May 14

Ask Etta: Are Wedding Programs Really Necessary?

Tasha asks…

Hello! I was wondering if it is necessary to have programs for the wedding ceremony? Thanks!

Etta says…

Wedding programs are an oft-forgotten piece of a complete wedding stationery suite. While programs aren’t absolutely vital to wedding success (you wouldn’t get very far without a wedding invitation!), including a program at the start of your wedding ceremony offers the bride and groom a special way to include their guests in the ceremony.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Ceremony Programs (1)

I particularly recommend creating a wedding program if you will be holding a religious ceremony, or one incorporating cultural rites. Explaining to guests why certain passages are read or certain rituals are performed will create a richer experience for all involved.

A wedding program is also the ideal place to list the wedding party, and to thank friends and family for coming to celebrate the happy bride and groom. It is also commonly a space for the couple to acknowledge any deceased loved ones, such as grandparents.


Tip: Passing out ceremony programs is a great kid-friendly job! If you are searching for a way to include a younger niece, nephew, or cousin, I suggest giving them a sweet basket filled with programs to hand out to seated guests. Alternately, ushers traditionally will hand out programs as they direct guests to their seats.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Ceremony Programs Pure Adoration

An added bonus to a wedding program? If your wedding location gets hot, it makes the perfect fan! I have seen great DIY projects that turn programs into fans.

I hope this helps, Tasha!


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May 6

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March 18

New Designs: Jewish and Asian Wedding Stationery

We are so excited to share two brand new styles available for wedding invitations. With so many different and unique wedding celebrations out there, we are happy to be able to provide designs that really capture the essence of the bride and her wedding day.

Jewish Wedding Invitations

Featuring styles that are perfect for both the traditional and the modern Jewish bride, our new designs range from subtle incorporation of the Jewish faith to bold wedding invitations that use the Hebrew alphabet and the Star of David.


The designs highlight two traditional Jewish wedding quotes:


“Where you go, I will go.” Book of Ruth


“I am my Beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” Song of Solomon


Asian Wedding Invitations

Bold brushstrokes and cherry blossom wedding invitations are perfect for Asian weddings.






February 19

Beyond the Invitation: Reception Stationery

You’ve set your venue, sent your Save the Date cards, and already have your wedding invitations picked out and ordered. Now that the big decisions are finalized, it’s time for you to choose all the special details that will make your wedding day reflect you.

A great place to start is with the stationery you will need for your wedding weekend.

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent as early as possible, to allow out of town guests to plan accordingly. Flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars will all need to be sorted, so make sure you give your guests plenty of time.

rehearsal 2

Rehearsal dinner guest list etiquette calls for the bride and the groom, their immediate families, the wedding party (along with their spouses or partners), and the officiant and their spouse. Aside from those guests, it is up to the bride and groom – or the host – to decide how large of an event the rehearsal dinner will be. Some brides choose to have an intimate affair, while others use this night as an informal get-together or cocktail party for out-of-town guests.

rehearsal 1

No matter the size of your rehearsal dinner, this is an opportunity for the bride to relax before her big day. Invitations for the rehearsal dinner don’t need to follow your wedding theme – though, of course, they can.

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are an important way to share each special moment of your ceremony with your guests, particularly if you are having a ceremony that may be unique to your guests. If you are having a religious ceremony, or one that incorporates cultural rites, a wedding program will give your guests a step-by-step timeline to better understand the events.

front and inside

This is the perfect place to list your music selections, an explanation of any ceremonial elements, or attribute a reading.

program 2 inside

Aside from the logistics of your ceremony, the wedding program can provide a space to give more information to your guests.  Including a list of your bridal party and groomsmen will help relatives sort out who’s who. And the wedding program is a lovely place to mention your thanks for friends and family who have traveled far distances to celebrate.

Reception Menus

You took the time to taste each morsel of food served at your reception – now let your guests know what they are eating with custom wedding menu cards.  To start, ask your caterer for a description of each dish. They will be able to help you craft the most mouth-watering way to tempt your guests.

Menu 2

Identifying unique qualities of each dish will make the menu even more special. For instance, listing the farm your vegetables come from, or the type of sauce that accompanies a chicken dish will personalize the plates, and have your guests licking their lips in anticipation.


Menu 1


For a fun twist, include a personal note on your menus. Serving macaroni and cheese as a side dish? Let your guests know that this dish is the groom’s favorite – and the only “meal” he can cook up at home. Including a traditional dish from your family? Share the history with your guests, and they’ll love the dish even more.

After Wedding Brunch

A popular trend allowing brides to extend their wedding weekends is to send out after wedding brunch invitations. Hosting a brunch the following morning gives the newlyweds one more chance to thank their guests in person, as well as spend a bit more quality time with each guest.

brunch 2

Make sure to send out invitations in advance, to give friends and family time to plan accordingly. Out-of-town guests will want to book flights later in the day, and make appropriate arrangements.








March 28

Enclosure Card Etiquette: Today’s Diva Dish

Although some wedding etiquette questions can be tricky, we’re true pros when it comes to wedding stationery questions. Take this inquiry, for instance:

Dear Divas,

I might be a stationery newbie, but I’m totally perplexed by what goes on enclosure cards. What is the proper etiquette there?


Cathy M.

Dear Cathy,

Don’t worry—our etiquette experts are more than happy to help! Here’s a breakdown of basic wedding enclosure card etiquette:

Response Cards

Always send response cards inside the invitation envelope with stamps affixed to self-addressed return envelopes. This helps to ensure that you’ll have an accurate count of the number of guests expected to attend. Response cards can also include the guests’ meal preferences.

Reception Cards

Send wedding reception cards if your reception information won’t fit on the invitation itself. Wedding reception cards also come in handy if you plan to invite more guests to the ceremony than the reception. In this case, insert the reception cards only into the invitations of the guests invited to the reception.

Maps and Directions Cards

These items should also be printed and included if some guests aren’t as familiar with the area in which you’re holding your ceremony. If you choose to print them, however, they should be included in every invitation suite and not just distributed to a few guests.

We hope this helps make your enclosure card shopping a little easier. Check out our selection of wedding stationery suites to find gorgeous invitations with all of the matching components you’ll need, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions!

Do you have a question for our wedding experts? Send your etiquette, wedding planning or style dilemma to and we’ll post an answer for you.


March 12

Miss to Mrs.

It’s a long time tradition for women to change their last name when they get married, most commonly taking the husband’s last name. It is definitely a personal choice and couples are increasingly finding creative ways to go about changing or combining last names. Whatever you and your husband decide to do after you are officially married, there are certain key documents you will need to update with your new last name, including your social security card, driver’s license, passport, credit cards etc. Keep in mind that you will need to show a certified copy of your marriage license on every name changing occasion. Besides the legalities, there are other printed materials you will need to update as well, such as stationery. Picking out new designs for note cards, address labels, moving announcements and business cards is the fun part! Are you considering changing your name or will you be keeping your maiden name? Leave a comment below!