, it is important to send them heartfelt thanks for their generous gift. However, it is equally important to let them know that you appreciate their presence and support just as much or more than the cash. To make sure that your priorities are in the right order, spend your first paragraph thanking them for being there at such an important event, then use the second paragraph to thank them for their cash gift.

If you know how you plan to use the money, be sure to mention it in the card. People love it when their gifts are put to good use. Otherwise, just let the giver know that the money is very much appreciated and will help you and your spouse start your lives together.

Wording for Group Gifts

It can be a little tricky to send a thank you card for a gift that was given by an entire group. As tempting as it may be to minimize your work, don’t choose just one person in the group to send a thank you card to. It is best to send each member of the group an individual thank-you card in recognition of their contribution. Rather than being general and saying “thanks so much for the gift”, make your message more personal. For example, try something like this:

Dear Emily,

It meant so much to see you at the wedding. Thanks for making the effort to be there, and for bringing such a thoughtful gift. The quilt is beautiful and must have taken a lot of time and effort to create. We will treasure it and put it on display in our home. We are excited to one day be able to pass it on to our posterity.

Thanks again,

Jessica and Jason Bingham

This note is still short and will not take too much time to write, but it is heartfelt and specific to the recipient.

foil stamped wedding thank you card with four photos of the bride and groom

Featured Wedding Thank You Card: Touching Memories 

Writing to Friends and Family

When writing thank you cards to close friends and family, it is ok to be casual and humorous. Just remember that your family members deserve to know that they are sincerely appreciated, so don’t scrimp on the accolades. When writing your thank you notes, let each person know how much you appreciate their support during the wedding ceremony and during the preparations leading up to your big day. This is also an appropriate time to thank anyone who has been especially influential in your life and has helped you become the person you are today.

Writing to People You Don’t Know Well

When writing thank you cards to people you don’t know well, you may be stumped for conversation ideas. Don’t sweat it, though! Keep it short, simple and sincere. Thank them for making the effort to be there for your special day and for any gifts they may have brought. Begin and end your card with a more formal tone than you would use with close friends and family. Rather than greeting them by their first names, begin with the more formal “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson”. You may choose to end the card with several different formal farewells, including “Sincerely”, “Best Wishes”, “With Gratitude”, “With Love”, etc.

pastel pink and foil gold wedding thank you card blank with names at the bottom

Featured Wedding Thank You Card: Effervescent Sparkle

Check, Then Double-Check the Name

One of the most important steps to sending off a thank you card comes after you have written the note. Nothing is more embarrassing than accidentally thanking someone for the wrong gift or stuffing a thank you card into an envelope addressed to the wrong person. Avoid this uncomfortable situation by checking, then double-checking to make sure the name on the card matches the name on the envelope.

With these tips in mind, you are now prepared to write brief, heartfelt thank you cards to all of your wedding guests.


June 4

Creative Ideas for Wedding Day Photos

The big day has come and gone, the gifts are unwrapped, the dress is put away and now you have all the photos. If you’re finding the task of showcasing your memories a bit daunting, you’re not alone. But we’re here to help—see below for some new ways to use those fabulous shots.

Idea #1: Tell Your Story

A wedding album is the classic place for all your photos—and it’s a classic for a reason. It gives you a chance to tell your story, your way. Mix and match professional photos with personal Instagram pics. Include your vows or photos of your program and invitation. The options are endless and you’ll always be able to take a romantic trip through time when you open your photo book.

wedding-day-photos-photo-bookGifting tip: thank your parents for all they’ve done with an album tailored just for them. It’s the sweetest way to gather photos that will be their favorites. (Because maybe you don’t need three pictures of Great Aunt Megan, but it might mean a lot to your mom.)

Idea #2: Make It Unexpected

One trend we’re loving? When a bride puts a great photo somewhere surprising. A mug, for instance, isn’t the traditional place for wedding pics—but it makes a fun memento to see every morning. (It also happens to be a fantastic gift for your bridal party, especially if you have some funny shots.)

wedding-day-photos-mugSimilarly, choose a place in your home to display a piece of canvas art (or a couple pieces) that’ll make people smile. Entranceways, kitchens and patios all make delightful spaces for wedding memories.

Idea #3: Share the Day

Of course, one of the main reasons we love wedding photos is that they’re best when shared. Give your guests a sneak peek by using a gorgeous photo for your thank you cards. (Just don’t be surprised when you see family members have framed it!)

wedding-day-photos-thank-you-cardsAnd, finally, have a place where loved ones can go to peruse the pictures on their own. Trust us, people will ask to see them—so make it easy for yourself and have a Shutterfly Share Site already set-up.

Most importantly: enjoy the process! It’s a beautiful chance to relive the day with your honey.


April 9

Ask Etta: Sending Late Wedding Thank You Cards

Jill asks…

I had great plans of creating DIY thank you cards personalized for each of my guests, including a photo of myself, my husband, and the guest at our wedding reception. But when we returned home from our honeymoon, it was a whirlwind of moving into a new house, catching up on two weeks of missed work, and settling in to our new married life. Somehow, four months have passed, and not a single thank you note has been sent. Am I too late? Would it be better to just not send a thank you card at all, at this point?

