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May 9

A Save the Date Dilemma: Today’s Diva Dish

When it comes to numbers and guest lists, we know etiquette can get a little sticky. Take this reader’s question into consideration…


I have a wedding invitation etiquette question.  I sent out save the date cards a few months ago.  If someone tells me that they cannot attend the wedding based on the save the date card, do I still send them a wedding invitation?

Thank you!


Thanks so much for writing in, Courtney!

Luckily, this etiquette question has a pretty simple solution. Our experts agree that it’s still necessary to send a formal wedding invitation, even if your guest tells you they won’t be able to attend after receiving your save the date. Not only is it a nice formality, but leaving them off your invite list after you’ve already sent them a save the date may result in (easily avoidable) hurt feelings. Plus, you never know if their plans will change!

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