October 25

DIY Place Card Displays

Displaying your place cards in a stylish and memorable way can set the tone for your entire reception, but that doesn’t mean to have to spend a lot of time or money on your entry table. In this one DIY post, we’ll show you three different ideas you can recreate using simple materials from your neighborhood craft store (and your toolkit!). It’s a fun, easy and inexpensive way to greet your guests with a touch of DIY style.


Idea #1: Twine and Clothespins

We’ll use the same basic concept for all three ideas, so I’ll give you the detailed instructions here. The key for both twine and ribbon is to make sure they are super taught across the frame. To achieve this look, we recommend nailing small nails into the frame and wrapping the twine around it, or tying small knots in the ends of the twine and using a staple gun to affix them to the wood.

Make sure the lines are straight and well spaced to allow the cards to hang down. Also don’t try to overcrowd each frame—we think this idea would look fantastic with a variety of frames of different sizes instead.

Isn’t it pretty? It’s so simple, elegant and rustic, and yet it’s a total breeze to pull off. The photos in our office don’t even really do it justice!

Idea #2: Ribbons

You can cut out even more of the cost by swapping the twine and clothespins for simple ribbon in a matching shade. We followed the same steps, using a staple gun to securely fasten the ribbon to the back and keep each strand super taut across the frame. Then, instead of using the pins to keep the cards attached to the string, we simply draped them over the ribbons.

Idea #3: Cork Board Backing

We found a roll of cork backing at the craft store, and couldn’t resist the chance to create our own cork board using this pretty frame. We stapled the backing onto the frame, then used classic t-pins to attach the cards. You can also add little details or photos to the boards for an extra special touch!

Which look is your favorite? Are you planning to try any of them for your celebration? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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September 27

DIY Wedding Invitation Ribbon Embellishments

Last time we featured a wedding invitation embellishment DIY, we showed you how to add your own jewels and gems to our lovely designs. Today, we’re featuring two different ribbon embellishments that will give your wedding invitations the perfect hint of texture and depth.

Idea #1: Double Ribbon Embellishments

This unique idea frames your wedding invitations in two bands of ribbons. To get started, gather together the supplies listed below:

Step One: Attach the Ribbon

Make sure there’s enough ribbon to wrap around the backside of the invitations so you can secure it tightly. Use the tape to keep it in place.

Step Two: Add Layered Card

Use the double-sided tape to attach the layered card to the back of the invitation, masking the spots where you attached the ribbon. Make sure to use plenty of tape—you wouldn’t want the back of your invites to slip off!

Step Three: Enjoy!

Aren’t they pretty? We love how the ribbon adds a subtle extra-special touch!

Idea #2: Ribbon Embellishments with Bow

This type of look is a little harder to pull off, so we recommend practicing on some scrap paper first. All you need to get started are the following supplies:

Step One: Measure and Cut Holes for the Ribbon

Carefully measure the middle of the card to establish where you’d like to place the bow. Use the cutting board or mat as backing as you slice into the cardstock, making little slits just big enough to fit the width of the ribbon through.

Step Two: Pull the Ribbon Through

To begin forming your bow, pull the ribbon through the front of the card so that the loose ends are in the back. In the front of the card, the ribbon should lie flat against the invitation between the two slits you cut.

Note: This image shows the back of the card.

Step Three: Wrap the Ribbon Around to Form a Bow

Pull each side of the ribbon back through the same slits in the card, allowing them to cross each other in the back. When you pull through the loose ends on either side, it will form a bow in the front of the card.

Tug the ends to make sure it’s tight, then trim any excess ribbon to the desired length.

Note: This image shows the back of the card.

Step Four: Add Layered Card

Attach the layered card to the back of the invitation, hiding the backside of your bow, using double-sided tape.

Step Five: Enjoy!

Your finished DIY wedding invitations with ribbon embellishments are ready to be mailed!

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August 30

DIY Mason Jar Wedding Favors

If you saw our post on DIY mason jar centerpieces, you’ll know that we absolutely love using mason jars or ball jars for DIY projects because in addition to being stylish and affordable, they provide the perfect blank canvas for personalization. Whatever you decide to fill them with, you can easily personalize your jars with simple touches like gift tag stickers and ribbons.

How would you personalize yours? Use these charming DIY favor crafts as your inspiration!


  • Mason jars
  • Homemade jam
  • Dry ingredients for the cookies, brownies or other baked treats of your choice
  • Ribbon
  • Matching gift tag stickers (we used our Petite Leaf adhesive gift tags in both Hunter Green and Pumpkin)

Jam-Filled Mason Jar Favors

Step One: Prepare Jam & Fill Jars

If you don’t have a cherished family recipe, now is your chance to create one. Search around for a classic recipe you like, or mix things up with fun new flavors. We love this raspberry nectarine jam recipe we found on Simple Bites, for instance.

Once you prepare the jam and let it cool, fill as many jars as you need and attach gift tag stickers to each one.

Step Two: Add Ribbon

We used a hot glue gun to secure the thick ribbon around the outside of the jars’ lids to finish the project. It couldn’t be more simple than that!

DIY Cookie Jar Favors

Step One: Layer in Ingredients

We used a recipe for walnut chocolate chip cookies and combined all of the white ingredients together, then layered in the ingredients one at a time. As you add in the layers, make sure to get the sharpest contrast possible out of your ingredients. We separated the brown sugar and similarly colored walnuts with chocolate chips, for instance, to get a prettier arrangement.

