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January 24

How to Prepare for your Engagement Photos

Now that you have started your wedding planning, you might be brainstorming more and more about your engagement photos. The lovely (and extremely talented) photographer, Hannah

Colclazier, shares a few extremely helpful tips to consider before getting in front of the camera.

Where to shoot: Are you more of an urban couple or do you want to have a more earthy feel? Maybe both! It might be a place of particular significance to you and your fiance or maybe just somewhere beautiful! When you’re thinking about locations, also think about your wardrobe and how it will fit together.

What to wear-HannahColclazierPhotography.BohoEngagement-4 Where to shoot-HannahColclazierPhotography.CE_.Vertical.7
When to shoot: The magic hours of the morning or before sunset are my favorite times to shoot. It’s beautiful and the photos look warm. But any time during the day will work just fine. Worried that it’s cloudy outside? Worry no more! Cloudy days make for beautiful photos!

When to shoot-HannahColclazierPhotography.ShaunaandJeremy-1 Where to Shoot - Urban

What to wear: This should be all about you, so be comfortable in what you choose to wear. Don’t be afraid of colors and statement pieces. Have you been eying that perfect piece? Pick it up for the shoot! From bright colors to soft creams and neutrals, almost everything can work as long as it stands out and you feel wonderful. Bring accessories! Bring shoes! The clothes you choose should tell a lot about you as a couple, so put some thought into the look you want to go with and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What to wear-HannahColclazierPhotography.JordanandSheldon.3 What to Wear (2)

What to bring: This shoot should be about the two of you as a couple. Bring things that are meaningful to your relationship. Try to incorporate things you love or do together into the shoot. Bring props! It’s fun to bring a little zest into the picture.

What to bring-HannahColclazierPhotography.JordanandSheldon.11 What to bring-HannahColclazierPhotography.JordanandSheldon.211

What to expect: Expect to have fun! Engagement photos are a wonderful way for you and your fiance to know what it’s like to be in front of the camera together. It’s like a dry run for your wedding! I might ask you to do something silly, but I promise, the results will be wonderful. It’s all about you and the one you love being yourselves.

What to expect-HannahColclazierPhotography.ToddandIeva.2013.22

What to Expect

Thanks again to the fabulous Hannah for sharing these amazing tips and stunning photos!


August 30

Real Engagements: Chanel and Kris

Today’s Real Engagement features Chanel and Kris’s shoot at Millenium Park in Downtown Chicago. The photos were taken during the 2011 Chicago Marathon on a hot 90 degree day, exactly one year before the couple’s wedding date (10.06.2012). Here are some of the sweet photos, courtesy of Brian Barnhart Jr.

Chanel + Kris


May 2

Real Engagements: Randi and Jameson

Today’s Real Engagement features Randi and Jameson’s shoot at Briscoe Manor in Richmond, Texas. These college sweet hearts have a passion for Oklahoma State University Football, outdoor activities, and cooking. Here are some of the lovely photos, courtesy of SGI Photography.

Randi + Jameson



February 22

Real Engagements: Francesca and Andreas

Today’s Real Engagement features Francesca and Andreas’s shoot in Milan, Italy, at the Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The gorgeous couple are picture perfect in their elegant surroundings. Here are some of the photos, courtesy of Melvin Gilbert Photography.

Francesca + Andreas



February 8

Real Engagements: Kassandra and Daniel

Today’s Real Engagement features Kassandra and Daniel’s shoot in Creemore, Ontario. The couple met through their parents as children, instantly became friends, and eventually their friendship blossomed into so much more! Here are some of the photos courtesy of Sandra at Bphotographed.

Kassandra + Daniel


February 1

Real Engagements: Shana and Bryan

Today’s Real Engagement features Shana and Bryan’s in-the-moment shoot at Kohl Mansion in Burlingame, CA. Bryan proposed under the guise of a photo shoot, not only catching Shana off gaurd, but also brilliantly capturing the entire engagement in pictures. Here are some of the photos taken by the couple’s friend, Gusto Lopez, Life in Digital.

Shana + Bryan


January 18

Real Engagements: Letizia and Tim

Today’s Real Engagement features Letizia and Tim’s romantic shoot in Paris, at the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro, Pont des Arts and Musée du Louvre. After a dinner cruise on the Seine, the couple took a stroll on the bridge, where Tim proposed. Here are some of the beautiful photos, courtesy of Melvin Gilbert Photography.

Letizia + Tim



December 8

Bride’s Diary: Planning, Pictures and More

Wedding Paper Divas is bursting with staff grooms- and brides-to-be who are currently planning their weddings. We’re happy to share their stories with you as a part of this fun feature!

We’re right in the thick of all the final touches (pretty good for still having close to 6 months, right?). Since I last posted we decided on the honeymoon. We’ll be flying to Lisbon, Portugal and spending a few days exploring the neighboring cities. From there we will head to Seville, Spain and travel around the whitewashed towns by car. Next we’ll jet off to Barcelona to take a cruise to Palma De Mallorca, Malta, Sicily, Naples and Genoa. Then back to Barcelona to spend our remaining days exploring the architecture, experiencing the Spanish nightlife and dining on local delicacies! To say we can’t wait would be an understatement.

We also took engagement photos with our wedding phorographer, Gavin Holt. Despite the fact that this was our second engagement shoot, I wasn’t any less awkward. I am not exactly a camera ham, but we got some really great shots nonetheless. Here are our three favorites. (Ok, I know the middle one is a compilation of a bunch of photos but it was hard to pick just three.)

Meet Jessica

Jessica and Dan met nearly 7 years ago on Myspace. (Remember Myspace?) It took weeks of contemplation until they decided to finally meet… and I guess you could say the rest was history. After discovering their mutual shoe addiction, surviving countless Thanksgiving family meals together and three apartment/house moves later—they are officially ready to tie the knot.

Jessica and Dan are getting married May 27, 2012 at Malibou Lake Mountain Club in Los Angeles.