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October 15

Grand Teton National Park Engagement Photos

This week’s real engagement will quite frankly take your breath away. Kendra and David’s love for the outdoors really shines through in their gorgeous engagement photos. Grand Teton National Park, in all it’s splendor and majesty, made for an unforgettable background as Nik and Angel Photography captured the one-of-a-kind love that these two share. Did we mention that these love birds met in elementary school…we guess you could say the rest was history! 

From David’s Perspective…

Kendra and I first met in elementary school. We became good friends throughout middle school (I even took her to the 8th grade dance) and high school, but never dated.

We eventually found out we were both going to the University of St. Thomas and remained good friends throughout the beginning of freshman year. Towards the end of the school year I eventually worked up enough nerve to ask her on a date and we have now been together almost 9 years. We both grew up playing sports and loving the outdoors, which has now become a huge passion of ours.

After taking several camping trips out west every summer we fell in love with Jackson, WY. So this past year we decided to take a chance and move to Jackson in October.

Before Kendra and I left we had a going away party with all our friends and family to celebrate our big move. Towards the end of the evening I had planned to say a speech to thank everyone. But what they and Kendra didn’t know was that I had also planned to propose.

I said a few words to our parents and friends and then turned to Kendra to thank her for being my adventure partner then got down on one knee and proposed in front of all our friends and family. Who knows where our adventure will lead next.

couple holding each other and laughing with majestic mountains in the backgroundcouple wearing blue colors holding each other and smiling with gorgeous grand teton mountains in the backgroundcouple holding hands in the brush with gorgeous snow capped mountains in the backgroundphoto collage of man and woman separately and then together as a couple in front of beautiful mountainsengaged couple close up holding each other and smiling black and white photo of engaged couple holding each other and smiling with a beautiful landscape in the backgroundblack and white photo of couple holding hands among the mountainsengaged couple sitting among the brush and trees genuinely laughing at eachotherengaged couple sitting among the majestic mountains holding each other

We don’t know what’s more picturesque- the landscape or this couples genuine love for one another (sigh…)

Congratulations Kendra and David!

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August 13

Vancouver Engagement Shoot

This week’s engagement shoot features Brandon and Kate in two beautiful Vancouver locations; West Vancouver, BC during the summertime and the beautiful Stanley Park in the wintertime. This shoot captures the laid back couple and their cozy playfulness as well as their love for the outdoors in beautiful Stanley Park. This scenery creates a romantic and intimate backdrop for the beautiful couple.

The couple met on Kate’s first day of work at a new job where she says they made, “some pretty serious eye contact,” and after she asked him on their first date… well, the rest is just history. Congratulations Brandon and Kate, we can hear the bells ringing already!

In Kate’s own words… 

Brandon and I met on my first day of work at a new job. I was very nervous and trying to focus on learning a new job and meeting new people, when Brandon walked by. He didn’t say much being the quiet and shy guy that he is but we managed to make some pretty serious eye contact.

We shared our first few words later that day and I’m pretty sure from that moment on I had a feeling we would have many conversations to come! I ended up sick and out of work for a few days after and used Brandon as my contact to tell work what was going on.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, from there we started talking more and that talking ended up with me asking him on our very first date. We have had many dates since then, almost 5 years to be exact and we haven’t looked back. 

On my 25th birthday, Brandon surprised me with a wonderfully romantic dinner in downtown Vancouver. After a wonderful dinner and a surprise singing waiter (totally unplanned), Brandon took me down to the beach and asked me to be his wife. The night couldn’t have been more perfect; we shared champagne and called all of our friends and family to tell them the big news! 

