August 28

Bridal Shower Games

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Fancy tea cakes, pretty lingerie gifts and…toilet paper? There are those classic bridal shower games, and some cheesy ones as well, that you are bound to see at every shower. As you plan your event, consider games that you know the bride to be, and guests, would actually enjoy playing! We’ve compiled a list here of a few games that could be very entertaining.

Ring Game: Each guest is given a plastic engagement ring as they arrive to the party. The purpose of the game is to not get caught either saying a word, or doing a certain action. Banned words can include anything wedding related, and actions could be crossing your legs. If one guest catches another guest saying or doing these things, they take that person’s ring. The guest who collects the most rings by the end of the party, wins.

How Well Do You Know the Bride: Come up with list of trivia questions and fun facts about the bride. Give the guests paper and pens to answer the questions and have the bride answer the questions after. The guest who answers the most correctly wins.

How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom: Come up with a list of trivia questions about the groom, including his pet peeves and things from his childhood and have him answer them before the shower. The bride must answer each question, and for each question that she answers incorrectly, one of the guests is allowed to ask her a “truth” or “dare.”

Find Your Mate: Make a list of well-known romantic couples from history, or famous celebrity couples, and write down the names on name tags. Put a name tag on each guests’ back so they can not see it. All the guests ask each other questions about their identity, and once they figure out who they are, they must find their other half.

Toilet Paper Wedding Gown: Have guests get into teams of three or four. The task it to create a stylish wedding dress using only 3 rolls of toilet paper in 20 minutes. The teams must then model their dresses and explain the design concept and the bride chooses her favorite.

Analogies: One guest starts thinking of one of the other guests and keeps her choice a secret. The other guests must guess who the mystery person is by asking questions about the individual in the form of analogies. Examples of questions would be, “If she were a cocktail, what type would she be?” or “If she were a dessert, what type would she be?” and so on until someone is able to guess the person correctly.

Two Truths and a Lie: Each guest tells three things about herself; two of them are truths and the third is a lie. The other guests must guess which statement is false.

Notes of Advice: Have a box and blank note cards on a table for guests to write notes of advice, wisdom, and wishes for the bride to be. Put all the notes in the box and give to the bride to open and read right before her wedding day.


December 11

Rant or Rave: Wedding Reception Games

One of our staffers recently attended a wedding reception that started with a game—each table was assigned a song, and then asked to come up with an impromptu dance for that song that they would then perform for the entire group.

The young people at the wedding really got into the fun little activity, but—surprise surprise!—Great Aunt Sally and Uncle Duane weren’t too excited about dancing to Sir Mix-a-Lot.


Have you ever attended a wedding that included games at the reception? Would you happy participate, or secretly sneak off to the bathroom for the duration of the activity? What games work and what games simply don’t?

Do wedding reception games make you want to rant or rave?


September 17

Fun Games for Your Reception

Since I was little, my family has played a big game of croquet at every celebration from Thanksgiving to graduations, birthdays and plain old backyard barbecues. As a result, I love the idea of incorporating these classic games into your wedding as a form of entertainment!

Which wedding game is your favorite?



Bocce Ball




Ping Pong



June 15

Link Love: Bridal Shower Games

I dread party games with a passionate dislike akin to my feelings for karaoke or line dancing. That being said, I have been to a few showers where the games actually made the entire event more fun. Whether you use games to break the ice, entertain your guests or embarrass the bride, here are a few references to help you get started planning party games that will make your party happier—not horrifying!

  • Project Wedding has some cute bridal shower game ideas, including “In Her Words,” which involves writing down what the bride says as she opens each gift (think, “How did you know I wanted this?!”) and then reading back her responses as what she’ll say on her wedding night.
  • June Wedding offers some of her own ideas about what makes a bridal shower game fun instead of fearsome, including tormenting the bride with a “get read for your honeymoon in the dark game” instead of tormenting guests with another round of charades.
  • Celebrations features a fun list of ice breakers, including one where all guests write a brief synopsis of their first kiss on a card, toss them all together and then try to guess which kiss belongs to which attendee. Unfortunately, in this game, mine would be the only scenario involving Denny’s and a plate of mozzarella cheese sticks.
  • Weddings Galore takes the bridal shower game a step further, with entire themes crafted around the idea of fitness, gardening or things a bride simply can’t live without.
  • Love to Know has some funny ideas for couples’ showers, including “Love Duets” karaoke. I know I said I hate doing karaoke, but watching the bride and groom sing ridiculous songs to each other sounds too good to pass up.



August 5

Bring Something Fun to the Table

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to entertain your guests during lulls in the reception? Just stock your reception tables with these charming little activities that are sure to suit guests of any age!

One classic way to get your guests involved in the reception is to place disposable cameras at each table and encourage everyone to take pictures throughout the evening. Once you develop the film, you will have priceless photos of your friends and family that you can either incorporate into a scrapbook or wedding album, or slip into your thank you notes to remind everyone of all the fun they had on your big day.

Another great way to entertain your guests at their tables is with a crossword puzzle about you. Sites like make it easy to build your own free crossword puzzle, which you can then print and set out at each table.

You can even set out lottery tickets at each table as gifts and announce the winning numbers, or use stacks of blank stationery tied with ribbons as a way to encourage guests to write notes to neighboring tables or to the newlywed couple.

There are so many ways to add a little flair to your table settings. If you have any to share with the wedding community, let us know!