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March 9

DIY: Budget-Friendly Place Card Display

Your place cards are one of the first thing guests will see when they enter the reception, so why not dazzle them with a standout display? Here’s a fun, easy and oh-so-affordable idea that’s dressed to impress.


  • Canvas
  • Place cards—we used our Vintage Vines design
  • Two rolls of thick ribbon in complementing colors
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Wrap Your Canvas

Carefully wrap your base fabric (for us, this was the burgundy) one strip at a time across the canvas and secure with hot glue in the back and along both edges. Leave enough thickness in between each row for the second ribbon to fit. On the top and bottom strips, make sure to fold the ends in nicely (hospital corners!) and glue down so the top and bottom edges of the canvas are covered completely.

Step 2: Finish the Wrap

Now you’re ready for the second ribbon. But with this one, you will only be gluing it down in the back of the canvas—make sure not to glue along the edges in front! This will give the place cards a ledge to hang from.

Step 3: Complete the Look

Once everything is dry, your place cards are ready for hanging! Fill as many canvas pieces as you need for your place cards… your guests will be sure to love this idea.


February 18

DIY Apple Place Card Display

Want to add some flavor to your place card display? Fruit is a fun and easy (not to mention yummy) way to give your place cards a pop of color. What an unexpected treat for your guests! Take this 10 minute project into consideration…

Start with a gorgeous place card—we used our Together Forever design. Remember! Most of our exclusive invitations come with place cards to match, so don’t forget to browse for those when you’re ordering your invitations. Next, pick up some brads from your local craft store.

Make sure your fruit of choice is fresh for the day of. After you’ve written out all your names (in advance, of course) pin them one by one to your fruit.

Voila! One gorgeous, vibrant place card display to delight your guests from the moment they walk into your reception.

How are you planning to display your place cards? Leave us a comment below!