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October 19

How to Get Your Groom Involved

Wedding planning takes a lot of work (as we’re sure you know by now) and we often hear from brides-to-be who are looking for ways to get their guy more involved. So we turned to our Facebook community… and here’s what a few of our fans and followers had to say about how their beaus pitched in:

“He did the wedding website, we are doing the food tasting today, he is supportive on all my ideas, and he is keeping me grounded!” -Alexandra S

“I do 90% of the work. He gives input every now and then. He mainly says whatever you want to do which sometimes get on my nerves. But, since this is what I want to do for a living I get over it quickly and just enjoy myself. He will be going with me for the cake tasting and the food tasting. And, he does want to see the venue I chose.” -Patrice M

“He designed our invitations!! He is an artist so he is very involved. I love it.” -Kimberly D

“My groom has been awesome! He loves being involved in every decision. He’s been able to help me stay sane and helpful in deciding what to do.” -Angela R

“My fiance has been awesome! He is in charge of all music for ceremony/reception, he has provided his thoughts and input in all our decisions, even though what I really want is what we get.” -Natasha P

“My fiance has been so supportive and very involved—from making chalkboards, house cleaning and looking at flowers — love him more every day. But he does know I have the final say too ha ha…its 60/40″ -Jill A

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March 9

Style Swoon: A Rustic Touch for the Gents

We’re starting a chic new series to highlight the Wedding Paper Divas blog team’s bridal fashion favorites! Check back every Friday to see our latest style lusts and more.

A rustic wedding usually incorporates elements in the decor and flowers, but here is a cool way to add a rustic touch to the groom’s attire too. A little burlap or linen goes a long way in carrying through a natural feel. Here are our picks for a tie and bow tie that would do the trick!


February 24

Rant or Rave: Choosing Your Groom’s Wedding Attire

Your wedding dress is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make on your wedding planning journey. And while all eyes will be on you when you walk down that aisle, your Mr. should look great too! Are you helping your future husband pick out his day-of attire?

Here’s what some of our Facebook fans had to say…

“Nope it’s all him! He’s not helping pick out my gown…(:” -Amanda

“I think so…not because he doesn’t have a fashion sense but because he will probably want my opinion” -Jen

“We picked his out together.” -Robyn

“Yep, I love him to death but I am the ying to his yang when it comes to fashion lol.” -Hilary

“Nope, he wanted to wear his uniform and I’m fine with that.” -Kirby

“We went together and brought along the BM and MOH! -Michelle

“He has no say…I chose it gray 2 piece suit. He is clueless on fashion.” -Tammy

“He is a big boy, all he needed was the color to match :).” -Melinda

“Ohhhh yes. Are you kidding me? Lol.” -Crystal


October 4

A Nod to the Groom: Eye Candy

Sometimes we see little details that send us over the edge. And this groom-friendly find is no exception. It’s one of the cuter things we’ve seen lately, and we simply couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Stitch a little love into your groom’s tie on the big day… it can be your little secret when you say “I do!”


September 30

Rant or Rave: Grooms + Wedding Planning

There’s no denying, a lot of the wedding planning usually falls on the plate of the bride-to-be. But every couple does things their own way. So we ask our readers… would you rather have a groom that is uninvolved or a groomzilla?

There are certain advantages to having one less opinion in the mix. Then again a helping hand is always appreciated. But careful what you wish for… we have heard multiple cases of grooms turning into groomzillas! Of course everyone wants the perfect easygoing yet helpful groom. But, alas, we can’t always get what we want. In your wedding planning, have you experienced either of these scenarios? Rant or rave!


April 26

Traditional Groom Style with a Twist: Eye Candy

Our Eye Candy feature is usually dedicated to all things lovely and sparkly, so today I thought I’d send a little love to all the grooms out there looking for some inspiration of their own! There’s something simply dapper about a well-worn bow tie—they’re classic, bold and oh-so-timeless. Here are some chic styles we’ve stumbled upon lately that make an age-old fashion statement anything but outdated.

Any of you grooms out there planning to rock a bow tie on the big day? Leave us a comment and let us know!


March 8

Add Some Sparklers to Your Wedding with Bella Pictures

Using sparklers at your wedding is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Couple are leaving the rice and birdseed behind in favor of more environmentally conscious alternatives like bubbles and sparklers (which are a great way to celebrate the “spark” between the newlyweds!). When you think of sparklers, you probably think of Fourth of July and celebrating America when you were a kid, but why not bring that sense of fun and excitement to one of the most important days of your life? They also make for some fun photographs!

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About Bella Pictures

Bella Pictures is the most recognized name in premium wedding photography and video, and we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new website.

Bella now offers an expansive wedding photography portfolio, with hundreds of wedding galleries and slideshows from all around the country, as well as a daily blog and a helpful planning section that features engagement session ideas, wedding day photo itineraries, budget-saving tips and more.

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March 9

Oscar Inspiration for Him

In recent years the Oscar Red Carpet has been graced with popular male stars sporting a formal tuxedo with a modern twist.  From colored pocket-squares to skinny ties, the basic black tux was out. However, this year, we noticed a movement away from the modern and back towards the traditional.  But, wait.

Before you yawn and think that the standard bow-tie is tired and stale, take a look at these sleek looks. We love how each guy made a subtle and stylish statement by adding simple, little details that pulled together a polished look.

From white boutonnieres and sleek hankerchiefs to distinct white or black buttons, these little details make all the difference:


February 22

Wedding Bands for Him

When I was wedding planning, I found myself pleasantly surprised at how open and honest my husband was throughout the process. He shared his likes and dislikes, he coordinated with his groomsmen and he even picked out his own tuxedo.  Things were so smooth that I thought that everything would remain perfectly blissful.

However, our state of marital bliss came to an end when I mentioned two little words–”wedding bands.”  It seemed that my fiance never even considered the fact that he would have to wear a ring.  It’s not that he was against the idea of what the ring represented, but rather that it was a piece of jewelery.  Luckily, after months of debate, he saw the light and agreed to wear a simple and lightweight Titanium band.

Convincing your fiance to wear a wedding band might be a difficult task, but hopefully these rings will help him see the wide variety of styles that are available. With a little work, you can work together to find the perfect match to reflect his tastes.

Images from Tiffany‘s