May 15

Father’s Day Inspiration: Give the Gift of Memories

From the latest tech toy to a new driver for the golf course, there are plenty of options for great gifts for Dad. But to make this Father’s Day extra special, we’re suggesting the gift of time. Clichéd as it may sound, giving Dad a bit of one-on-one time might just be the sweetest gift he receives this year. Here are our ideas for some great activities:

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  • Looking Back: We love the idea of giving Dad a visual reminder of your appreciation for his support on your wedding day, by making a wedding photo album. Pour his favorite cocktail, set out some snacks, and stay in for a night of reminiscing about your wedding celebration.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Fathers Day Ideas Movie Night

  • Make a night of it: Take Dad out for a movie date – his choice, of course! Whether it’s the summer’s hottest blockbuster action movie, or the latest sports biopic, he’ll appreciate getting out of the house and having his choice of the movies Mom won’t see (no sappy romance flicks here). Splurge for the extra large popcorn.
  • Revisiting Old Memories: Take a trip down memory lane and surprise Dad with a visit to your favorite place as a kid. Whether it’s tossing a baseball and playing on the swings at the neighborhood park, or visiting the tigers at the zoo, taking the time to remember the special trips you took as a child will let Dad know you appreciate his time – both then and now.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Fathers Day Ideas Game Night

  • A Battle of the Minds: Now that you’re both adults, go head to head in a board game with your old man. Or pull out a classic game you loved as a little girl (we’re thinking Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, or Hungry Hungry Hippos).  He’ll probably still let you win – old habits die hard, after all – but the quality one-on-one time is the real prize here.
  • A Quality Call: Live too far from Dad to do one of these activities? Just pick up the phone and call him. Your time and attention are the best gifts he could get this Father’s Day, and making a dedicated call to catch up on life, current events, sports, or whatever he wants to talk about will bring a smile to his face.

Send a Little Love

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Fathers Day Ideas

Find this Father’s Day card and more at

Really want to pull at Dad’s heartstrings this Father’s Day? Here are a few tips for writing a note to dear old Dad.

  • Remember the little things:  Did he stay up all night helping you write that book report in fourth grade? Or teach you how to tie your shoes? Pointing out the little moments in which Dad came to the rescue can lead to a larger message of appreciation.
  • Reflect on Inspiration: Let Dad know exactly how he’s inspired you – perhaps in your career, travel choices, extracurriculars, or even in friend choices. By telling Dad how he’s inspired you, you’re reaffirming all the wonderful things about him.
  • Look Forward: You’re at the point in your life where Dad could soon transition to Grandpa. Let him know how excited you are for this next step, and how you know he’ll be a wonderful Grandpa.

We hope these ideas help you make Father’s Day even better this year. Share your own ideas in the comments!


April 17

Get Inspired by Our Top Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is less than a month away (May 12, if you need a reminder!), and if you are looking to do something extra special for Mom this year, it’s time to start planning.

Not only did Mom raise you, but she probably acted – or is currently – as head wedding coordinator for your special day, assisting with everything from addressing envelopes to helping with table seating. Take this Mother’s Day to share your gratitude with a gift that lets Mom know how much you appreciate everything she does.

Mother's Day gift choices -- Wedding Paper Divas blog

1. Make an album she’ll cherish forever

She may have seen your wedding photos already, but pulling the very best images into one beautiful parents’ album will create a brag book Mom can share with her friends. Try to choose photos that will speak to her – a shot of her dancing, your father’s speech, or the cutting of the cake are all great memories.

2. Create a daily reminder of your love

A family photo from your wedding day is the perfect shot to put on a photo mug. If you live far away, this gift is a daily reminder of your love as your mother sips her morning tea.

3. Give a gift as unique as your bond

A photo gift makes a stunning present for Mom to display in her home. Family shots, or a photo of you and your mother, are the best to display here.

4. A special space for everyday notes

If your mother is a listmaker, help keep her to-dos extra sweet with a custom notepad. Pick a style that fits her, and match a photo from your wedding (a shot of the two of you would be extra sweet).

5. DIY a photo project

Roll up your sleeves and spend a Saturday creating these one of a kind photo vases. With just a few supplies, this simple DIY craft makes a big statement. For an extra bonus, fill them with Mom’s favorite blooms.

6. Pamper Mom with her favorite treats

For a special gift, fill a basket with luxurious treats that all have one purpose – to help Mom relax. Bath salts, candles, perfumes, and lotions are perfect for this. You can even add in an extra soft towel or robe. And we don’t think Mom would mind if you slipped in a bar or two of specialty chocolates!


February 28

Ask Etta: Sending Gifts for a Bridal Shower You Can’t Attend?

While we dish about the hottest trends and latest designs (aka the fun parts of wedding planning!) we also know how stressful prepping for the big day can be. So, we would like to formally introduce you to Etta, our new etiquette expert. She’s ready and happy to delve into your every etiquette dilemma.

Angela Asks…

I’m not able to make it to my cousin’s bridal shower. Should I still send a gift?

Etta Says…

While gift giving is never a requirement, bridal showers are the only pre-wedding event where gifts are typically expected. You should never feel obligated to send a gift if you can’t attend, but it is a nice gesture if you’re able to do so—and one the bride will truly appreciate!


August 19

Rant or Rave: Giving Money as a Wedding Gift

There are lots of opinions and advice on etiquette when it comes to giving wedding gifts (and getting them). We thought we’d get your thoughts on giving cash for weddings.

How do you feel about giving cash as a gift? Some can’t get past the thought that it’s tacky… others want their hard-earned money to be as useful as it can be. Would you rather pick out a thoughtful gift for the couple or give them money and let them use it however they see fit? Rant or rave!


August 12

Thank You Cards for Gifts: Rant or Rave

One of the Wedding Paper Divas staffers recently ran into a situation that we thought we would share and get your thoughts on. A few months after attending a bridal shower (and bringing a gift) she realized that she never received a thank you card. She asked some of us in the office whether they thought she should be offended or whether she should just let it go.

Is sending a thank you note necessary? Or just a tradition and a decision that should be up to the bride? Rant or rave!


July 15

How Much is Too Much: Rant or Rave

Everybody knows that weddings aren’t cheap (to put it mildly). But the parties leading up to them can really add up for the guests. Gifts. Travel. Accommodations. Outfits. The list goes on. What do you think is too much? If the couple is having an out-of-town wedding is it too much to have a destination bachelorette party and expect people to come? Is bringing a gift for every event (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding) too much or just plain courtesy?

We are so intrigued to find out what you guys think… so, go ahead, rant or rave!