Ethnic Wedding Invitations

July 19

DIY: Add Wow to Your Invitations

Looking for a way to add a little extra dazzle to your wedding stationery? This week’s DIY is just for you. And we thought there’s no better way to showcase wow-worthy add-ons than with our gorgeous, new ethnic wedding invitations. Let’s get started…


  • Your favorite stationery designs. We used our Vintage Scrollwork wedding invitation, our Paisley Flourish rehearsal dinner invitation and coordinating wedding invitation, and our Peacock Promise wedding invitation.
  • Pocketfolds in a coordinating color. These offer a beautiful way to package your stationery suite.
  • Adhesive gems, decorative paper, rhinestones—anything you love that will add some sparkle. You can find these at any craft or paper goods store.
  • Double-sided tape and/or tacky glue.

Rhinestone Embellishments

Dressing up your design with something tiny and sparkly is fairly simple, but takes some precision. We had to get out the tweezers for accurate placement—and tacky glue for the gems that didn’t come with an adhesive backing. This takes two steps: decide where you want it, then place it carefully onto the cardstock.

Pretty Paper Backing

Many of our wedding invitations already come with designs on the back, but this is just another way to play up your style. We found some gorgeous specialty paper at a local craft store, and cut it true to the size of the invitation using a paper cuter with a built-in ruler. Once you’ve got it cut to the perfect size, use tacky glue to adhere it to the back of your card and it’s ready to impress.

For this second look, you’ll have to double your wedding invitation order—because what you see on the front of the pocketfolds enclosure is actually the back of the wedding invitation. But we absolutely love this unique approach to sending out your stationery… just imagine your guests’ reaction when they open that envelope!

Glue your invitation onto the pocketfolds cover (facing down) to get gorgeous, and the rest of your wedding suite (invite, response card and any enclosure cards) will sit snug inside. You can also line the inside with paper to give the ornate stationery an equally elaborate backdrop, like so:

Who knew a bit of paper and some gems could transform your stationery in such a way?

Did you try out this DIY project at home? Send your photos to and we’ll be happy to feature your handiwork.


July 18

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: South Asian Inspiration

Hopefully you are as excited as we are about the launch of our new ethnic wedding invitations. The intricate patterns and details in these designs are inspired by South Asian cultures and they add a modern twist to rich traditions. Be sure to check out the rest of our latest wedding invitations and rehearsal dinner invitations—and leave us a comment below to let us know which design is your favorite!