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December 13

Sweet Tweets: Proposal Stories in 140 Characters or Less

We asked our Twitter followers to tweet us their proposal story. All of a sudden, when confined to 140 characters, every proposal sounds so much more creative and sweet!


Here are five of our favorites:

@Tribefanne tweeted: Chalked message on driveway & a scavenger hunt thru house led me to my fiance in a candlelit room down on one knee!

@Sheenzee tweeted: after dropping the ring in a London ENG subway stn, thinking he ruined the surprised he pulled it off perfectly that night!

@LaLaFountain tweeted: photobook w/a love letter, at home on a night in June, a very surprised me, lots of tears, I said yes.

@JessJos tweeted: Random Tuesday night dinner cooked by him, and a Scrabble game with one sparkly non-tile in the bag! Married 80 days now!

@Plansweddings tweeted: Pushed into a grandfather clock, bruises, tears, snot; will you marry me darling {w.}champagne & diamond ring = shocked yes

How would you tell your proposal story in 140 characters or less? Let’s hear it!


November 18

Rant or Rave: Friends or Family at a Marriage Proposal

Once in a lifetime photos? Or a special private moment? The jury is out on whether to have friends or family at the marriage proposal.


We’ve heard stories of family that is there snapping photos but otherwise remain unseen to full-on parties where everyone there knows the news and is in on helping plan the surprise. And, of course, a more traditional private moment just for the two of you. Would you rather keep the special moment in your memory or share it with those close to you? Rant or rave and tell us about your proposal story!


November 15

Sweet Tweets: Proposal Stories in 140 Characters or Less

We asked our Twitter followers to tweet us their proposal story. All of a sudden, when confined to 140 characters, every proposal sounds so much more creative and sweet! 

Here are five of our favorites:

@LindseyLoSlam tweeted: we planted in the backyard, I hit something w/shovel… Treasure box with diamond ring…I looked over & he was on 1 knee:)

@caseyfphoto tweeted: Times Square. Her birthday. Gospel choir singing “Hallelujah” in the background. So excited she couldn’t get her glove off.

@_whatsarahsaid_ tweeted: Driving to NH & car dies, call tow truck, get rental car, hike to waterfall, popped the question… determined fiance!

@kelsgurl tweeted: Paris at dusk. Wine & chocolate. Told him to be a good bf & throw our trash away. He said he didnt want to be my bf anymore

@Karen9119 tweeted: I was making eggs on 2/11/11 when he got on 1 knee with ring & asked me. I said yes & ate breakfast with my future husband!

How would you tell your proposal story in 140 characters or less? Let’s hear it!


January 23

The Perfect Proposal: Things to Know

We’ve heard that 80% of engaged or married women say their marriage proposal wasn’t exactly romantic, and we think that’s just plain sad! Sure, not everyone wants to plan out an elaborate scavenger hunt across the city or arrange for a flash mob to take over the street to help pop the question, but there are some simple things you can do to ensure that your proposal is as memorable and wonderful as it deserves to be.

Here are our top tips for the perfect marriage proposal:

1. Know What You Want.

Planning a wedding is one thing, but planning to spend the rest of your life with someone is an entirely different story. Make sure you really know what you want. Can your relationship survive the best of times and the worst of times? Will this person be your partner through thick and thin? Can you stand his or her mother at every family holiday? A happy proposal starts with true commitment.

2. Get Family and Friends Involved.

My personal favorite proposal stories are private, but then include friends and family for a celebration after. Have them make a surprise appearance or play a part in the big event and it’ll make it that much more special for your future spouse.

3. Find the Right Ring.

Don’t get cynical on me just yet! I don’t mean that the ring you choose has to be gigantic or pricey, but it does have to reflect the person you’re giving it to. From vintage styles to chic and modern ones, offbeat colored engagement rings to heirlooms handed down through the family, all you have to do is make sure it’s the right style. After all, this is one of the only accessories that will be worn every day for the rest of your lives together!

