Engagement Story

January 23

The Perfect Proposal: Things to Know

We’ve heard that 80% of engaged or married women say their marriage proposal wasn’t exactly romantic, and we think that’s just plain sad! Sure, not everyone wants to plan out an elaborate scavenger hunt across the city or arrange for a flash mob to take over the street to help pop the question, but there are some simple things you can do to ensure that your proposal is as memorable and wonderful as it deserves to be.

Here are our top tips for the perfect marriage proposal:

1. Know What You Want.

Planning a wedding is one thing, but planning to spend the rest of your life with someone is an entirely different story. Make sure you really know what you want. Can your relationship survive the best of times and the worst of times? Will this person be your partner through thick and thin? Can you stand his or her mother at every family holiday? A happy proposal starts with true commitment.

2. Get Family and Friends Involved.

My personal favorite proposal stories are private, but then include friends and family for a celebration after. Have them make a surprise appearance or play a part in the big event and it’ll make it that much more special for your future spouse.

3. Find the Right Ring.

Don’t get cynical on me just yet! I don’t mean that the ring you choose has to be gigantic or pricey, but it does have to reflect the person you’re giving it to. From vintage styles to chic and modern ones, offbeat colored engagement rings to heirlooms handed down through the family, all you have to do is make sure it’s the right style. After all, this is one of the only accessories that will be worn every day for the rest of your lives together!

4. Pick the Perfect Place.

Get creative and make it personal. There are probably places in your city where everyone seems to propose (here in San Francisco, it’s Coit Tower), but if that spot isn’t personally relevant to you it won’t have the same impact. Trust me—you could propose at the diner you two love to go to for Sunday morning breakfast and it’ll mean more than a fancy restaurant you’ve never been to before.

5. Make a Speech.

I know you’re probably nervous and hoping to just blurt out, “Marry me!” to get it over with, but this is a special moment and the person you’re asking to spend the rest of his or her life with you is going to be hanging on every word. Now is the time to dig deep and come up with a few short things you want to say to lay a foundation of love, respect and trust to build a marriage upon. Just don’t get cliched—no one wants to hear that they had you at hello!

What’s your best advice for someone getting ready to pop the question? Leave us a comment and let us know!


November 12

Sweet Wedding Proposal via Bakerella

If you haven’t heard about the adorable proposal that took place on Bakerella recently, get ready for goosebumps!

An avid reader’s boyfriend wrote in to get her help with the engagement story of a lifetime. Bakerella made cute little wedding cake pops that spelled out “Will You Marry Me Melissa?” and ended her post with the words, “Take a deep breath and turn around. Rick is waiting.”



You can view the entire proposal post by visiting Bakerella.

But we also have an exciting update—she said yes! After all, who could say no to Bakerella and a super sweet boyfriend like that?

Congratulations, Melissa and Rich!



March 4

Engagement Story Contest Update!

I’ve gotten lots of inquiries in the last few days about our engagement story contest.  Our entrants are excited to read about the winner of the $500 Wedding Paper Divas Gift Certificate!  We are working hard on bringing the results to you.  Look for information on both our homepage and blog next week.  We received so many amazing stories, and we’re working hard at sifting through them!  Stay tuned…


February 20

Engagement Story Contest: Best of Week 6

We’re in the last week of our Engagement Story Contest!  With only 2 days left to enter, we’re compiling a list of our favorite stories.  Until we unveil the winner, enjoy these amazing stories that are some of our favorites from week 6!

An Unbreakable Bond

Last September, my boyfriend took me on a 17 day trip through Europe—he told me to pack my things, and he would take care of the rest. We spent the first two days in Switzerland visiting the town he grew up in, and then spent a few days sightseeing in Florence. On our third day there, he woke me up early and told me to wear something nice. A short time later, a man picked us up for an amazing eight hour private tour of Tuscany.

At the end of our incredible journey, we headed back to Florence to have dinner at a spectacular restaurant, and then to a semi-private opera with only 30 guests in attendance in a small, 600 year old church. Then, at the end of the night as we were walking back to the hotel, he asked if we could have one last look over the Ponte Vecchio. As we sat on the bridge listening to music and people watching, he started to tell me the history of this amazing bridge.

He said that Hitler had decided the bridge was too beautiful to destroy, so it was not allowed to be bombed during World War II. As a result, soldiers would bring their lovers to the bridge before heading to war, attach a lock on the bridge and throw the key in the water to represent their unbreakable bond. Then he pulled a padlock from his pocket with our names and the date engraved on it. We attached our lock to the bridge (which is illegal now!) and threw our key into the water below. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee with a beautiful engagement ring, asking me to be his wife.  ~Veronica G.

