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April 23

How To: DIY Wedding Invitation Ribbons

We’re very excited to add another elegant DIY dimension to Wedding Paper Divas—ribbons! Since you’re preparing to tie the knot, why not literally tie them around your wedding invitations, favors and gifts—oh my.

Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Invitations

These lovely DIY Wedding Invitation Ribbons are satin and come in two sizes—thick (1 ½ inches) and thin (3/8 inch)—and a luscious array of 24 colors.

Wedding Ribbons in 24 different colors

Whether you’re inspired to create a bold accent or more of a refined embellishment, our ribbons will add a lush layer to your wedding theme. They make a charming statement, go the extra mile, a decadent piѐce de résistance, if you will.

Wedding Ribbons for your DIY Wedding Invitations

Now that you’ve been introduced to ribbons, stay tuned for future DIY posts on how to incorporate this graceful style with your big day. The possibilities are sophisticated, romantic and oh so je ne sais quoi.

See more Ribbon DIY: How-To: 4 Fabulous Ribbon DIYs for Wedding Invitations


April 17

Get Inspired by Our Top Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is less than a month away (May 12, if you need a reminder!), and if you are looking to do something extra special for Mom this year, it’s time to start planning.

Not only did Mom raise you, but she probably acted – or is currently – as head wedding coordinator for your special day, assisting with everything from addressing envelopes to helping with table seating. Take this Mother’s Day to share your gratitude with a gift that lets Mom know how much you appreciate everything she does.

Mother's Day gift choices -- Wedding Paper Divas blog

1. Make an album she’ll cherish forever

She may have seen your wedding photos already, but pulling the very best images into one beautiful parents’ album will create a brag book Mom can share with her friends. Try to choose photos that will speak to her – a shot of her dancing, your father’s speech, or the cutting of the cake are all great memories.

2. Create a daily reminder of your love

A family photo from your wedding day is the perfect shot to put on a photo mug. If you live far away, this gift is a daily reminder of your love as your mother sips her morning tea.

3. Give a gift as unique as your bond

A photo gift makes a stunning present for Mom to display in her home. Family shots, or a photo of you and your mother, are the best to display here.

4. A special space for everyday notes

If your mother is a listmaker, help keep her to-dos extra sweet with a custom notepad. Pick a style that fits her, and match a photo from your wedding (a shot of the two of you would be extra sweet).

5. DIY a photo project

Roll up your sleeves and spend a Saturday creating these one of a kind photo vases. With just a few supplies, this simple DIY craft makes a big statement. For an extra bonus, fill them with Mom’s favorite blooms.

6. Pamper Mom with her favorite treats

For a special gift, fill a basket with luxurious treats that all have one purpose – to help Mom relax. Bath salts, candles, perfumes, and lotions are perfect for this. You can even add in an extra soft towel or robe. And we don’t think Mom would mind if you slipped in a bar or two of specialty chocolates!


March 19

Eye Candy: Wedding Reception Photo Ideas

Starting with a Save the Date that incorporates photography in a fun and unique style, we’re loving these wedding day details. From table settings incorporating photos of each guest to a ceremony aisle runner that acts as a physical walk down memory lane, these five photo ideas will spark decor inspiration for your own wedding day.


escort cards


picture place setting

photo ceremony runner




March 27

DIY Boutineers for Groomsmen and More

Flowers can cost a pretty penny when you’re planning a wedding, but don’t worry—we’ve got the inside scoop on how to create some chic floral looks all your own. We’ve featured a DIY bouquet before, but today we have something for the fellas: DIY boutineers made from fresh flowers and other craft materials.

Here’s how it’s done (it’s easier than you think!):

Floral Boutineer Supplies

  • Flowers of your choice (leaves help!)
  • Green floral tape
  • Pins (we prefer these easy-to-close pins over straight pins—which tend to prick you and are a generally a pain!)

Step One: Prep Your Flowers

Select a single bloom and frame it with leaves, baby’s breath or other filler. When it looks lovely, wrap the floral tape around the stem to hold it all together and cover the base of the stems.

Step Two: Create Backing and Add Pin

Use cardstock to create a backing for the boutineer, then affix the cardstock to the pin on one side and the stem of the flower or leaves on the other. Obviously the organic material will start to wilt when you do this, so it has to be done right before the ceremony to prevent drooping foliage.

Step Three: Wear and Enjoy!

Pin them onto the groomsmen’s lapels for a lovely, easy, DIY look.

