July 15

Wedding Lanterns Five Different Ways

Whether it’s a wedding reception, dinner party or photo shoot, lighting can make the difference between a fabulous glow and a fluorescent fizzle. Try using lanterns to achieve that warm glimmer that seems to make everyone in the room look chic. These stylish accessories come in a variety of styles to suit your event.

What wedding lantern style do you love?

  • Elegant


Use a variety of different intensities to make sure your lantern arrangement has depth and a sophisticated glow instead of an overwhelming shine.

  • Traditional


Give a classic church setting a special personal touch by lining the aisle with your favorite lanterns.

  • Vibrant


Don’t be afraid to add color to your ceremony. Build upon your foundation colors with other complementary jewel tones or bold hues.

  • Romantic


Floating lanterns transform a backyard pool or pond into an integral part of your celebration’s style.

  • Modern


DIY paper lanterns are a great way to cut costs and still attain a chic, modern glow.