Step Two: Add Ribbon

Pick a ribbon that matches your color scheme and tie it tightly around the outside of the jar lid. You can add a dot of hot glue to secure the ribbon in place if you’re afraid your bow will slip.

Step Three: Attach Gift Tag Sticker

As a final finishing touch, place a gift tag sticker on the front of the jar. You can personalize the stickers with your name, or with a special note like “Sweet Dreams!” or “A Sweet Gift for Later.”

Step Four: Enjoy!

That’s really all it takes to create these fun and easy DIY party favors.

Did you try out this DIY project at home? Send photos to and we’ll be happy to feature your handiwork!


August 16

DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces

Looking for a quick and inexpensive centerpiece idea? These charming mason jar centerpieces are perfect for any occasion, from a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner to your wedding reception. You only need a few inexpensive pieces to make a charming look come together in no time!


  • Mason jars of various heights
  • Washi tape or other decorative tape (a great craft staple to stock up on!)
  • Tea light candles
  • Adhesive gift tags from Wedding Paper Divas

You really can tailor this craft to suit your own style, so feel free to experiment with colors and artistic elements.

Step One: Decorate the Mason Jars

Attach the washi tape in a decorative way, whether you use it to create vertical stripes, horizontal rows or a crisscross pattern. We opted for a simple and modern design based on the Petite Leaf gift tag stickers we selected.

Step Two: Attach Adhesive Gift Tags

We attached the gift tag sticker only to the larger, more dominant jar in our arrangement.

Step Three: Add Water and Candle

Fill the jars with varying amounts of water. We filled the larger jar halfway and put slightly less water in the smaller version.

Next, add the tea light candles and light them using long matches to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

Step Four: Arrange and Enjoy Your New Centerpieces!

We thought they looked particularly charming paired with fruit, but you could also add a few flowers, arrange them on a tray… the possibilities are endless!

Did you try out this DIY project at home? Send photos to and we’ll be happy to feature your handiwork!


June 7

DIY Divas: Origami Flower Favors

One of our talented Wedding Paper Divas staffers recently handed out these gorgeous origami flower sets as DIY favors for a friend’s bridal shower. Each kit included two pre-made origami kusadama flowers, a stack of colorful origami paper and an instruction booklet to teach guests how to make the flowers on their own.

As a result, this charming DIY favor got all of her guests into the DIY spirit as well!

Here’s how to create a similar origami favor kit on your own:


  • 25-30 sheets of colorful origami paper per guest (she used 5 sheets per color here, and found that 65 lb. paper worked best)
  • Cellophane or resealable bags
  • Cardstock or paper tags
  • Favor boxes and tissue paper
  • Nimble fingers!

Step 1: Create the Pre-Made Kusadama Flowers

This is the hardest step of the whole process. Each flower is made up of several smaller “petals,” as shown below. Whenever you glue two pieces together, we recommend using paper clips to hold the paper in place and ensure that it dries correctly. You’ll see the paper clips scattered throughout our photos below.

To help make the folds super crisp, she recommends investing in a bonefolder, but you can also use a ruler or other straight edge. For a complete set of instructions, refer to this handy kusadama flower tutorial we found on Cut out and Keep.

Step 2: Compile Favor Kits

Parcel out the origami paper into little sets for each guest, then slip it inside the cellophane or resealable bags. Fold your paper or cardstock tags across the tops and staple them to secure. You can then write a special message on each tag (or pre-print them) for a touch of personalized style!

Step 3: Create Your Favor Boxes

Stuff the bottom of each box with green tissue paper and gently lay two or three finished flowers on top. Add the origami paper kits and printed instructions, then seal the box with a bow or your own personalized gift tag sticker for the perfect finishing touch!


May 24

DIY Divas: Tissue Paper Poms

Tissue paper poms are the ideal decor solution—they are colorful and fun, can be used both indoors and out, take 10 minutes to make and cost next to nothing! What more could you ask for?

You don’t even have to buy the DIY pom-making kits they have at the store. Instead, follow these easy instructions for DIY tissue paper poms you’ll love to make as much as you love to decorate with them!


  • Tissue paper in coordinating colors (we used eight sheets of 20 x 30 inch tissue paper per pom)
  • Floral or craft wire
  • Scissors
  • String to hang them with

Step 1: Create an Accordion Fold

Fold the tissue paper up and back repeatedly to create a 1–2 inch wide accordion or fan fold. You can vary the sizes of your poms by folding along the longer or shorter edge of the tissue paper.

Step 2: Attach Wire

Fold the tissue paper in half and wrap the wire around the fold, as show below. This will become the center of the pom, so make sure it’s tight and that the folds are well-creased.

Step 3: Trim the Edges

Giving your edges a rounded appearance will make your pom look fluffy and flowery, whereas pointed ends give more of a sunburst effect. See the difference between the green finished pom (rounded edges) and the yellow finished pom (pointed edges) below.

Step 4: Fan Out the Tissue

Start by lying the pom flat on the table and fanning the folds out in a circle.

Then, pull the individual pieces of tissue apart from each other to create a fluffy texture.

Once you finish one side, hold the pom by the wire in one hand and continue separating the tissue paper layers with the other, rearranging the layers to give the shape and texture you’d like. Be careful not to tug too hard or it might rip!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now that you’ve made one pom, start experimenting with size and shape to create a few more. Don’t be afraid to experiment as you make the decor you’ve been dreaming about!

We had so much fun making these, we eventually ran around the office hanging them anywhere we thought they’d be appreciated—cute, right?

If you try this craft out on your own, send us photos at We’d love to feature them!