Photography: Sixtwonine Couples engagement shoot in Vancouver on the beach holding hands couples engagement shoot in vancouver on a rocky beach sitting on a log holding each othercouples engagement shoot in vancouver on a rocky beach couple holding each other and facing each othercouples engagement shoot in Vancouver at Stanley Park in the wintertime engagement ring on a branch and couple looking out over a bridge couples engagement shoot in Vancouver at Stanley Park ring on a brand couple on a bridge with a raccooncouples engagement shoot in Vancouver at Stanley Park couple in the trees holding leaves up and holding each other couples engagement shoot in Vancouver at Stanley Park in the trees couples feet and hands holding each other

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July 9

6 Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

Today we are so delighted to welcome Kate from West 5th Love, who is here to assure us that finding the perfect wedding photographer can be made easier with the proper steps. Kate is an expert when it comes to wedding planning seeing as the bride-to-be is already a year and a half into planning her own big day. With her tips all bride’s-to-be can keep calm and take initiative with these wedding photographer questions and steps! We can hear the wedding bells ringing, but we want to see them too, right?! 

engaged couple hugging on rocks

When you start to plan a wedding, I think most are surprised to find out how many details are needed and how many decisions need to be made. Questions like what kind of cake do we want? What will we wear? Should we choose blush or mint napkins? The details are endless, but at the end of it all everything comes together to make one beautiful day you’ll never forget.

I know all about this process as I’m currently planning my own wedding and have been for about a year and a half. Over that time we have had to make some pretty big choices and meet with a ton of different vendors to find the perfect fit for us.

One of the biggest wedding related decisions we have made was regarding our wedding photographer.  We wanted to find someone who captured our style and vision well, while still keeping our budget in check.

After following a couple of crucial steps, we found a wedding photographer that is perfect for our big day! So, the next question is what steps should you take to find the perfect wedding photographer?

  • Research, Research, Research:  Start your search with the ever helpful Google. Start by looking for photographers in your area and then start narrowing it down to a few that you love. You want to look at their style, previous work and how long they have been in the wedding industry etc. Make a shortlist of those you want to meet with. Also, make sure to check them out on social media or on their blog if they have one. This will give you an insider look at how they shoot and if they fit your style.
  • Ask Questions: Whether it be about pricing, camera equipment or available dates, ask any questions you might have. Having open and honest communication with your vendors is really going to help in the long run, so why not start off on the right foot? Get a feel for the way the photographer communicates with you as this will be really important later on in the planning process. Also, make sure to keep any correspondence between you and your vendors in case something comes into question later in the process.
  • Meet In Person: This may seem like an obvious one, but don’t book anything until you have met your photographer in person. Not only will you get a feel for them as your wedding photographer, you will also see how they are in a social situation. It can be really helpful to have a meeting face to face, as you will be able to tell how you and your partner gel with your photographer and you’ll be able to give them an overview of what you’re looking for.
  • Fine Print: Before signing a contract or paying a deposit, make sure to ask all the important questions such as:
  1. What will the price of the whole package be?
  2. What is included in the photography package? Also, how many hours will be included?
  3. Will an engagement session cost extra? (Most are included)
  4. What will happen in case of an emergency?
  5. How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due?
  6. Will you have a second shooter or assistant?

Once you have chosen your wedding photographer and all the paperwork is signed, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing one of your big decisions is taken care of. From here it is really important to keep in contact with your chosen vendor and plan for an engagement shoot! Setting up an engagement photo shoot is extremely important as it will be your test run before the big day. You will get time to work with your photographer in a less hectic time and it will give you time to get comfortable being in front of the lens.

engagement ring on a branch

On a personal note, we had our engagement photos taken this past summer and I don’t think I could be any happier with our choice in photographer. We ended up hiring the very talented Juan and Paula from SixTwoNine Photography. The great thing about the shoot was that it gave us time to get to know them and share some laughs, resulting in pictures that turned out even better than we expected.

engaged couple holding hands on the beach

We loved our first engagement shoot so much, we chose to book a mini session to use for our save the dates! It’s something I highly suggest to couples looking into engagement photos as it gave us that extra room to get comfortable with getting our pictures taken and allowed us to make some really amazing memories on camera.

