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October 17

Engagement Photo Inspiration

When we came across this incredible tree-house engagement photo session, shot by the ever so talented Hannah Suh, we immediately knew that we had to share it’s beauty! Where are you shooting your engagement photos?

sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0030sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0027sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0052sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0002sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0003sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0004sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0032sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0021sanfrancisco_treehouse_engagement__0029Photography via Hannah Suh


January 24

How to Prepare for your Engagement Photos

Now that you have started your wedding planning, you might be brainstorming more and more about your engagement photos. The lovely (and extremely talented) photographer, Hannah Colclazier, shares a few extremely helpful tips to consider before getting in front of the camera.

Where to shoot: Are you more of an urban couple or do you want to have a more earthy feel? Maybe both! It might be a place of particular significance to you and your fiance or maybe just somewhere beautiful! When you’re thinking about locations, also think about your wardrobe and how it will fit together.

What to wear-HannahColclazierPhotography.BohoEngagement-4Where to shoot-HannahColclazierPhotography.CE_.Vertical.7
When to shoot: The magic hours of the morning or before sunset are my favorite times to shoot. It’s beautiful and the photos look warm. But any time during the day will work just fine. Worried that it’s cloudy outside? Worry no more! Cloudy days make for beautiful photos!

When to shoot-HannahColclazierPhotography.ShaunaandJeremy-1Where to Shoot - Urban

What to wear: This should be all about you, so be comfortable in what you choose to wear. Don’t be afraid of colors and statement pieces. Have you been eying that perfect piece? Pick it up for the shoot! From bright colors to soft creams and neutrals, almost everything can work as long as it stands out and you feel wonderful. Bring accessories! Bring shoes! The clothes you choose should tell a lot about you as a couple, so put some thought into the look you want to go with and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What to wear-HannahColclazierPhotography.JordanandSheldon.3What to Wear (2)

What to bring: This shoot should be about the two of you as a couple. Bring things that are meaningful to your relationship. Try to incorporate things you love or do together into the shoot. Bring props! It’s fun to bring a little zest into the picture.

What to bring-HannahColclazierPhotography.JordanandSheldon.11What to bring-HannahColclazierPhotography.JordanandSheldon.211

What to expect: Expect to have fun! Engagement photos are a wonderful way for you and your fiance to know what it’s like to be in front of the camera together. It’s like a dry run for your wedding! I might ask you to do something silly, but I promise, the results will be wonderful. It’s all about you and the one you love being yourselves.

What to expect-HannahColclazierPhotography.ToddandIeva.2013.22

What to Expect

Thanks again to the fabulous Hannah for sharing these amazing tips and stunning photos!


January 8

Wedding Stationery Wednesday: Engagement Party Invitations

Inspired by our Engagement Party inspiration board, we’re featuring a few of our engagement party invitations that are sure to set the tone for your celebration of love.

engagement party invitations

Darling Bouquet – engagement party invitation

engagement party invitations

Bubble Blowout – engagement party invitations

engagement party invitations

Enchanting Engagement – engagement party invitations

engagement party invitations

Forever Classic – engagement party invitations

engagement party invitations

Chalkboard Bliss – engagement party invitations

Are you planning an engagement party this year?


March 2

New Engagement Party Invitations: Wedding Stationery Wednesday

We’ve shared some of our newest wedding invitations and bridal shower invitations with you and this Wedding Stationery Wednesday we’re bringing you a gorgeous new batch of engagement party invites! From the charming graphics and bright colors to the stunning typographic elements, these darling designs are sure to get your favorite people in the mood to celebrate your new status. Which one is your favorite?