4. Pick the Perfect Place.

Get creative and make it personal. There are probably places in your city where everyone seems to propose (here in San Francisco, it’s Coit Tower), but if that spot isn’t personally relevant to you it won’t have the same impact. Trust me—you could propose at the diner you two love to go to for Sunday morning breakfast and it’ll mean more than a fancy restaurant you’ve never been to before.

5. Make a Speech.

I know you’re probably nervous and hoping to just blurt out, “Marry me!” to get it over with, but this is a special moment and the person you’re asking to spend the rest of his or her life with you is going to be hanging on every word. Now is the time to dig deep and come up with a few short things you want to say to lay a foundation of love, respect and trust to build a marriage upon. Just don’t get cliched—no one wants to hear that they had you at hello!

What’s your best advice for someone getting ready to pop the question? Leave us a comment and let us know!


April 16

Rant or Rave: Proposals Borrowed from Hollywood?

Over the past few months, several emails, texts and phone calls have been coming my way something along the lines of, “I’m Engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You could say I’m at the age where many of my college friends are either asking or answering that big question.

For me, even better than the news of a friend’s engagement is how he did it. The proposal story is always my favorite part. And the silver screen has a knack for memorable question popping. Walk the Line, The Wedding Singer, Sweet Home Alabama and Stepmom, just to name a few.

Do you know someone who reenacted a movie proposal for their own? What did you think when you heard the story? Do movie marriage proposals used in real life make you want to rant or rave?


March 18

Lights, Camera–Engagement!

We love all the creative proposals that are springing up involving lights, creative grooms-to-be and long exposure photography!

First there’s this adorable video, which shows the painstaking process this groom went through to capture his city all lit up with his proposal for his future wife:

Then there’s these charming photos of a couple who are friends with the lovely ladies of Jolie Jolie. The groom surprised his bride by scrawling out “Marry Me” in light as he took a long exposure shot of them on the beach in Cabo!

I guess all you need for a creative proposal really are lights, a camera and the love of your life!


January 29

Rant or Rave: No Proposal?

One of our coworkers recently got married, so when we were playing our occasional game of “Gather the Most Interesting Engagement Story in the Office” we naturally honed in on him. To our surprise, however, he didn’t propose with a ring on bended knee. In fact, his bride asked him not to!

She says she didn’t want all the gushy fanfare, so they simply talked about whether or not they should get married and agreed upon a decision like mature, responsible adults.


What do you think about skipping the big engagement and going straight into wedding planning? Do you think a proposal is important? Does the idea of no marriage proposal make you want to rant or rave?


November 12

Sweet Wedding Proposal via Bakerella

If you haven’t heard about the adorable proposal that took place on Bakerella recently, get ready for goosebumps!

An avid reader’s boyfriend wrote in to get her help with the engagement story of a lifetime. Bakerella made cute little wedding cake pops that spelled out “Will You Marry Me Melissa?” and ended her post with the words, “Take a deep breath and turn around. Rick is waiting.”



You can view the entire proposal post by visiting Bakerella.

But we also have an exciting update—she said yes! After all, who could say no to Bakerella and a super sweet boyfriend like that?

Congratulations, Melissa and Rich!



August 27

LCD Ring Box from Euricase

Proposing just got a lot more high tech! One of the Wedding Paper Divas staffers recently brought in a super cool ring box with an LCD screen in the top, like this one from Euricase. When her fiance proposed, he played a little presentation that featured music, photos of them as a couple and messages he wrote for her.


It was passed around the office for hours, and we are all amazed! What do you think?


July 31

Rant or Rave: Embarassing Proposals

When we hosted our engagement story contest, we read through hundreds of funny, charming and sweet engagement stories from excited couples looking forward to their nuptials. Each one had its own style, and we loved reading all of the proposals.

The only problem was that some of them were downright embarrassing!

From naked proposals to public displays, some engagement stories cross the line from beautiful to blush-worthy. This man rented out a movie theater, hired a group of faux audience members and showed this video of himself singing Daniel Beddingfield’s “If Your Not the One” in his underwear as his special way to propose.

Do you love it or hate it? She said yes, but would you be more prone to cry with joy or die of embarrassment? Do embarrassing proposals make you want to rant or rave?