Love on the Mountaintop

My boyfriend Chris and I are avid skiers, so when he told me that the lifts at our favorite resort were opening early for season pass holders one Saturday morning, I couldn’t resist. We got up early and managed to be the very first to get to the lift. Unbeknownst to me, Chris had been in communication with the mountain staff for months and had convinced them to open the lifts a half hour early just for the two of us.

There were a lot of people getting their skis together behind us, so I didn’t think anything of it at the time. The lift attendants played along and said it was going to be a beautiful day, but really busy since it was a special weekend for pass holders.

About half way up the lift, Chris brought my attention to the returning chairs on the opposite side. There was a sign on the back of the chair that said, “Hi hunny!” I didn’t catch on right away, but there was a total of 16 signs on the chairs that passed, each with a special memory or inside joke from our time together. When we got off the lift, the last sign at the top of the mountain said, “Will You Marry Me?”

We clicked our skis off, Chris got down on one knee, said some of the nicest words anyone has ever said to me and asked me to marry him. I said yes, and then two of our best friends came out of the background holding cameras and champagne glasses with our names engraved on them. We toasted on the top of Bear Mountain! ~Courtney P.


A Valentine’s Day Scene

Just last weekend, my boyfriend, Bob, took me to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day. While we were eating, he said to me, “I can’t believe they don’t have flowers on the tables for Valentine’s.” I told him that not all restaurants do things like that for holidays, and he insisted that he was going to ask the waiter to bring a flower for our table. I thought he was just being silly, but when the waiter walked by he stopped him and asked, “Can we please get some flowers for her here on the table?”

Although I was amazed that Bob would actually ask, the waiter simply said, “Sure no problem.” Bob turned to me and said that I needed a flower to take home. Suddenly, the waiter returned to our table and laid down a bouquet of long-stemmed, exotic flowers. He kept returning with bunch after bunch of beautiful exotic flowers, and soon more waiters came over with even more flowers. Each bouquet was tied with a pretty purple satin ribbon.

I was amazed by all of the beautiful bouquets, and before I knew it Bob standing up beside me. He said, “I wanted them to be special, because I want you to be my wife.” He dropped to his knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” I said, “Yes!” and the entire crowded restaurant shouted and applauded.  ~Vicki G.

My True Love Gave to Me…

On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend brought over an advent calendar. He told me I couldn’t open the boxes until the next morning, so on Christmas Day I made him wake up early to read my first clue.

I opened the box and it read, “What is the last number of the year we met?” I eagerly moved on to box number six. Within six, there was another clue about our lives together, which lead to another and another. Finally, I got a note that said “Will you marry me? If yes, go to 24. If no, go to 23.”

I opened box number 24 to find a beautiful engagement ring! After I said yes, I looked in 23 just for fun—it had coal in it. It was such a sweet and wonderful way to start our lives together.  ~Nina F.



February 6

Engagement Story Contest: Best of Week 4

It’s time for our weekly installment of the “Best of” Engagement Stories from our contest.  These stories made all of the girls in the office “ooh” and “aah” and definitely brought a smile to all of our faces!  Check out the slide show submitted with one of the stories–it will definitely start your weekend off right.  And don’t forget–if you haven’t yet, make sure you enter your unique, romantic or extreme engagement story for a chance to with a $500 Wedding Paper Divas gift certificate!  Entries will be accepted until February 22.  And now, on with the show…

Love on the Bow Bridge

I spent four months designing the perfect ring for my girlfriend, Tanaz. I then asked her parents for their blessing, and planned lunch reservations on the other side of New York City from where we lived for my birthday. As we walked through Central Park to get to the restaurant, it was a brisk 26 degrees outside and very sunny. I took her to the relatively famous, but secluded, Bow Bridge. As soon as we were alone, I told Tanaz how much I love her and all the reasons I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Then I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, looked into her eyes and asked, “Tanaz, will you marry me?” She replied with a quick “Yes!” and I slid the ring on her finger.

Without telling Tanaz, I hired two photographers to follow our every move. They took pictures of us walking in the park, talking and laughing, and they even shot photos of me proposing to Tanaz from both sides of the bridge (see video, below). Once I told her about the photographers, we had them take a few extra fun shots as well.  Tanaz and I are looking forward to our future together, making new memories and sharing them with all our family and friends.  ~Gustad M.