engaged couple kissing behind a leaf

Our first set of engagement photos were taken on 3 different beaches in West Vancouver, BC. Brandon and I spent a lot of our dating time on these beaches and we hold them close to our heart as they are filled with so many beautiful memories.

engaged couple sitting at the beach

engaged couple holding each other on a rock

Our second set of photos were taken in the famous Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, as this shoot was to be more of a winter/fall theme to go with our winter wedding. Let me tell you, our wedding photographer did not disappoint!

engaged couple sitting on bench engaged couple holding hands in the park

engaged couple holding hands with their feet in leaves

engaged couple hugging in the forest

One thing I am really excited to do with these pictures is show them off.  For me, there is no better way to do that then display them in our home where we can see and love them every day. I love using Wedding Paper Divas for this as the options are absolutely endless for anything from wedding items to personalized wedding wall art! My first project will be a wedding photo books that can sit on our coffee table, for us and our guests to look through.

I hope you enjoy this peek into our engagement photos from our summer and winter shoot. Happy Wedding planning!

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May 28

Santa Cruz Engagement Shoot

This weeks Santa Cruz engagement shoot features Janelle & Jamie at Wilder Ranch State Park & Panther Beach in Santa Cruz, California.

The couple met at the gym in San Luis Obispo, so it was only fitting that he proposed right after her beach run. They chose Santa Cruz as it is one of their favorite places to visit, and it made for the perfect backdrop for their engagement shoot. The scenery captured the couples laid back personalities and their love for the beach.

The couple is planning a destination wedding this summer at West Shore Café in Lake Tahoe.

Photography: onelove photography | Instagram

Santa Cruz Engagement Shoot

Santa Cruz Engagement Shoot

Santa Cruz Engagement Shoot

Santa Cruz Engagement

Santa Cruz Engagement Shoot

Santa Cruz Engagement

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March 26

San Francisco Engagement Photo Shoot

Today’s Real Engagement features Shannon and Kurt who is currently working as a police officer for the SFPD. These two Giants fans have strong ties to the city of San Francisco and chose Chinatown and the AT&T Park perimeter as their backdrop.

The couple actually went to first grade together, and then went to the same high school ten years later, but never spoke to one another. Five years later when they graduated in 2007, a little thing called MySpace was responsible for bringing them together.

Shannon remembers seeing Kurt’s picture and thought how much more handsome he had gotten over the years. Something came over her so she friend requested him, and he accepted. They started chatting, and it was as if they had been friends all along, when in reality they had never spoke!

The San Francisco Giants came up in conversation and because Kurt was such an avid fan he suggested they go to a game together. Seven years later on Halloween the two were engaged. Shannon said yes after Kurt proposed by carving out pumpkins that read, Marry Me.

Photographer: U Me Us Studios

san francisco engagement photos

san francisco chinatown engagement photos

san francisco giants engagement photos


March 12

Real Engagement Photo Shoot in Chicago: Kelly & Chris

Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town! This week’s Real Engagement features Kelly and Christopher’s romantic Windy City engagement session. The beautiful Lake Michigan lakefront and the Willis Tower make for a stunning Chicago engagement photo shoot backdrop.

Chris and Kelly met in Chicago, so it was only fitting that they took their engagement photos at a few places they hold near and dear to them, including the Chicago restaurant and bar institution of P.J. Clarke’s and Lincoln Park South Pond, at North Avenue Beach, where the couple met playing football four years ago, and was also the scene of the wedding proposal!

The self proclaimed Chicago lovers will be tying the knot this September in the city they adore most at the Blackstone Renaissance Hotel in downtown historic Chicago.

Chicago photographer Jill Tiongco captured their special day. Take a peek at this gorgeous engagement photo shoot!

Which one of our Save the Dates would work the best with this couples photos?

Real Engagement Photo Shoot in Chicago Real Engagement Photo Shoot in Chicago Real Engagement Photo Shoot in Chicago
Real Engagement Photo Shoot in Chicago