Moving Announcements

March 12

Miss to Mrs.

It’s a long time tradition for women to change their last name when they get married, most commonly taking the husband’s last name. It is definitely a personal choice and couples are increasingly finding creative ways to go about changing or combining last names. Whatever you and your husband decide to do after you are officially married, there are certain key documents you will need to update with your new last name, including your social security card, driver’s license, passport, credit cards etc. Keep in mind that you will need to show a certified copy of your marriage license on every name changing occasion. Besides the legalities, there are other printed materials you will need to update as well, such as stationery. Picking out new designs for note cards, address labels, moving announcements and business cards is the fun part! Are you considering changing your name or will you be keeping your maiden name? Leave a comment below!


October 20

Moving Announcements: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

For many couples, getting married also means getting a new place together. If you’re getting ready to feather your new nest, sending out moving announcements is the perfectly stylish way to share your new address with friends and family members. Here are a few of my favorite moving announcements from our chic collection.

Aren’t they fun? Visit our moving announcements page to shop the rest!


June 30

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Moving Announcements

For many newlyweds, moving in together is the next best thing to look forward to after the wedding. But in reality, it seems that the moment you finish cleaning the sand out of your honeymoon luggage, you’re faced with the stresses of consolidating all your stuff, dealing with the movers and compromising over color schemes. Nevertheless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel—soon you’ll be enjoying a place together to call home! What better way to let friends and family know you’re feathering a new nest than with a stylish moving announcement?

Here are my favorite picks from the Wedding Paper Divas collection. I also sprinkled in a few at the end from our parent company, Tiny Prints, because there are too many great designs to pass up. Which is your favorite?

Damask Bloom

Bold Blossom

Moving Key

New Neighborhood

Chicago Chic

Stylish Scroll

Modern Mailboxes


March 10

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Moving Announcements

For many couple’s there is a big step that comes after the wedding, a big move.  With this big move, comes the need to the perfect moving announcement! Below are some of our favorite moving announcement designs from Wedding Paper Divas.


September 1

Alice in Wonderland-Inspired Wedding Stationery

Lewis Carroll’s classic story about Alice’s adventures once she tumbles down the rabbit hole always seems to inspire winsome weddings full of tea parties, red roses and sweet, whimsical style.

Maybe it’s the creative imagery and pure magic of the story that everyone loves so much, or maybe the idea of letting yourself fall into a new life full of adventure that makes it perfect for a wedding.

If you are looking for Alice in Wonderland wedding invitations, check out some of these darling designs:

The Key to the Little Door

Moving Key Moving Announcements

Follow the White Rabbit

Running Bunny Address Labels

Welcome to Wonderland

Tea Garden Party Invitation

Whoooo Arrre Youuuu, Mr. Caterpillar?

Butterfly Valentine Party Invitation

The Walrus & The Carpenter

Sweet Seashells Save the Date Cards

A Mad Hatter Tea Party

Tiered Cake Bridal Shower Invitation

Painting the Roses Red

Romantic Roses Wedding Invitations


August 26

Make Your Move More Fun!

I once heard that nearly a sixth of the American population moves every year. In my opinion, at least half of that statistic involves newlyweds moving in together! It almost seems like a cruel trick–you persevere through all the stress of wedding planning, escape together on your blissful honeymoon and then abruptly return to the hectic atmosphere of moving, redecorating and trying to get into the swing of a new schedule as a married couple.

But, instead of scrambling to reconnect with friends, establish your new home and tie up loose real estate ends, why not combine all of the tedious work you have to do into one fun and festive moving party? Multitask by turning your moving announcements into moving party invitations as well, and then invite all of your friends over to help you relocate to your new home.

Then, you can make the entire event an homage to your move. Playing this moving-inspired playlist from Making Your Move, serve whatever food is left in your fridge and make party games out of packing. See who can bubble wrap your lamps fastest, or have a dolly race to the moving truck.

You could also play “Pin the Furniture on the Room” using items cut out from a home design magazine in an attempt to steal redecorating ideas from your friends. If that fails, ask them to help you with this interactive room planner from HGTV.

Your friends will certainly grumble less about helping you move if you turn the occasion into a true event!