July 15

Wedding Lanterns Five Different Ways

Whether it’s a wedding reception, dinner party or photo shoot, lighting can make the difference between a fabulous glow and a fluorescent fizzle. Try using lanterns to achieve that warm glimmer that seems to make everyone in the room look chic. These stylish accessories come in a variety of styles to suit your event.

What wedding lantern style do you love?

  • Elegant


Use a variety of different intensities to make sure your lantern arrangement has depth and a sophisticated glow instead of an overwhelming shine.

  • Traditional


Give a classic church setting a special personal touch by lining the aisle with your favorite lanterns.

  • Vibrant


Don’t be afraid to add color to your ceremony. Build upon your foundation colors with other complementary jewel tones or bold hues.

  • Romantic


Floating lanterns transform a backyard pool or pond into an integral part of your celebration’s style.

  • Modern


DIY paper lanterns are a great way to cut costs and still attain a chic, modern glow.


October 2

Give Your Ceremony Some Sparkle!

While browsing through wedding photos earlier today, I noticed how much ambiance great lighting brings to an evening reception. From well-lit tables to gorgeous canopies of lights over the dance floor, unique lighting can literally brighten up your celebration in a stunning way. It adds exquisite sparkle to your night, making every moment even more memorable when cast in a soft or shimmering glow. Here are some great ideas for lovely wedding lights for inspiration:

Table Settings

Beautifully decorated tablescapes are only enhanced when you include well-placed lights in your decor. Check out these great ideas for table settings from Lemiga events:

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are a natural part of any outdoor reception, but even if you host your event inside, consider decorating the patio, walkway or nearby trees with white lights for a special effect, as seen in this photo from Eventiva.

Regal Reception Ideas

There are hundreds of way to incorporate unique lighting into your wedding reception. One of the best ways to choose a lighting scheme is to select a design plan that mirrors the theme of your wedding. Are you and your future spouse all about glitz and glamour? Consider a big, sweeping tent of white lights placed over the dance floor.


Looking for something with a little more bohemian fun and unique flair?  Opt for bold strands of brightly colored lights.


Or you can use your lights to poke fun at yourself, as in this photo from Etsy, where a couple used empty shotgun shells to light up their humorously titled “shotgun wedding.”