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May 18

Rant or Rave: Planning a Destination Wedding

While a destination wedding makes for an amazing adventure and experience, it can also come with its own challenges when planning. What do you think? Is planning a destination wedding more or less stressful? Rant or rave!

Here’s what a few of our Facebook fans had to say:

“More stressful in the sense that you REALLY have to have every detail perfected and planned!” -Samantha

“well.. unless you’ve had both I don’t see how you could know which is more stressful. But, I’m not stressing too much planning our destination wedding.” -Ainslee

“I’m getting married in September and having a destination wedding. Everything is done and booked already! Way less stressful than what we were planning at home!” -Natalie

“Way less stressful!!! We were swimming in the pool up until an hour before our wedding. It was amazing.” -Alexandria

“way stressful and more expensive in my case. which is why i cancelled and am doing the wedding at home now.” -Sabino-Molly

“so much less stressful. My husband and I just got married in Jamaica and it was wonderful! They did almost everything(we brought down our own favors and programs). If you find the right resort then you are all set :)” -Jen


April 6

Rant or Rave: Taking His Last Name

To keep your last name, take his or hyphenate. That is the question. There are a lot of feelings and heated debate about the topic. For some, the husband-to-be has a strong opinion. For other couples, it’s a topic that is of little significance. Other brides-to-be have waited for the opportunity to show their love and devotion by adopting their husband’s name. What are you and your fiancee planning to do? Rant or rave!

Here’s a what a few of our Facebook fans had to say:

“i’m thinking about hyphenating my name because i’m my dads only child so there is no one to carry on the name ” -Shaundra

“Taking my husband’s last name. He stole my heart, so I’m stealing his last name :) ♥” -Jessica

“Keeping my last name. I love him dearly.. but I’m no one’s property. If he would hyphenate his name to..I would do it. To signify a unity. But I don’t see the why a woman should take a guys name…as if he owns her. Marriage is 50/50..so why don’t both people hyphenate to show the union ♥” -Misty

“Hyphenating…Not that I don’t love him enough to take his last name only, I just am very attached to mine.” -Brigitte

“Just to point out the obvious…You can keep your name as is legally and use your husbands as you please or vise versa…Speaking form someone that has been married once before opting to keep your name is so much easier but this is a personal decision so whatever floats your boat. As for me I am keeping my name he is more than welcome to take mine if he likes. :).” -Johanna

“How many men out there take the woman’s last name? Now there’s an idea!” -Kirsty

“If there is one thing my fiance has an opinion about, it’s taking his name. Although I like my name better than his, I am going to take his last name.” – Jessalyn