Mother of the Bride

September 2

Rant or Rave: Mother of the Bride Attire

Every bride wants her big day to be perfect. But what happens when her mother picks out a dress that doesn’t quite fit the bride’s vision of how her family and wedding party will look? After all, everyone will be looking at these pictures for years and years to come…

Do you break it to your mother nicely that this dress isn’t exactly what you had in mind? Or do you keep your mouth shut and let your mother have the final say in what she is going to wear? Rant or rave!


April 9


We asked — you answered! When it comes to wedding planning does your mother help or hinder? Our fans posted their thoughts on our Facebook page about their wonderfully helpful (or unbearably controlling) moms!

We live about 2500 miles away from home right now, so my mom is planning EVERYthing. Sometimes we argue, but mostly she’s just awesome!! —Cara M. 

My mom has been a complete help! Love her! —Sarah Nicole C.

A little bit of both! It was worse when I first got engaged but it’s gotten better now! —Charmaine R.

Totally hinder….there’s a longer version to that story but i will leave it at that! lol. —Robyn D.

My mom is in a tough spot with my sister getting married this year in a big fancy semi traditional wedding and then I’m doing a destination next year. She’s the best! She is doing everything she can to help, and we are so thankful. —Jennifer C.

Is your mother your wedding planner extraordinaire? Leave a comment below!


February 14

Mother of the Bride Outfit Etiquette

We know that a lot of mothers of the bride stress out about their outfits for the big day, so were more than happy to address this etiquette question from one of our readers:

Dear Divas,

My mom is stressing out about having to work with the mother of the groom in coordinating their outfits. What’s the etiquette around selecting mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses?



Thanks for the email, Tanya! Here’s our best advice for mother of the bride outfit etiquette:

  • The mother of the bride selects her dress first, then the mother of the groom chooses something that coordinates with her initial selection.
  • Choose a style and length that match the formality of the wedding itself—long dresses for formal weddings, shorter dresses for more casual events.
  • Take into consideration what the bride and bridesmaids are wearing and select a style and color that coordinate with—but aren’t too matchy matchy with—their outfits.
  • We recommend that the mother of the groom waits until the mother of the bride actually purchases the dress before she makes her decision, but that also means the mother of the bride can’t wait too long to make her choice.

What other advice would you offer to Tanya and her mother? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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October 1

MOB at the Bachelorette Party? Rant or Rave

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be a fun (and often silly) way for girlfriends to celebrate the bride-to-be in her true style. Whether that entails a quiet spa weekend or a raging night on the town, it’s the perfect opportunity to help your bride bid adieu to single life and toast to her future. But what if the she wants her mom to tag along?

What’s your take on moms and the ultimate girls night out? Rant or rave about it!


May 6

Modern Dresses for the Mother of the Bride

Why is it that so many mother of the bride dresses look old-fashioned? When I was planning my wedding, my mother, who was only 45, had a harder time finding a dress than I did.  It seemed that every time she walked into the store she walked away with ideas for my grandmother, but nothing for herself.

If your mother is looking for the perfect dress for your big day, she can find some modern and elegant designs at her local department.  For example, here are just a few of the evening gowns that leave us speechless: