Engagement Photo Ideas

August 19

Fun and Romantic Engagement Photos in Downtown Austin

Today, we are so excited to be sharing this beautiful engagement session of Kelsey and Joey. In fact, their pictures are very reminiscent of the day Joey proposed. Who doesn’t love some playful whimsy and sunshine?

How The Proposal Happened:

During a warm day at Barton Springs, these two lovebirds were casually hanging out and enjoying the great weather. As Joey took a swim in the pool, which is actually a collection of underground springs, he called out to Kelsey about a treasure he had found while swimming. To get her attention, he called out “Look what I found”!

From the water, he held up a gorgeous diamond ring. Kelsey’s jaw dropped- but her first thought was about the poor person she thought had lost that beautiful ring in the pool. After a few seconds, it finally hit her that the ring Joey was holding out, wasn’t lost at all. Her eyes beamed with delight as she realized that the precious ring was something Joey had bought just for her. This adorable couple will be married this summer!


Photography Credit: Birch Tree Photo

couple in a red cafe in downtown during engagement photos

girl in white jacket holding her fiances hand

chic couple kissing at a cafe table

couple being affectionate with each other

couple on a stroll at the state capitol during engagement photos session

guy and girl kissing romanticly

woman being kissed on the forehead

man and woman kissing in a park

boy and girl kissing in the street

cute outdoor enagement pose ideas

couple sitting next to an I LOVE YOU sign


Venue: Downtown Austin, TX

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June 25

Romantic Sunset Engagement Pictures in Florida

Today, we can’t stop eyeing these spectacular Floridian engagement pictures. Kelsi and Michael are young lovebirds who took full advantage of the iconic golden hour. Vibrant sunsets, moss covered oak tress, and cowboy boots- what could be sweeter?

The open aired, dreamy landscape looks like it was plucked right out of Charleston. These engagement photos are effortlessly romantic; and with just the right amount of sunlight, their photographer was able to capture some picture-perfect moments. If you love this type of natural light, consider taking engagement photos during the summertime. It stays lighter a bit longer, allowing the two of you to indulge in the season.

Tip: To make your engagement session go further, try changing up your outfits! We love how their first outfit choice is a bit more casual. Both Kelsi and Michael are wearing jeans for their more “posed photography” that took place earlier on in the afternoon. As the evening went on, Kelsi changed into a stunning white, lace dress. Michael changed into a more formal button down shirt. Make sure to wear something that remains true to the two of you!


Photography Credit: C. Hill Photography

engagement photography ideas in Charleston

golden hour engagement picture ideas

engagement ideas in a field

cute sign ideas for engagement photography

young couple wrapped up in a blanket at dusk

sunset engagement pictures and ideas

wedding ring on a bible verse

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June 20

Beautiful Engagement Pictures in Downtown Winter Park

Today, we are so smitten to be sharing these beautiful engagement pictures set in downtown Winter Park. This engagement session elevates a stroll through the park to new heights. Heights full of love and one amazing couple. There is something fresh and flirtatious about an outdoor engagement that we are perfectly impressed by.

Olivia and Josh flew out from North Carolina for their destination wedding in Longwood on beautiful Lake Brantley. A few days before their big day, they met in downtown Winter Park for a beautiful engagement session captured by the ever talented Corner House Photography. Who mentions that, “From the Rose Garden to the park, every adorable shot was a perfect reflection of my playful, silly, and incredibly amazing couple,” and we would absolutely have to agree.

If you just said yes, then these engagement pictures are just the inspiration you’ve been searching for. Remember that you’ll likely be using these photos to send out save the dates for your big day, to show off that ring and most importantly, to capture the love between you and your new fiancé. Pick a location that is meaningful to the two of you and get ready to show off a whole lot of love.

engagement ring laying on bright red flower

engagement couple holding hands and kissing in front of old wooden door

couple holding hands and walking down pathway in park

man lifting up fiancé in the park

couple standing under archway in botanical garden park for engagement photos

man holding woman in park

man holding woman and looking at her while she smiles for engagement pictures in the park

couple sitting in front of a fountain looking into each others eyes

man carrying woman on his back through the park


Photographer: Corner House Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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May 24

Regal Outdoor Engagement Photos at Greystone Mansion

Hey, Divas! There’s nothing we love more than some regal outdoors engagement photos and today’s shoot brings all the best details to the table. If you are planning your engagement photos in the near future, this playful and sophisticated session is the inspiration you’ve been waiting for. The breathtaking Greystone Mansion nestled in Beverly Hills serves as the perfect backdrop to capture this couples fairytale love story. Everything from the perfectly trimmed bushes and light stone walls to the paved pathways and large stone staircases reign supreme over this engagement. Scroll right on through to here about this couples fairytale love story from the bride-to-be.