Wedding Paper Divas Photo Thank You Card -- Marriage Manifesto

Etta says…

While the proper time frame for a wedding thank you note is within two weeks of returning from your honeymoon, it is never too late to send a thank you card. Any guest that truly appreciates receiving a thank you card will know you haven’t sent one yet, and will be happy to find one in the mail (even if it is four months late). Remember, something is better than nothing, in this case. As for your other guests, if they haven’t realized your thank you cards are late, it’s likely that they don’t know the proper etiquette timeframe. Therefore, your note will be a lovely surprise for them.

Wedding Paper Divas Photo Thank You Card -- Thankful Thoughts

The inclusion of a photo is a thoughtful addition to a thank you card, but individual photos can be time consuming. Choose your favorite photo from your wedding day of you and your groom, and use the same image for all cards to help manage your time effectively.

Wedding Paper Divas Photo Thank You Card -- Elegant Etching

If you need help on how to craft the perfect thank you card, I have tackled that question here: The Golden Rules of Gratitude.

Wedding Paper Divas Photo Thank You Card -- Well of Love

I hope this helps, Jill!


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at and she’ll post an answer for you.


October 9

Ask Etta: Thank You Card Etiquette for Bridal Showers

While we dish about the hottest trends and latest designs, we also know how stressful prepping for the big day can be. Meet Etta, our expert in all things etiquette. She’s ready to delve into your every dilemma.

Jana Asks…

My bridal shower was a few weeks ago and I am not sure when I should send thank you cards. Is there a time frame and what should be included in the notes?

Etta Says…

You should always try to send your thank you cards for your bridal shower within two weeks. If it has already been a few weeks I would definitely get started as soon as you can. You don’t want your guests to think you forgot about them and that they were not appreciated. We know this is a very busy and stressful time for brides but try not to wait too much longer.

Usually bridal showers are more of an intimate event so it should not take you more than a few hours to write your bridal shower thank you cards.

If you are planning your bridal shower now make sure to have one of your bridesmaids or someone close to you take note of the gifts and who gave them to you. This will make the thank you card process go much smoother. You should also have all of the addresses by now since you have sent your save the date card and bridal shower invitations!

What’s Inside?

This is definitely a challenging part for some people, the contents. The basic things to include are greeting the guest, expressing your genuine gratitude, be specific and mention the gift, and thank them for attending (or if they didn’t, thank them for thinking of you).

When you make a specific reference to the gift, talk about how you are using it and how much you like it. Such as, “I am using the new robe and slippers every morning when I make my coffee. They are both so comfy!” If it is not something you extremely like you can say “I will be thinking of you every time I use it.”

Before you send the card make sure to double check you have the right person to the right gift. Besides misspelling their name, nothing is worse than addressing a gift to the wrong person.

If you are thanking someone for a monetary gift you can thank them for their generosity without mentioning an exact amount.

If you want to go a little farther you can mention how the “generosity will help with the down payment of our new house.”

Remember to also send bridal shower thank you notes and wedding thank you notes separately. Do not try to combine them into one note. If you follow etiquette you should be sending the bridal shower thank you notes before the wedding, so this should not be a problem.

Here are a couple sample thank you notes for your bridal shower:

  • “Thank you for not only attending my bridal shower, but for the lovely gift as well. You are a great friend. I will think of you every time I use my coffee maker. Thanks again.”
  • “Thank you for the lovely crystal picture frame and for coming to the shower. With friends like you, every day is truly a celebration.”
  • “Thank you for coming to the bridal shower and for the beautiful flower vase. It is such a beautiful color and will match our home perfectly. Your generosity is truly appreciated. Thanks again.
  •  “Thank you for coming to the bridal shower and for your generous gift. We are putting it toward the honeymoon. Your thoughtfulness and friendship means so much to me. Thanks again.”



Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at and she’ll post an answer for you.

Posted by Brittany Welby


March 13

Ask Etta: How Long Do I Have to Send Thank You Cards?

While we dish about the hottest trends and latest designs (aka the fun parts of wedding planning!) we also know how stressful prepping for the big day can be. So, we would like to formally introduce you to Etta, our new etiquette expert. She’s ready and happy to delve into your every etiquette dilemma. 

Michelle Asks…

Guests have a year to give wedding gifts… do we have a year to send thanks?

Etta Says…

Sadly, no. Etiquette suggests sending thank you cards almost as soon as gifts are received. While I know this poses problems when you are jetting off to your honeymoon following the wedding, but here’s a tip: write your cards on the honeymoon (flight, that is!) and post them from an exotic locale. You’ll have something to keep you busy with on the flight and you’ll get your thank yous out right on time!


August 12

Thank You Cards for Gifts: Rant or Rave

One of the Wedding Paper Divas staffers recently ran into a situation that we thought we would share and get your thoughts on. A few months after attending a bridal shower (and bringing a gift) she realized that she never received a thank you card. She asked some of us in the office whether they thought she should be offended or whether she should just let it go.

Is sending a thank you note necessary? Or just a tradition and a decision that should be up to the bride? Rant or rave!