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July 15

How Much is Too Much: Rant or Rave

Everybody knows that weddings aren’t cheap (to put it mildly). But the parties leading up to them can really add up for the guests. Gifts. Travel. Accommodations. Outfits. The list goes on. What do you think is too much? If the couple is having an out-of-town wedding is it too much to have a destination bachelorette party and expect people to come? Is bringing a gift for every event (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding) too much or just plain courtesy?

We are so intrigued to find out what you guys think… so, go ahead, rant or rave!


January 25

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day and cocktail parties go hand-in-hand like a box of chocolates and a dozen roses! It’s the perfect way to include all of your loved ones in your celebration, whether they are single or attached, male or female. Plus, it’s a great excuse to make sweet and stylish Valentine’s Day cocktails for the occasion!


Here’s a list of some of our favorite Valentine’s Day cocktails along with themed party invitations to match:


“Love Bites” Party with Classic Cosmopolitan


Get the girls together for a classic Valentine’s Day singles party, but don’t forget the cosmopolitans! These bright red cocktails are perfect for the occasion. Simply mix vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime!

Love Bites Valentine's Day Party InvitationCosmopolitian

Sweet Dessert Party with Bailey’s Cool Raspberry


Give your guests a sweet surprise by featuring cocktails that taste more like dessert! These Bailey’s Cool Raspberry drinks are sure to delight your sweet tooth.


Endless Affection Valentine's Day Party InvitationBaileys-Raspberry


Classic Valentine’s Day Party with French Kiss Cocktails


Pink is never played-out on Valentine’s Day! Plus, these French Kiss cocktails are a delicious blend of vodka, peach schnapps, Chambord and fruit juices.


Scrawled Love Valentine's Day Party InvitationsLove-Potion


Couples Valentine’s Day Party with Beyond Compear


Finding a pink drink that’s suitable for the fellas can be a bit of a challenge, but we have it on good authority that these Beyond Compear cocktails are sure to be a hit for ladies and gentlemen alike.


Cuddly Cutouts Valentine's Day Party Invitations


For more ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day party invitations on both Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas.


January 19

Top Cocktail Garnishes

Opting for a hosted bar as opposed to an open bar is a great way to treat your guests to free-flowing libations without breaking your budget, but signature cocktails can sometimes look a little bland. If you are looking for a way to add some flair to your bar area, consider some of these simple (and inexpensive!) cocktail garnishes featured on Brides.com to make every detail of your event look perfectly tailored to suit your style.

Fun with Flowers

I love the idea of freezing little mint leaves and seasonal wildflowers into ice cubes to add a burst of color to any drink. Plus, picking blooms in a complementary color to garnish your drinks is sure to make your entire event look chic and well pulled together.


Fresh Fruit

Starfruit is a favorite garnish among beachy brides, but classic orange, lemon or lime zest also work perfectly for sleek city weddings as well. And don’t forget the luscious appeal of berries as cocktail adornments!


Foodie Finds

These savory soups have been transferred to shot glasses for a blend of cocktail hour and pre-dinner snack. We love the mini-grilled cheese sandwich and cracker monogram added to the rim for extra appeal!



November 16

Add a Fun Twist to Classic Holiday Parties

I love holiday party season, but after your fourth straight year of attending the same silly sweater party, things can start to feel a little stale. If you’re looking for a fresh new way to give your holiday party a fun twist, try out some of these ideas for unique and super chic holiday party inspiration!

Refined Retro

Like the classic Santa on holiday Coke bottles, there’s something fitting about blending holiday style with retro charm. Give your holiday party a vintage twist for a festive fete that’s sure to be fabulous.


Creative Displays

Giving your holiday party a lift can be as easy as freshening up your presentation. I love the idea of serving cupcakes on upside-down cupcake pans, or adding lollipops to cocktails for a burst of fun color.


Alternative Entertainment

Who says you have to play charades? Transform your nutcracker party into a trip to see the ballet performed nearby, with cocktails after the curtain goes down. You could also have a casual showing of your favorite holiday movies or attend a local choir performance.


Foodie Fun

Make your event easier (and more fun for guests!) but organizing a potluck. You can also consider hosting a brunch, afternoon cocoa & cocktails party or evening wine & dessert party to have a little fun with your food choices for the festivities.


Invitations to Match

Seasonal Splash Holiday Party Invitations

Patterned Cheers Holiday Party Invitations

Sparkling Snowflakes Holiday Party Invitations

Dotty Dazzle Holiday Party Invitations


September 4

Rant or Rave: Multiple Mandatory Wedding Events

This summer, one of my dear friends was dragged to an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette weekend (not just one night!), another bridal shower and, of course, the wedding. She was asked to bring gifts to every event, and to help pay for the parties more often than not.

The real kicker is, she wasn’t in the bridal party. She was the only non-bridal party guest who was expected to be at every event because she’s know the bride since they were kids.

