Table Gifts

August 5

Bring Something Fun to the Table

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to entertain your guests during lulls in the reception? Just stock your reception tables with these charming little activities that are sure to suit guests of any age!

One classic way to get your guests involved in the reception is to place disposable cameras at each table and encourage everyone to take pictures throughout the evening. Once you develop the film, you will have priceless photos of your friends and family that you can either incorporate into a scrapbook or wedding album, or slip into your thank you notes to remind everyone of all the fun they had on your big day.

Another great way to entertain your guests at their tables is with a crossword puzzle about you. Sites like make it easy to build your own free crossword puzzle, which you can then print and set out at each table.

You can even set out lottery tickets at each table as gifts and announce the winning numbers, or use stacks of blank stationery tied with ribbons as a way to encourage guests to write notes to neighboring tables or to the newlywed couple.

There are so many ways to add a little flair to your table settings. If you have any to share with the wedding community, let us know!