Table Cards

January 30

Introducing: DIY Printable Table Cards

Did you know DIY printable table cards are available on Wedding Paper Divas?  They’re the perfect way to tie your theme into your reception, and the best part is that they’re oh-so-easy to create. We love seeing the creative ways in which brides incorporate the cards into their table designs! We’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to DIY below.

Table numbers 3

We have over 80 different printable table cards designs to match invitation suites, allowing brides to coordinate a cohesive and beautiful reception.

Most of our printable table cards will fit into your home printer, but we also have some great suggestions for applying your DIY creativity to them:

  • Calligraphy
  • Stamping
  • Stickers
  • Stencils
  • Cut-outs
  • Collage
  • Paper Quilling
  • Screen printing
  • Gocco printing
  • Hand Lettering
  • Cricut Machine
  • And more…

Below are the various paper types we offer and what kind of printing they’re optimized for. Something to keep in mind—some of these table cards won’t work for home printing, so the best way to figure out what will work for you is to order samples and test them out at home before purchasing.

Signature Matte: prints best on a laser printer and is not optimized for ink jet printing.

Textured Matte: prints best on an ink jet printer and is not optimized for laser printing.

Pearl White Shimmer: prints best on a laser printer and is not optimized for ink jet printing.

Premium DoubleThickMatte: too thick to run through a home printer (it’s awesomely thick!). Although we don’t offer samples of this paper, our Signature Matte is the same stock and we recommend testing a sample of our Signature Matte with a calligrapher before ordering DoubleThick™ paper.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some fun ways to DIY your table cards…

Table numbers 1

For printing at home: Set your file using your program of preference (Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) to a custom size, and set print page size to custom size. 4.56×6.18″.  You will need to use a front feeding printer.

Table Numbers 2

 Are you planning any DIY projects for your big day? Leave us a comment below!


July 3

Your Favorites

Adding things that make both you and your fiance unique will make your wedding day more personal. For example, I had a bar menu listing my favorite wine and added special quotes on our favors. I also created table cards made up of Vintage postcards from Disneyland and Disney World since we’re both big fans.

We also added this quote to our favors, “Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.” How about adding something short and sweet to your favors? Wedding Paper Divas offers modern mint tins that you can personalize with something sweet for your guests.


May 16

Table Ideas

I love the idea of adding something to tables that make guests want to travel around and mingle to other tables to see what’s going on. One wedding I went to in Boston did that. The couple had pictures of themselves at different places they had traveled to. I kind of took that idea one step further and thought about getting Vintage postcards to put on each table. These could be places that the couple has traveled to or the places that they want to go to. If the couple has been there, adding information on the back of the postcards about their travels would be really interesting and a conversation starter for guests. If they haven’t been there, the couple could write down information about the place and why they want to go there. Another option for those that don’t like writing is just to list the names of the people who will be sitting on the table. I think this will be a fun and creative way to add personality to your wedding tables.


April 18

Table Number Ideas

I love getting ideas about doing traditional things in a new way. That’s why I was so excited when I came up with this idea!

You got your place cards in order but how about those table cards? If you’re like me and want something attractive, unique and functional you might want to try this.

Choose a folded thank you card and personalize the text to read Table Number instead of your names. You can fill in the table numbers by hand and then, write the names of guests who will be sitting at that table inside the card. Simply place the card near your centerpiece to beautify your table and to help guests learn who they will be sitting next to. These two are from the Wedding Paper Divas Letterpress line. Cool huh?

Romantic Rosette:Petal Pink


Garden Blooms: Antique Gold