Registry Cards

September 19

Where Can I Put My Registry Cards? Today’s Diva Dish

We’ve been getting a lot of registry questions lately, so we’re dedicating today’s Diva Dish to the tricky topic. Take this Facebook fan’s question for instance…

Where (if anywhere?) can I put my registry cards?


Many different resources will suggest that including registry information with your wedding invitations is less than ideal. If possible, we suggest looking at other options for letting guests know where you are registered, merely to avoid having guests feel like more importance is placed on the gift-receiving rather than the event itself. Need a couple ideas? We recommend the following:

  • Set up a wedding website and include an enclosure card with the web address (or put it on the invitation if needed) with a registry page. This way, guests will automatically know to check out the site for gift ideas—and no registry information will be with the invite at all.
  • Have your maid of honor and best man spread the word. He or she (or both!) can include the information on shower invitations and share it by word of mouth to make sure the registries get circulated.

Still, for many couples, registry cards are the easiest option. And since there are more and more efforts being made to condense paper items down and be more environmentally friendly, many will argue that this is an appropriate way to share registry information. If you decide to include a registry card with your wedding invitations, make sure it is behind the invitation itself—and as understated as possible.

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March 4

Sending Custom Registry Cards with Your Invitations: Rant or Rave

Traditional wedding etiquette tells us that it’s not appropriate to include registry information on or with your wedding invitations. But, some couples are willing to bend the rules to ensure their wedding gifts come from their registry, and one way they’re doing this is with custom business cards.

Our parent company, Tiny Prints, offers a wealth of chic business cards that you can customize to your liking—and that includes personalizing a design with your wedding registry information. While this might be a fun way to spread the word about your bridal shower, some might argue that it’s in bad taste to include with your wedding invitations. Where do you stand?

What do you think about creating custom business cards to serve as registry cards? Would you break tradition and etiquette standards to ensure your wedding gifts came off your registry? Have you sent or received custom registry cards with wedding invitations? Rant or rave about it!