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April 16

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Introducing Marchesa

Delicate lace, lush florals and whimsical flourishes—these are the hallmarks of fashion label Marchesa. And now, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, the design duo behind the beautifully crafted gowns, bring their stunning designs to paper. Designed exclusively for Wedding Paper Divas, the Marchesa Collection is pure romance and decadent details—perfect for wedding stationery.

“The Marchesa bride is someone who wants a dress that is romantic, timeless and makes her feel her most beautiful.”

Inspired by the runway, the Marchesa Collection incorporates artwork from its favorite collections. The intricate craftsmanship shines as stationery and exudes sophistication from save the dates and wedding invitations to day-of essentials.

Planning a wedding that leans toward traditional? Look to Artful Floral or Exquisite Vines.

Marchesa Wedding Stationery Collection for Wedding Paper Divas

Marchesa Wedding Stationery Collection for Wedding Paper Divas

Going for more of a bold statement? Night Blossoms may just be your thing.

Marchesa Wedding Stationery Collection for Wedding Paper Divas

Hoping to add vintage flair? Lithe Lace is a graceful nod to an earlier time.

Marchesa Wedding Stationery Collection for Wedding Paper Divas

We love them all, though the luscious trompe l’oeil of Breathtaking Blossoms is a fragrant feast for the eyes.

Marchesa Wedding Stationery Collection for Wedding Paper Divas

With its range of styles, the Marchesa Collection offers up a banquet of elegant stationery.

“We wanted to offer brides stationery with beautiful designs that feel special and bespoke.”


March 12

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Pantone Aluminum

Planning a fall wedding? Take a cue from our Pantone Aluminum Inspiration Board and set the tone for an elegant affair, which begins with your save the date cards. Aluminum—one of Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for Fall 2014—carries solid weight as a sophisticated silvery shade.

wpd blog 3

A cross between gray and silver, it adds an understated polish that will catch the eye—as any save the date card should do—and allows the bride and groom to be the stars. This futuristic neutral will shine, maintain its steely edge or establish a timeless mood as needed. From small details to large swashes, Aluminum hints at the wedding to come and opens to the possibilities of artful combinations in the suite that follows.

wpd blog 1

wpd blog 4

wpd blog 5


June 5

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: A Regal Shade

Inspired by Pantone Beaujolais, this week’s wedding stationery roundup is all about the rich purple hue. Whether adding depth to save the date cards with strong accents of color, or going bold with full color wedding invitations, Pantone Beaujolais is perfect for a bride who isn’t afraid to try something new. Follow through with matching response cards and wedding programs to keep the theme consistent.

Wedding Paper Blissful Bond Save the Date

Wedding Paper Divas Finally Forever RSVP response Card

Wedding Paper Divas Nouveau Notions Wedding Invitationjpg

Wedding Paper Divas Old World Romance Wedding Invitationjpg

Wedding Paper Divas Vision of Love Wedding Ceremony Program


April 3

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Winery Weddings

When choosing wedding invitations for a vineyard wedding, brides have many options open to them. From a cheeky nod to wine barrels for save the date cards, or more subtle accents of water color grapes on response cards, a bride can plan her wedding stationery suite to fit her style.

Which of these vineyard designs is your favorite?

Wedding Paper Divas Vineyard Splash wedding invitation

Wedding Paper Divas Modern Vineyard response card

Wedding Paper Divas Charming Cask save the date card

Wedding Paper Divas Rustic Romance wedding invitation

Wedding Paper Divas Rustic Grapevine save the date card

Wedding Paper Divas Vibrant Vineyard response card


March 20

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Map Save the Date Cards and Magnets

A great way to personalize your wedding is to send map Save the Date cards. From designs that subtly incorporate personalized maps to styles that highlight the location of the wedding venue, these highly unique styles are custom fit to your wedding reception. Perfect for a destination wedding, these Save the Date options add a whimsical touch to the bride’s planning.

What do you think of these styles?





Wedding Paper Divas - Save The Dates


March 20

Ask Etta: Extra Wedding Invitations

Cassidy asks…
I’ve chosen my Save the Date style, and even my wedding invitations, but I’m not sure what to do now. How many invitations do I need to order? I want to have extra in case of an emergency, but I don’t want to have too many invitations left over.


