Father’s Day

May 15

Father’s Day Inspiration: Give the Gift of Memories

From the latest tech toy to a new driver for the golf course, there are plenty of options for great gifts for Dad. But to make this Father’s Day extra special, we’re suggesting the gift of time. Clichéd as it may sound, giving Dad a bit of one-on-one time might just be the sweetest gift he receives this year. Here are our ideas for some great activities:

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  • Looking Back: We love the idea of giving Dad a visual reminder of your appreciation for his support on your wedding day, by making a wedding photo album. Pour his favorite cocktail, set out some snacks, and stay in for a night of reminiscing about your wedding celebration.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Fathers Day Ideas Movie Night

  • Make a night of it: Take Dad out for a movie date – his choice, of course! Whether it’s the summer’s hottest blockbuster action movie, or the latest sports biopic, he’ll appreciate getting out of the house and having his choice of the movies Mom won’t see (no sappy romance flicks here). Splurge for the extra large popcorn.
  • Revisiting Old Memories: Take a trip down memory lane and surprise Dad with a visit to your favorite place as a kid. Whether it’s tossing a baseball and playing on the swings at the neighborhood park, or visiting the tigers at the zoo, taking the time to remember the special trips you took as a child will let Dad know you appreciate his time – both then and now.

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Fathers Day Ideas Game Night

  • A Battle of the Minds: Now that you’re both adults, go head to head in a board game with your old man. Or pull out a classic game you loved as a little girl (we’re thinking Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, or Hungry Hungry Hippos).  He’ll probably still let you win – old habits die hard, after all – but the quality one-on-one time is the real prize here.
  • A Quality Call: Live too far from Dad to do one of these activities? Just pick up the phone and call him. Your time and attention are the best gifts he could get this Father’s Day, and making a dedicated call to catch up on life, current events, sports, or whatever he wants to talk about will bring a smile to his face.

Send a Little Love

Wedding Paper Divas Blog - Fathers Day Ideas

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Really want to pull at Dad’s heartstrings this Father’s Day? Here are a few tips for writing a note to dear old Dad.

  • Remember the little things:  Did he stay up all night helping you write that book report in fourth grade? Or teach you how to tie your shoes? Pointing out the little moments in which Dad came to the rescue can lead to a larger message of appreciation.
  • Reflect on Inspiration: Let Dad know exactly how he’s inspired you – perhaps in your career, travel choices, extracurriculars, or even in friend choices. By telling Dad how he’s inspired you, you’re reaffirming all the wonderful things about him.
  • Look Forward: You’re at the point in your life where Dad could soon transition to Grandpa. Let him know how excited you are for this next step, and how you know he’ll be a wonderful Grandpa.

We hope these ideas help you make Father’s Day even better this year. Share your own ideas in the comments!


June 8

Have You Entered Our Father’s Day Contest Yet?

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Here are the details:

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May 23

Plan Ahead for the Perfect Father’s Day Card

Wedding planning is hard work, but that’s not an excuse to forget about the special holidays dedicated to those you love! This Father’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to show your dad and your father-in-law-to-be just how much you appreciate all of the wonderful things they bring to your life.

With Father’s Day coming up on June 20th, now is the time to start formulating your plan. Whether you intend to treat Dad to a big plate of homemade brownies, a day of golf or a brand new tie, these stylish Father’s Day greeting cards from our parent site, Tiny Prints, will be perfect accessories. You can even add photos and a unique message to make your greetings extra personal.

I absolutely adore the Mustache Brigade greeting card below—but that’s probably because my dad had a rockin’ mustache for the first 18 years of my life! Which design is your favorite?