couple holding hands between trees outdoors

engagement photos at grand mansion

outdoor engagement session with grey stones

couple dancing outdoor engagement photos

couple sitting on stone wall outdoors

engagement session outdoors

floral outdoors engagement photos

engagement session at mansion

From the Bride-to-be…

When Kevin and I, first started dating, he would tell me “fairytales” and use us as the main characters. I was the princess, and he was my prince. After a few months of dating and storytelling, he took me to Griffith Observatory, and asked me to be his girlfriend by putting together all “our fairytales” into one storybook. The last chapter of that book said “to be continued…”

Five and a half years later, he continued that story. On the day of the proposal, he took me to four places, each one meaningful to our relationship. The first location was where we had our first date, and the last location was where he asked me to be his girlfriend. At Griffith Observatory, he took me back to “our spot,” and turned me around to overlook the city. As we turned, he handed me another storybook! It was the continuation of “our fairytale,” and included tales and pictures from throughout the years. Thoughts kept running through my head as I turned each page. Once I reached the last page, it said “The prince always wanted to make his princess happy, and he could not imagine spending his life without her so he said…” It was then that he got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” Without a doubt, I said “Yes!” Then, I cried a little (okay, maybe a lot). I was then surprised by our family and close friends. It was the most perfect proposal that I could ever imagine, and I can’t wait to spend happily ever after with my prince charming.

between the trees engagement

engagement outdoors between the trees

outdoor engagement session

outdoor engagement photos at stone mansion

engagement photos outdoors at mansion

engagement photos outdoors

engagement photo ideas outdoors

outdoor engagement at grand mansion


Photographer: David Casas from Full Spectrum Photography // Venue and Location: Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills


May 18

Sunny Botanical Garden Engagement Photos

Today, we are swooning over this wonderfully serene garden setting! This cute couple has been together since 2012, and will soon be tying the knot. We love the fun, tender poses their photographer snapped of them. And that stunning warm sunlight? It made their engagement photos just a bit sweeter.

From the soon-to-be bride:
It was around the holidays, and he took me to the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo, in Ohio. We were wandering around aimlessly, when he stopped me, and said there was something important he needed to ask. He popped the question every woman hopes to hear; but it had been raining so he didn’t get all the way on one knee! I made him try it again – then screamed out YES!!

We hope Julie and Andy have a wonderful wedding day!

Photography Credit: Gage Blake Photography

pear diamond ring on pink flowers

engagment photography poses with wedding ring

poses for engagement photos

garden engagement

spring engagement photography ideas

engagement photography poses ideas with a cute twirl

guy and girl in a field holding hands


Event Venue: Toledo Botanical Gardens


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May 14

Old School Inspired Engagement Photos

Today, we are absolutely loving these old school aero inspired engagement photos. Engagement sessions are an exciting time to not only formally announce and show off your unique love, but also both of your personalities. We think this session does just that. With a bright red plane and a whole lot of romance, this session really takes off with our hearts.

From Sucher Photography …

It’s not a whim, it’s all or nothing! It’s not just a spur-of-the moment thought, yet it is unbelievably spontaneous. It is that thing that takes you so close to tears, yet fills your heart with an ever deepening joy. It is love.

It’s not every day that we feel the freedom to tell others exactly what we feel about them, nor do we venture to commit our lives to something so assuredly. Once in a great while however the opportunity strikes do to just that. Couples like Carolina and Keith see that opportunity and whole heartedly decide to take the adventure. It doesn’t matter where they go, their love, their commitment and their new found freedom will forever last and take them up to the heights of an unending joy. No time for fear or second thoughts! It’s up, up and away towards the romantic sunset that awaits them in the years to come. “No worries” they always say…. “That adrenaline filled smile is all I need for the journey…..”

old school styled couple in front of old red plane with blue suitcases

couple kissing in front of red plane with suitcases on the pavement

couple posing for engagement photos on top of old school red airplane

guy and girl in old style clothing on airplane

black and white photo of couple in airplane with aviation gear on

red airplane taking off

couple laying on grass and smiling

couple holding each other leaning up on a fence overlooking a bridge

man behind woman holding her

old style engagement photos on the grass with an airplane


Photographer: Sucher Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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