March 6

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Vintage Charm

Today, we’re featuring wedding invitations and save the date cards with a touch of vintage charm. Deep navy hues keep these invitations timeless, to make your classic wedding a modern affair. Embellished response cards and thank you cards round out the wedding stationery, and complement romantic receptions.







February 13

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Alloy Wedding Invitations

This week, we’re seeing how our inspiration of Pantone Alloy translates to wedding stationery. This steely hue fits with a variety of designs ranging from ultra modern and chic to a timeless, traditional wedding invitation. The classy color stands on its own, but also pairs well with bright pops of color. Incorporating save the date cards and response cards gives a bride more options to customize for her special day.

Which style is your favorite?

Romantic Tab

Old World Romance
Stylized Foliage

At Last

Chic Couple

Monogram Elegance






February 12

Holding a Pre-Destination Wedding Reception: Ask Etta

While we dish about the hottest trends and latest designs, we also know how stressful prepping for the big day can be. Meet Etta, our expert in all things etiquette. She’s ready to delve into your every dilemma.

Debbie Asks…

My husband and I have a very large group of friends that have been a part of my son’s life, and we want to have a celebration before the destination wedding (definitely not after). We are inviting all the people that will be invited to the destination wedding, plus all our other close friends.  What do I call this type of celebration? And do I have to state “no gifts’? Should I stick an insert with the invitation explaining that we are having a small destination affair?

destination invite

Etta Says…

Thanks for writing in, Debbie.

Holding an “at-home” or local celebration is quite common for couples who chose to have a destination wedding. But usually these receptions take place two to six weeks after the marriage ceremony (and thus celebrate the newlyweds).

With no marriage completed, hosting a wedding reception may be a bit misleading for your guests, particularly since the ceremony will still be over half a year away.

Since you are planning the celebration prior to the destination wedding, I suggest that you host a send-off celebration for the engaged couple. I also recommend that your celebration be a casual affair – which it sounds like you are planning.

An engagement party invitation or couples shower invitation can easily be modified to fit this unique celebration. Simply alter the wording along these lines: “Please join us to celebrate the upcoming marriage, and send off the happy couple with your best wishes.”

Destination pre reception

It can feel awkward to host a second reception, when attendees have not been invited to the destination ceremony. But remember that you are making an effort to include all loved ones in the celebration of your son’s marriage. It is widely understood that destination weddings are smaller, more intimate events – and your guests will be happy to be included in this larger celebration.

Formal etiquette calls for no mention of gifts on the invitation, even in the case of requesting no gifts. It is appropriate, however, for you to share this information yourself, in casual conversation.

If you do hold the reception after the wedding, a wonderful way to notify guests is through a wedding announcement, along with a photograph from the destination wedding, which requests their attendance at the reception.

I hope this helps, Debbie!


Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at and she’ll post an answer for you.


May 22

Ask Etta: Non-Wedding Events—Who to Invite and How to Invite Them

While we dish about the hottest trends and latest designs (aka the fun parts of wedding planning!) we also know how stressful prepping for the big day can be. So, we would like to formally introduce you to Etta, our new etiquette expert. She’s ready and happy to delve into your every etiquette dilemma.

Quite a few people have asked about who to invite to non-wedding events and how to invite them. So here’s what Etta had to say…

Who to Invite

When it comes to weddings with a large amount of out-of-town guests, it is completely normal to have pre and post-wedding activities to entertain them while they’re in town. It’s also fine to to invite only certain people to these activities, as long as you have defined guidelines for who those people are. For example, it is totally acceptable to invite only out-of-town guests to your events, and to leave the local people out. This is done regularly for weddings and most guests will completely understand that your goal is to entertain the people who do not live there and have to stay in hotels, pay for travel, etc.

If, however, you decide to invite some local people and some not, you may end up hurting feelings or causing resentment between guests unless you have clear guidelines for your decisions. Since your wedding is meant to be a celebration of a joyful time, make sure that your events either include everyone, just out of towners, just bridal party, just family,  or a combination, etc. You want to try to avoid inviting some local friends but not others, or some local family but not all. If you decide you want some local people, etiquette states there really is no choice but to invite them all. You may also want to mix events; for example, have one event that includes everyone and then have a collection of smaller events only for your out-of-town guests. This way, everyone will feel included in something!

