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August 19

Fun and Romantic Engagement Photos in Downtown Austin

Today, we are so excited to be sharing this beautiful engagement session of Kelsey and Joey. In fact, their pictures are very reminiscent of the day Joey proposed. Who doesn’t love some playful whimsy and sunshine?

How The Proposal Happened:

During a warm day at Barton Springs, these two lovebirds were casually hanging out and enjoying the great weather. As Joey took a swim in the pool, which is actually a collection of underground springs, he called out to Kelsey about a treasure he had found while swimming. To get her attention, he called out “Look what I found”!

From the water, he held up a gorgeous diamond ring. Kelsey’s jaw dropped- but her first thought was about the poor person she thought had lost that beautiful ring in the pool. After a few seconds, it finally hit her that the ring Joey was holding out, wasn’t lost at all. Her eyes beamed with delight as she realized that the precious ring was something Joey had bought just for her. This adorable couple will be married this summer!


Photography Credit: Birch Tree Photo

couple in a red cafe in downtown during engagement photos

girl in white jacket holding her fiances hand

chic couple kissing at a cafe table

couple being affectionate with each other

couple on a stroll at the state capitol during engagement photos session

guy and girl kissing romanticly

woman being kissed on the forehead

man and woman kissing in a park

boy and girl kissing in the street

cute outdoor enagement pose ideas

couple sitting next to an I LOVE YOU sign


Venue: Downtown Austin, TX

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July 29

Fun Arizona Engagement Photography at Sunset

Today, we are so excited to be sharing this sweet engagement photography with you all! From their favorite bar, to the epic desert scenery of Arizona, we love what these two planned for their summer photo session.

Chris and Meagan first met at the law firm they both worked for. They were friends for several years, and would casually flirt with one another from time to time. One night as the two of them went out for a beer after work, Chris decided he would tell Megan about his feelings for her. As he started to confess the way he felt, Megan also shared that she had been harboring a crush on him as well- since day one!

Their first stop for this engagement session, was at the brewery where Chris first confessed his romantic feelings for Megan. They had fun sampling some of their favorite beers, and then went out to the back and took photos by a pretty, historic brick warehouse. Downtown Phoenix is known for cool, artsy shops and allowed for some really unique photography. As they noticed storm clouds coming in, they headed off into the desert for a few final shots. They arrived just in time, and captured some stunning moments of the sun going down over the horizon.

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Photography Credit: David Lemp Photography

cute engagement picture ideas in a bar

engagement pictures in a brick alley

pictures at a brick warehouse for engagement pictures

red engagement dress

engagement pics in a desert

save the dates using a US map

evening engagement pictures in the desert

pretty sunset engagement picture ideas

desert sky at sunset

kissing in the summer desert

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May 25

Romantic Black and Gold Charleston Engagement Ideas

Today, we’re just a bit speechless. This extraordinary team put together some breathtaking proposal inspiration, that is as every bit artistic as it is romantic. Hosted in Charleston, this dreamy cottage is a timeless venue where dreams seem to come to life. If you and your better half have yet to take your engagement photos, make sure to Pin these tender engagement ideas to your favorite wedding boards.

If you love the finer things in life, or just prefer to keep you special day simple, these gold and black formal wedding invitations can take your wedding theme full circle. These wedding colors are ultra refined and make a sophisticated statement, without even trying.


Photography Credit:  Exquisitrie by Kelly Sauer

metallic gold foil wedding invitations | wedding paper divas

pink purse with gold

formal updo ideas for a wedding

proposal in a cottage

couple in black kissing

photography proposal ideas for a woman

engagement photography ideas and poses for the couple

couple kissing at their engagement celebration

couple in black hugging by a lake

champagne glasses in old dark room

man and woman toasting their proposal

dinner lit by candles

crystal roses and candles

bread and cheese on a pink blanket

woman smelling a white rose


romantic proposal photography ideas

foil pressed wedding invitation samples | wedding paper divas


Photography & Creative Direction: Exquisitrie by Kelly Sauer

Artistic Styling: Type A Society

Venue: River Oaks Charleston

Calligrapher: Elizabeth Porcher Jones

Models: Marisa R. and Micah D.

Agency: Millie Lewis Charleston

Bridal Hair/Makeup: Dannon K. Collard

Ribbon & Candles: Silk & Willow

Valise: Trousseau & Co.

Heels: Ivanka Trump

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box

Dress: Jill Stuart

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