Etta says…
Great question, Cassidy. It sounds like you are already ahead of the game, since you have your save the date cards and your wedding invitations chosen. Have you also decided on your guest list? If not, that would be the next step.


I recommend ordering ten to fifteen extra invitations, depending on the size of your guest list. You’re bound to have an unforeseen error come your way, whether it is remembering a guest that had been left off the initial head count or a mistake made when addressing the invitation envelope. Having back up wedding invitations keeps you stress-free in these moments! Trust me, you’ll be happy to have the extras.

If you do end up with extra invitations after your wedding day, there are several great ways to use them. Including a copy of your invitation in a wedding photo book will create a keepsake that will last for years to come. I love these DIY projects that incorporate a wedding invitation into an ornament or a canvas print.
I hope this helps, Cassidy!


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at etta@weddingpaperdivas.com and she’ll post an answer for you.


December 11

Engagement Season: Save the Date

Since so many of our friends and coworkers around the office are getting engaged this time of year and there will be plenty more this holiday season, we wanted to share some of our newest save the date cards and save the date card etiquette.

After you are engaged, one exciting step along the wedding planning process is your engagement photo session. It is great to have an engagement photo shoot because it allows you to get to know your photographer better, bask in all your love, and the photos are perfect for a photo save the date card or save the date magnet.

After you are engaged and have shared the news with your close friends and family it is time to send out your save the dates. These are sent out in advance to notify for your guests of the upcoming wedding and give them time to make travel plans, especially if you are planning a destination wedding or holding the wedding on a holiday weekend.

You should send your save the date cards around 6 months before your wedding and if it is a destination wedding around 8 months prior to the wedding.

Since you are sending the save the date before the wedding invitation you have the opportunity to be fun and informal, even if your wedding is going to be a formal event. This is the chance to show your true personality and creativity and have some fun along the way!

The most important thing to remember about a save the date card is that it shows your guests they will also be receiving a wedding invitation and will be invited at a later date. Etiquette states you cannot send a save the date card to someone and then not invite them to the wedding. Make sure you have time to work on your guest list before sending out these cards so no one will need to be “uninvited.” If you are not completely sure who will be on your guest list you can send your save the date cards to only your very close friends and family that will be attending for sure and later on send the wedding invitations to the other guests. This will ensure you are not committing yourself to any but your most important guests.

Here are some of our newest save the date cards. Which one is your favorite?


May 18

New! Save the Date Circle Cards: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

Have you ever wanted your wedding stationery to go further than the refrigerators of your friends and family members? With our new save the date circle cards, now they can. These brand new save the date formats offer a truly unique way to set the tone for your wedding—each features a playful, unexpected shape, trendsetting design (on both sides!), standout typography styles and delightful little embellishments that everyone from Grandma to your groomsmen can appreciate. Which one is your favorite?

Need more information? Here are the specifics: our die-cut circle cards are round, measure 5.25 inches in diameter and come to you pre-cut and ready to mail to all your friends and loved ones. View our entire collection to find the perfect save the date circle card for you!


May 9

A Save the Date Dilemma: Today’s Diva Dish

When it comes to numbers and guest lists, we know etiquette can get a little sticky. Take this reader’s question into consideration…


I have a wedding invitation etiquette question.  I sent out save the date cards a few months ago.  If someone tells me that they cannot attend the wedding based on the save the date card, do I still send them a wedding invitation?

Thank you!


Thanks so much for writing in, Courtney!

Luckily, this etiquette question has a pretty simple solution. Our experts agree that it’s still necessary to send a formal wedding invitation, even if your guest tells you they won’t be able to attend after receiving your save the date. Not only is it a nice formality, but leaving them off your invite list after you’ve already sent them a save the date may result in (easily avoidable) hurt feelings. Plus, you never know if their plans will change!

Do you agree with our advice for Courtney? What would you recommend? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Do you have a question for our wedding experts? Send your etiquette, wedding planning or style dilemma to blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and we’ll post an answer for you.


April 13

Six of Our Newest Save the Date Cards: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

Attention all you recently engaged couples, this Wedding Stationery Wednesday is especially for you! We’ve recently launched yet another gorgeous batch of save the date designs that we are thrilled to share with you. Our striking photo cards are the ideal way to infuse your save the date with loads of personality. Aren’t they fun?

Make sure to check out all of our new save the date designs to see the rest!