How to Invite Them

It is customary to send a separate invitation for the non-wedding events. This allows you to invite the people you want included for that particular event. Keep in mind, this invitation does not need to be as formal as the wedding invitation nor do you need to include formal response cards. It is perfectly acceptable to have email, phone or online RSVP for events like the rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, etc.

If you are having multiple events that the same people will be invited to, another idea is to create a little packet to inform guests of all the events. This informational invite can outline your pre-wedding events as well as post and also be sent separately from your wedding invite. Think of it as a little itinerary for the weekend.

Are Non-Wedding Events Mandatory?

It is perfectly fine not to have additional pre and post-wedding events. However, it is recommended to have a rehearsal to practice the details and logistics of the next day. But, a postrehearsal party isn’t obligatory although a nice opportunity for the couple’s families to come together. Another nice gesture for out-of-town guests is to provide a list of local restaurants and/or things to see and do in lieu of or in addition to a physical event.

Hope this helps clear up all the trickiness around the non-wedding events!

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January 17

Ask Etta: A Plus One Dilemna

While we dish about the hottest trends and latest designs (aka the fun parts of wedding planning!) we also know how stressful prepping for the big day can be. So, we would like to formally introduce you to Etta, our new etiquette expert. She’s ready and happy to delve into your every etiquette dilemma.

Melissa Asks…

My friend and her boyfriend broke up recently and he was her plus one (sent our save the dates). Will she still expect to have that plus one or can I get away with only inviting her on the wedding invite?

Etta Says…

Well, this certainly is a tough one. It all really depends on how the save the date was addressed. If it was addressed to the friend by name and guest, then your friend may still expect to receive an invitation that allows for her to bring a guest, in all fairness. If the save-the-date was addressed to her boyfriend also by his name, then she will probably understand when the invitation is sent only addressed to her. The best suggestion I have would be to call the friend directly and explain the situation, and ask if she intends on bringing a guest. This will avoid any confusion when it comes time to addressing invitations.  Most likely the friend will completely understand limitations in space, budget, etc.

Have an etiquette question for Etta? Email us at and she’ll post an answer for you.


September 19

Bride’s Diary: 251 Days to Go

Wedding Paper Divas is bursting with staff grooms and brides-to-be who are currently planning their weddings. We’re happy to share their stories with you as a part of this fun feature!

Yes, I know… that is still quite a bit of time left to plan. But I refuse to leave things til the last minute. Granted, that may mean a little extra stress the entire time leading up to the wedding, but I am hoping this planning will help avoid the crazy crunch right before the big day.

Since I last wrote, we have almost booked a singer for our ceremony, a dj, a classic car to take us to our venue and our honeymoon hotels. The final agreements are dropping into place, and then we can move on to all the little details. By far one of the most exciting advancements in our planning comes in the form of our save the dates and invitations. Tonight we will place our order for stationery… and here is what we picked:

The colors couldn’t be more perfect with our theme, and I love the whimsical and artistic feeling of the dots.

For a girl who lives and breathes shoes (and spent the last 7 years working in the shoe industry), finding the perfect wedding shoes was a top priority. Not too traditional, not too crazy. Not too outrageously priced, not too cheap. Not too high, not too low. Truly the Goldie Locks story in full effect. Well, I am happy to share with you what I decided on:

Leave it to eBay to come to the rescue! These shoes are the perfect amount of dazzle, but the gradating color really is something I have never seen before. One more thing to check off the list!

We are already planning our next trip to LA over Thanksgiving. We’ll be shooting our second round of engagement photos, meeting the dj and singer and transporting all our fun DIY projects down there (we haven’t started making them yet, but I am counting on having lots done by late November). I am sure we will find a way to pack a ton more into our trip… we always do! Stay tuned…

Meet Jessica

Jessica and Dan met nearly 7 years ago on Myspace. (Remember Myspace?) It took weeks of contemplation until they decided to finally meet… and I guess you could say the rest was history. After discovering their mutual shoe addiction, surviving countless Thanksgiving family meals together and three apartment/house moves later—they are officially ready to tie the knot.

Jessica and Dan are getting married May 27, 2012 at Malibou Lake Mountain Club in Los Angeles.