Fabric Boutineer Supplies

  • Strips of coordinating material
  • Faux flowers or other details
  • Pins (once again, we prefer easy-to-close pins for this craft)

Step One: Cut and Layer Strips of Fabric

Cut the material into evenly sized strips, then start to layer them in a star or asterisk shape and hot glue each layer together.

Step Two: Add Decorative Touches and a Pin

Add a decorative item like a fabric flower or other little detail to the center of the asterisk shape, then glue a pin to the back.

Step Three: Wear and Enjoy!

These boutineers are particularly great if you’re looking for something to make ahead of time, of if you want it to be a keepsake. They’ll last much longer than fresh flowers!

If you try this craft idea yourself, or if you have any DIY ideas to share, send your photos to blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and we’ll post them for all of our fans and followers.


February 24

Winter Wedding Photography from Bella Pictures

Winter invites your imagination to soar—and lends itself to create a glamorous and magical event. With the right planning you can create a wonderland that dazzles with elegance and is perfectly brought to life with the colors of the season. For tips on planning a winter wedding, click here.

Want to see if Bella Pictures is available on your wedding date? Click here to find out!

About Bella Pictures

Bella Pictures is the most recognized name in premium wedding photography and video, and we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new website.

Bella now offers an expansive wedding photography portfolio, with hundreds of wedding galleries and slideshows from all around the country, as well as a daily blog and a helpful planning section that features engagement session ideas, wedding day photo itineraries, budget-saving tips and more.

Most importantly, Bella now provides a completely transparent shopping experience, allowing couples to customize and buy photography, video and albums online.


February 13

Real DIY Ideas from a Wedding Paper Divas Staffer

As you probably read in our Bride’s Diary series, we’ve had plenty of staffers in the Wedding Paper Divas offices tie the knot this past year. Luckily for the bloggers, that means we get to borrow their great ideas and share them with you!

Here are a few of our favorite DIY ideas from one lovely newlywed:

DIY Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

Stumped for heartfelt gifts for your parents and your new in-laws? Our staff bride kept things simple and sentimental with embroidered handkerchiefs and beautifully mounted poems she and her fiance penned themselves.

DIY Weekend Guides

Since she hosted a destination wedding, our staff bride planned weekend activities for her guests to keep them all entertained. She handed out gift bags to each guest and slipped these handmade weekend guides inside to acquaint them with the schedule.

To make them, she personalized our Fresh Flourish folded programs to serve as a cover, then printed the relevant information on regular sheets of paper she folded in half. She then hole punched the crease of both the programs and the paper and created a binding out of matching ribbon. Genius!

DIY Conversation Starter Cards

To encourage guests to mingle (and to share fun little facts about the couple), she hand wrote dozens of these cards and left them on guests’ chairs, on tables and out at some of the weekend events. They say things like their favorite foods and drinks, all of the places they’ve lived together and what their plans for the future are.

We loved all of these fun DIY ideas, and we hope they help you get creative in your wedding planning! Plus, if you have any DIY ideas to share, send your photos to blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and we’ll post them for all of our fans and followers.


February 1

A Red and White Valentine’s Day from Beau-coup

Our wedding favors partner Beau-coup posted these gorgeous red and white Valentine’s Day images, and we couldn’t resist sharing them with you! Isn’t it perfectly lovely? For more party inspiration and wedding ideas, check out the Beau-coup blog.

Although it’s fun to play with different Valentine’s Day schemes, there is something to be said for the classic red and white palette. If you’re having a Valentine’s Day wedding, consider going with these romantic colors. Your setting can be anywhere, from a seaside party to a stately mansion or an elegant indoor venue such as a hotel ballroom.

{Images from: {Polka Dot Bride, Rock n Roll Bride, Rock n Roll Bride, Style Me Pretty}

For your decorations, you might use white linens and china, paired with bold red touches such as satin bows as place cards or napkins and lovely red bunches of flowers.

{Images from Style Me Pretty, Santa Barbara Chic, Style Me Pretty, Hostess Blog}

Add a dash of French je ne sais quoi by adding some stripes into the mix, or you could even tie in your love of reading by using red books as accents.

{Images from Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Hostess Blog, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty}

Have the men in the wedding wear red ties or quirky bow ties, and dress your bridesmaids in sophisticated red gowns. Opt for a tea length gown yourself to show off some killer red heels, and add some red lipstick to complete the look.

{Images from Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Polka Dot Bride, Rock n Roll Bride}

For your food, add some traditional Valentine’s Day fare such as heart-shaped lollipops and Valentines, or simply add some splashes of red by topping your main courses with tomatoes and red peppers and your dessert with raspberries and strawberries.