What wedding events should be mandatory for non-bridal party members? Who should be expected to pay for extra events? What’s the proper protocol for close friends who aren’t bridesmaids or groomsmen? Rant or rave about it!



July 7

Have Your Cocktail and Drink it, Too!

Every time we have an event in the Wedding Paper Divas offices, the girls and I inevitably end up talking about how hard it is to juggle a plate of food, a glass of wine and a tote and still look fabulous while snacking on canapes.

Since it’s the perfect season for barbecues, pool parties, pre-wedding cocktail events and other summer soirees, I set out to find the best ways to balance a drink with a plate of food. Here’s a list of the latest and greatest inventions, along with links to help you find out where to buy them.

Trust me—your guests will love you for it!

For the Casual Event: Go Plates


For the BBQ: Plastic Plates with Drink Holders


For an Evening of Wine Tasting: Drink Mates


For a Fun Outdoor Event: Wine and Dine Plates and Glasses


For the Ultimate Chic Cocktail Party: Sebastian Conran’s Fiesta Collection



May 1

Rant or Rave: Out of Town Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun, stylish and silly, encompassing everything that a particular bride could ask for from her girlfriends. But what if the bride wants to jet off to Mexico, Vegas or a tropical island? Would you come along for the ride?

Many brides take their bachelorette party as a fun excuse to get out of town, but some fail to realize that this means their bridesmaids and close friends all feel obligated to dip into their savings to come along for the ride.

As this bachelorette party planning checklist from The Knot attests, it’s important to give the bride the bachelorette experience she wants, but when do you draw the line? Would you sign up for a trip to Palm Springs? New York? Mexico? Europe? Would you be excited or annoyed?

Do out of town bachelorette parties make you want to rant or rave?



January 16

Rant or Rave: When Does a Bachelor Party Go Too Far?

A good friend of mine just returned from Las Vegas, where he and his buddies had an entire week of bachelor mayhem. I tried to get him to spill all of his secrets, but all I really managed to find out was that the boys partook in a lot of drinking, a lot of breakfast buffets and one night of the thing that strikes fear into the hearts of many brides-to-be—a strip club.

Have you and your fiancé discussed what you are comfortable with during your bachelor and bachelorette parties? At what point does a bachelor party cross the line into inappropriateness? Rant or rave about it!



December 23

Chic Holiday Cocktails

Whether you a trudging through snow, sleet or icy winds, or you are just braving a frosty reception from your future in-laws, nothing beats the cold quite like a fun and festive holiday cocktail. Whip up a batch of these sweet and savory drinks tomorrow night to get everyone rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

15 Cocktails with a Twist from the Food Network:

With recipes like the Cherry Gin-Gria and the French 75, this fabulous slide show of holiday cocktails looks as scrumptious as it sounds!

InStyle‘s Celebrity Holiday Cocktail List:

Jessica Simpson is a fan of the Feliz Jefe, while Cameron Diaz prefers the French Kiss as her holiday cocktail of choice according to InStyle magazine.

Hostess with the Mostess’ Favorite Hot Toddies:

Make a batch of Peppermint Patties and cuddle up for a warm treat on a cold night with your future spouse!

Healthy Cocktail Tips from Marie Claire:

Follow these simple rules and exchange your traditional eggnog for a hot toddy if you are worried about staying in shape for your upcoming nuptials.



December 17

Link Love: New Year’s Celebrations

The holiday season tends to descend upon us in one full swoop.  Once Thanksgiving hits you, there is barely time for an audible breath before you find yourself scampering through the mall in a panic, searching for THE gift for your near and dear.  Not to mention the numerous holiday parties and events that are sure to stack up.  In the midst of all the madness, there is barely time to plan the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration that you’re dreaming of.  To help you out, I’ve listed my favorite links to help you design the perfect setting to pop the champagne, whether it be a quiet evening close to home or an all-out destination celebration.


  • For some creative and unique New Year’s celebration ideas that will appeal to your romantic side, check out The Romantic’s New Year’s Day and Eve Celebration Ideas page.
  • Citysearch has a New Year’s Eve Planner for every city.  I used the San Francisco Guide to find my perfect celebration overlooking the fireworks on the bay!
  • Planning to make some New Year’s Resolutions but don’t know how to stay on track?  Check out myGoals.com, a site that will help you plan out your goals, break them in to baby steps, and face them head on!
  • If the holiday escaped you and you’ve waited too long to send out those holiday cards, realize it’s not too late!  Check out the New Year’s cards on our sister site, Tiny Prints.  There are some adorable designs that are sure to stand out to all your friends and family.  My favorite is this Jewel Tones card, pictured below.


  • Finally, if you’re idea of the perfect New Year’s involves hosting your own soiree, visit Delish and find a multitude of both party ideas and recipes.  My favorite article is “20 Ways to Pump Up A Party“, from feeding your guests LOTS of sugar to setting some dramatic mood lighting.