An Ardent Art Display

I had planned to go to the Georgia Museum of Art to see an exhibit of exotic and artistic rings with my best friends Milly and Alanna. We got to the museum and began wandering around the displays, admiring the unique assortment of rings. As we neared the end of the exhibit, Milly called my attention to one final ring on display. I admired its beauty and brilliance, and thought to myself, “This is the best one here!”

I wanted to know more about this phenomenal artist, so I looked at the artist information card. It listed the artist as T.L. Johnson—the same initials and last name as my boyfriend, Tino! I eagerly read on to the next line, which had that day’s date followed by the name of this exquisite piece: The Johnson Engagement Ring.

At that moment, it all became clear. Tino came in from around the corner, looking handsome as ever. He removed the ring from the display, got down on one knee, professed his love for me and asked me to be his wife. I said yes!

My next thought was to try to call my mom and share the good news with her, but the call was dropped. Frustrated, I tried to call again, but before I could complete the call my mother appeared in the museum holding a vase full of roses. Tino had arranged everything! It was perfect.  ~Zoe M.

The Sweetest Ending

I met Rich seven and a half years ago while working with him at the Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Natick, Massachusetts. We were both home on summer break from college, and our mutual love for ice cream made us instant friends. As that summer came to an end, we realized that our friendship was turning into something more. Despite going off to separate colleges, we began what would turn into four years of long distance dating. Later, while in graduate school in Amherst, Massachusetts, we moved in together.

This past August, we both finished grad school and moved to Boston. We went out one night to celebrate our seven year anniversary. After dinner, Rich suggested Ben & Jerry’s for dessert, and naturally I couldn’t resist. It just so happened that the closest Scoop Shop to the restaurant was the one where we met. It was a busy Saturday night, and as I stood in line reading the flavors up on the wall, something caught my eye.

Right in between “Imagine Whirled Peace” and “Mint Chocolate Chunk” was a new flavor I had never seen—“Marry Me Jennie.” I looked at Rich in disbelief and asked him if it was a joke. He replied by pulling a beautiful diamond ring out of his pocket and asking if I would marry him. I was so shocked I could barely speak! By this point, the flavor had been on the wall for an hour, and other customers and staff had been waiting around in the store for our arrival. As I said “Yes!” everyone burst into applause. We are now planning our wedding, and we’re so excited to have Ben & Jerry make us an ice cream wedding cake. I can’t imagine a sweeter ending!  ~Jennie I.

A Timeless Love

I was spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriend, Andrew, and his family in Missouri on his grandparents’ farm. We somehow started talking about time capsules, and Andrew said that he remembered that he buried a time capsule there when he was seven years old. He said he had lots of childhood memorabilia, toys and pictures in it, and I couldn’t wait to see what was important to him as a child.

We grabbed a pair of shovels and climbed to the top of a hill. We came across the tree that he had buried it by, counted out a number of steps and started digging. We eventually dug up an old coffee can time capsule, and sat down together to open it. Andrew pulled out something that was carefully wrapped in old, yellowing newspaper.

He started unwrapping it, and said, “Wait a minute, this doesn’t look so old…” Before I realized what was happening, he was holding a ring box in his hand. He told me how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and I’ll never forget the way his voice was cracked with emotion as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, “YES!!!” and nearly tackled him. Then he ran behind a tree and came back with some champagne and glasses that he had stashed there earlier in the day. We spent the first few moments of our engagement enjoying champagne and watching the sun set together.  ~Megan H.

A Seaside Surprise

My parents invited me and my beautiful fiancée, Whitney, to spend the weekend in Rockport, Texas, where they own a condo. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to escape the cold January weather, and I knew this would be the perfect chance to ask Whitney to be my wife.

One night during our stay, sunset was approaching and I asked Whitney if she wanted to walk to the end of the pier to check out the view. As we walked, she noticed a bottle with a message inside of it lying on the beach. She asked me to get it for her, and when I returned she was overwhelmingly excited that we had found a real message in a bottle!

She wanted to read it immediately, but I told her to wait until we reached the end of the pier. She started looking inside the bottle and noticed that the message was in my handwriting, so she started running out to the end of the pier so she could read it sooner. She finally read the note, and I got down on one knee to offer her a beautiful diamond ring and ask her if she would be my wife. We will never forget that day along the beach, and I will love her for the rest of my life.  ~Kyle H.