{Images from My Sweet and Saucy, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty}

About Beau-coup Favors

Beau-coup is a recognized leader in the wedding favor and bridal gifts industry. Our offerings include wedding decorations and supplies, as well as baby shower favors, birthday party favors and other party favors. Style editors and event planners look to Beau-coup for trendsetting favors and unique wedding planning ideas, both in our wedding blog and articles section. We have also been featured in a variety of leading publications including Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and InStyle Magazine.


January 30

DIY Table Numbers and Decor

In our last DIY post, we featured DIY table numbers made using faux moss and planters. This week, we have a fresh idea using nearly identical supplies but with an entirely different look.

These easy DIY table numbers involve filling mason jars with the moss, hand writing table numbers on nice cardstock and then slipping the numbers into the jars. Gorgeous, isn’t it? And so simple! Plus we love how it looks with our Enchanting Forest menus.

If you have a few extra jars or glass vases lying around, we’ve also fallen in love with this adorable idea for your entry table (or even centerpieces):


  • Glass mason jars or vases
  • Some of your favorite photos

How to Do It:

It’s as easy as it looks! Just slide your favorite photos inside the jars. You might have to slightly roll them to squeeze them in, but don’t worry—ours bounced back nicely.

Now some of your favorite memories together are ready for display! Fun, right?

We want to hear your creative DIY ideas, too! Send your photos to blog@weddingpaperdivas.com and we’ll post them for all of our fans and followers.


December 13

Picking a Date for Your Big Day: Things to Know

We know lots of engagements happen over the holidays, so many of you are probably hopping on Wedding Paper Divas in search of the perfect save the date cards. But before you can send out save the date cards for your upcoming wedding, you have to set a date!

This daunting task often comes down to what venues are available, but if you want to make your save the date cards really stand out, choose one of the creative methods listed below and have a little fun with your wedding planning:

  • Use math to set the date for your save the date cards! Imagine how fun and creative your save the date cards will look when you write out “10 + 2 = A Perfect 12!” for your wedding date of 10/2/12. Get creative with math and you can surely brainstorm some new ways to display your wedding date on your save the date cards.
  • Select a sentimental date. From the day you first met to the date of your parents’ wedding anniversary, sentimental dates add a wealth of sweet, romantic style to your save the date cards. Just be sure to explain the importance somewhere on the save the date cards to make sure all of your friends and family members are in on the fun.
  • Choose a historically romantic date and customize your save the date cards to match the romance of your theme. Valentine’s Day makes an excellent choice with plenty of themed save the date cards to match, but you can also choose the day a famous king and queen got married, the date that Petrarch first saw Laura (April 6, according to scholars) or the date of your favorite love letter from Napoleon to Josephine. By pairing these special dates with a short explanation and a matching design aesthetic on your save the date cards, you can create a completely unique stationery item that is sure to wow your family and friends.

What factors are going to influence when you set the date? Share your advice with a comment below!


December 9

Diann Valentine’s Best of 2010…

We’re happy to bring you this weekly tip from celebrity wedding planner and Wedding Paper Divas stationery designer, Diann Valentine. To shop for her designs, check out our Diann Valentine collection.

As this year winds down, I’ve been contemplating how I could possibly recap all of its highs and lows, successes and failures, triumphs and accomplishments. I used to be someone who constantly obsessed over achieving the next goal as soon as one was completed, forgetting to savor the moment, rest in the victory and enjoy the journey. So for the remainder of this year, I will go through my list of “Best Of” in various categories and random occurrences throughout my career.

This year has been filled with so much travel, as I have logged almost 100,000 miles in the air. In the midst of the craziness I paused for an intimate wedding for some long-time clients that have believed in the DRV brand for years. My reward is never in the size of the budget, the celebrity guest list or the media accolades, but rather it is the satisfaction of knowing that I have nailed an idea…helped a woman’s heart sing and managed to make a mark on the hearts of two people for the rest of their lives. Herein lies my Best Wedding of 2010.

I get a tremendous amount of credit for the magic that ‘we’ create, but it takes a small army to turn a regular Saturday night into a magical memory, so please allow me to thank some of the DRV team that helped turn this one into reality. Genia Abram, Greg Davis, Alan Dunn, Julie Dunn, Erin Earls, Amy Groth, Robert Hansen, Brent Jongeward , Kobie Kenon, Nathan Megaw, Ryan Megaw, Mike Shauger, Seth Santoro, Mickie Valentine, Riann Valentine and a host of many more hard-working busy bees!

So, do share, what is the project that meant the most to you this year?

Keep spreading the love,